Festive Instagram Hashtags To Use This Christmas

6 December 2019

So, you've spent a while bulk shooting Christmassy photos, you've come up with some cute wintery captions and you've even planned out your entire festive feed on one of those grid planner apps. But, hold up, what hashtags are you going to use to get your pictures seen by the whole of Instagram?


Well, this is where I step in and do you an absolute solid.

Last year I created my very own Christmassy hashtag over on Instagram, and this year I've been on the hunt for a whole number of others... I've found a good 15 or so that I like to use so I figured I'd compile a little list of them here on Becc4 so that you can all use them too. Don't say I don't treat you....

Festive Instagram Hashtags To Use This Christmas 

















FYI, #AHomelyChristmas is the hashtag I created and I'm going to be sharing all of my favourite posts on there, right here on my blog. So, if you'd like to see your photos here on Becc4 - get using that hashtag, y'all!

The Riverside - Festive Menu Review*

5 December 2019

I've mentioned my love of a roast dinner many times around these parts on becc4.co.uk. Many of my Sunday evenings at university were spent whipping up a roast and now that I've moved back home, my sister and I are begging my Mum to cook one pretty much every day of the week. 

At the end of November, my Mum and I were invited to The Riverside in Tuckton to try out their three-course festive menu and we had such a great evening. The meal was complimentary but all of my opinions - as always - are very much my own. 

A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
The Riverside actually have multiple festive menus on offer this Christmas but the Classic Festive Menu was the one we tried. At £26.95 for three courses, it's not a bad deal at allll. The other menus available include four and five courses and a Christmas Day Menu.

A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
We were handed a glass of prosecco on arrival and were treated to a festive cocktail too. My Mum was driving so I happily chose both drinks and sipped away.  I chose the Sipsmith Spiced Bramble Royale; Sipsmith spiced bramble gin topped with decadent prosecco and the Festive Pornstar Martini; Ciroc Vanilla Vodka, Passionfruit and mixed winter spiced syrup with a shot of prosecco on the side. Now, I'm not too sure what I thought of the spiced pornstar martini - don't fix what's not broken and all that! The Spiced Bramble Royale, on the other hand, was delicious and I'd definitely have that again this December! 

A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
To start, I had the deep-fried Brie. Shock horror, I'd never actually had Brie before but figured that I'd probably like it, I mean, anything deep-fried is delicious, right?! Yeah, I was right. The cheese was creamy and melted - almost like baked camembert - whilst the breadcrumbs were crispy in all their deep-fried goodness - yuuuum! 

A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
For our mains, we couldn't have anything but the roast turkey, could we? It came served with lots of INCREDIBLE roast potatoes, a pig in a blanket (that sounds weird in the singular), pork and clementine stuffing, a side dish of seasonal vegetables, bread sauce and a red wine gravy. I absolutely loved the stuffing - honestly, it literally tasted like Christmas. I wasn't a massive fan of the actual turkey itself, however, but I'm not generally a massive turkey fan, give me chicken any day!

A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
To finish, I had the apple and plum crumble which was served with custard, and I loved it. You really can't go wrong with a good crumble, can you? It was a really decent-sized portion and I liked how it was presented, crumbles have a real tendency to look a little dull and beige! 

A review of The Riverside Bournemouth's three course festive menu.
As we arrived there were reindeer in the carpark - who are there twice more in December if you'd like to see them too - and there was a local church choir whilst we ate. I'm sorry but can you think of anything more festive?! The decor in the Riverside is really nice and the staff were really helpful. My Mum and I had such a great evening and I'd definitely recommend checking out the festive menu if you're in the local area, it's a really good deal! 

Gift Guide For Her

4 December 2019

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online
Hello, hello, hello, welcome back to another gift guide! I'm sure you're very much aware of how these things work, I've written enough of them by now! But, as I mentioned in my last gift guide, this year I'm trying to be really mindful with the gifts I buy and only get things that I know people will love. I'm so guilty of buying things for people for the sake of it, to bulk things out, that this year I've decided to call a stop to that, yay! So, if after reading this guide you still need some more inspiration you can check out last years' Gift Guide for Mums and Stocking Filler Gift Guide

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

So, we've all heard of Dermalogica skincare products but did you know they've recently released a range of body products too? There are currently four products available and I have these two; the Body Hydrating Cream and the Conditioning Body Wash. At just under £30.00 each they are by no means cheap but if you're looking for some really nice toiletries - have a look at these! For reference, also in the range are a body oil and a body scrub. I really want to gift these to someone but part of me also wants to keep them for myself and give them a try, the dilemma, hey? 

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

Now, I'm sure you don't need me to say it yet again but the planet needs our help. There are lots of things we can do to be more sustainable - you can read some of them here - and one of these changes is the switch to reusable products in our beauty routines. These cotton pads are made of cotton and bamboo and can be reused over 200 times, simply throw them in the wash inside the included bag. As much as we all want to try and do our bit, purchasing things like these often isn't at the top of our priorities lists, so purchasing them for someone as a gift is a great idea. If someone bought me these I'd be so chuffed! 

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

Everyone I know has a phone. Most people have a phone case. So, choosing someone a new phone case as a gift is a great idea in my opinion. I mean, we spend a LOT of time with our phones in our hands so we may as well make our phones look pretty, right?! I've posted a few pictures of Caseapp cases over on my Instagram and their cases never seem to disappoint! I always opt for a matte finish and at the moment I am absolutely loving this dark tropical print! 

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

Following on from my last point, lots of people also have laptops. My sister recently bought a laptop and is yet to buy a case for it, so I bought her this one from Typo! Again, a new laptop case isn't necessarily something you'd treat yourself to so it's nice to receive one as a gift. I'm not sure how much more I can say about a laptop case, that's about it really...

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

Haircare. I'm very much a buy what sounds great and is on offer in the supermarket kind of haircare gal. My sister is the same as are many of my friends, so I knew I wanted to include some kind of nicer haircare in this gift guide. This is the Blinding Shine Gift Set, and whilst I've never tried it myself, so I can't comment on the results, it definitely looks the part. I'm going to gift this to my sister - I'll be sure to get her to report back with her thoughts! Who doesn't want deliciously shiny hair?

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

What is a gift guide without at least a little bit of Lush?! This is the Santa Bubble Bar, it is reusable and SO blooming cute. It's got a real citrusy scent, so whilst it looks very festive, it doesn't smell it, meaning that if you're still using it up in January you won't be stuck with the smell of winter spices! I'm not sure you need me to sell Lush's products to you anymore - we all know and love them, don't we!

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - from the high street and online

I love Annie's products. Her prints are all gorgeous and I loved this weekly planner when I spotted it. All of her products are really well priced too, so great if you have a Secret Santa at work coming up. Who doesn't love a new notebook?  I very much have my eye on her bee print, if you haven't seen it, check it out. 

And there we have it, my Gift Guide For Her 2019! How are you doing on the Christmas shopping front, have you nearly finished? If you're looking for more sort of beauty gifting ideas, I'd highly recommend checking this gift guide by Kirsty!

Getting Our Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles Review*

3 December 2019

Getting our first real Christmas tree - a review of Pines and Needles
Getting our first real Christmas tree - a review of Pines and Needles
Getting our first real Christmas tree - a review of Pines and Needles
Getting our first real Christmas tree - a review of Pines and Needles
Getting our first real Christmas tree - a review of Pines and Needles
Getting our first real Christmas tree - a review of Pines and Needles

We've never had a real tree before. (Wait, that's a lie, apparently we had a real tree when I was really little but I don't remember it at allll so I don't count it). 

We've always had an artificial one, and whilst it has always looked fantastic, there's something that little bit more special about a real tree. I mean, the needles dropping and the having to buy one every year is a bit more of a hassle than just assembling one from a box, but in my opinion, it is SO worth it. I think I've wholeheartedly been converted. 

Our tree was very kindly gifted to us by the guys over at Pines and Needles and I love it. We visited their Bournemouth store, which is on Christchurch Road in Boscombe, and got to pick which of their trees we wanted to bring home with us. Now, as I'm sure you're all very much aware by now, I have a puppy. He's a very inquisitive, bouncy cockapoo and to be honest, we were considering not even having a tree this year. I mean, we're literally putting a tree covered in shiny balls and lights inside the house, what could possibly go wrong...

Anyway, my Mum came up with the great idea of getting a slightly smaller tree and putting it on our little grey table in the lounge - what a genius. Now, I think the one we opted for was a little bigger than the one she had in mind but I actually think it looks great. Plus, more importantly, the stand is out of Murphy's reach so no drinking the tree water for him and the tree is at least a tiny bit more protected from him jumping up at it!

Pines and Needles had so many different sizes and varieties of trees to pick from and in the end, we opted for a 5ft Nordmann which retails at £46.00. This particular variety is known to be no-drop (win) and also has soft needles which is great for those with pets, apparently (double win!). 

The staff at the shop were so friendly and when I say there were loads of trees to choose from, there were LOADS of trees to choose from. 

There are lots of locations across the UK, and the trees are grown up in the Highlands, reducing shipping emissions had they'd been grown elsewhere. 

When we got home we sawed the end of the tree off giving it a fresh cut and put it straight in a bucket of water. Hopefully, it'll last until the 25th - assuming Murphy doesn't get to it first! If anyone has any tips for stopping puppies from playing with the tree, I'm all ears! 

I really enjoyed my experience picking a tree and I can't stop staring at it - it's so festive and pretty!

Are you a real tree or artificial tree kinda person?

Gift Guide For Him

2 December 2019

AS IF it's gift guide season, already?! In my mind, I had months and months to plan these and yet here we are, written, photographed and published.

Now, as I'm sure you're all very much aware, I am very single. I've written about it here, and I mention it on my Twitter fairly often, so if you've come to this gift guide looking for something to buy your significant other, maybe look for another gift guide lol. Whilst this one if for 'Him' I've written it with parents in mind, or, my Dad to be more specific. 

Rather than purchase a ridiculous number of presents for each of my family members, this year I've decided to be far more selective, and only choose things I know they're really going to love. Goodbye buying things for the sake of it, hello mindful consumerism! So, if you're wondering why my gift guides aren't as comprehensive this year, that'll be why! If after reading this guide you'd still like some more inspiration, you can have a browse of last years' here and my Gift Guide for Her here

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

How incredible is this print?! My family and I have spent many a summer in Cornwall and have many fond memories there. We haven't been for quite a few years but now that we have Murph, a trip is very much on the cards. I love all of Place in Print's artwork but when I saw this I knew it'd be perfect. The colours are gorgeous, the beach scene is stunning and it's a place that holds a very special place in our hearts. There are lots of other places available and there is even the option to have your print framed if you'd really like to take the gift one step further!

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

What is a gift guide without some sort of fragrance, hey?! This Sweet Spice and Sandalwood one from Bespoke London is really nice and comes in at under a tenner - what a deal! I'm not even going to begin to try and explain what this smells of, it's just a great masculine sorta smell. 10/10 for effort there, Becca!

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

Gifting someone a board game is always a great idea as it means there's always something fun to do in that festive lull between Christmas and the New Year. Muso DJ is a new playlist party game that requires a music streaming service as well as the cards. Essentially, the cards all have a playlist prompt on, you take it in turns to pick one and play a song that fits that topic. The other players then have to guess the name, the artist and the playlist itself, winning points for each of these. The winner is the first to 35 points and there are also Sing cards for those who fancy performing. I absolutely love the concept of this game - there are so many of my friends who this would be a perfect gift for! 

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

Gin is absolutely the drink of the moment. There are t-shirts with gin puns on, gin festivals popping up here, there and everywhere, and more wild and interesting flavours of gin than you can shake a stick at. Rather than just buying someone a bottle, this cracker is a nice festive looking gift that contains everything you need for a G&T. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not the best value for money volume-wise, but as for aesthetics - it's a great gift! 

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

Chutney Selection - The Deli Kitchen 

Do all Dads just love chutneys?! We were recently discussing gifting ideas at work and one that came up was chutneys! If you read my last gift guide you'll know I picked up a festive chutney for my Dad last Christmas, so when I saw this gift set I knew I needed to buy it. I think it was from Home Bargains for around £7 but don't quote me on that! Apologies for the lack of a link, I can't seem to find one anywhere - I picked it up quite a few weeks ago now but they're bound to still have them in store!

And there we have it, a short but sweet - and more importantly thoughtful - gift guide for him! I'm going to be posting my gift guide for her tomorrow, so do keep your eyes peeled for that for even more gifting inspiration!

In the meantime, please do tell me what you've bought for people so far, I'm always on the hunt for new ideas! Slide in my DMs, comment on this post, send me an email, I don't mind - let's just have a chat!

The Christmas Day Tag

1 December 2019

Happy 1st December!! The official countdown to Christmas has begun...

Weirdos like me have been posting Christmassy photos on Instagram for weeks now, but it's now officially an acceptable time to whip the mince pies out, sing a bit of Fairytale of New York, don a Christmas jumper or two, and have Arthur Christmas on repeat.

The Christmas Day Tag - a series of questions all about the big day itself.

The Christmas Day Tag

After the success of our tag last year, Nina and I put our thinking hats on and The Christmas Day Tag was born. We knew we wanted to come up with something new and after a bit of brainstorming came up with 10 questions all about the big day itself. I looove hearing all about other people's Christmas traditions and festivities, so this tag is essentially the perfect way for me to be nosy and get into the Christmas spirit!

001. What time do you wake up?

I will NEVER understand people who sleep in on Christmas morning. It is the best day of the year, there's no time to waste. I typically tend to wake up about 7ish and Christmas Day is no exception. Helloooo chocolate for breakfast.

002. Where will you be spending the day?

Christmas Day has always been spent at home, and this year is no exception. We've never been out for our roast on Christmas Day and I don't think we ever will. You just can't beat your own roast with all the trimmings, can you? I mean, I can eat as much as I physically can, and I know that I'm going to like everything that is on offer (oh, except sprouts of course!)

003. What will you be wearing?

I'm yet to fully decide what I'm going to wear this year but I'm usually a jeans and a nice top kind of gal on Christmas Day. I say that, but by about 6pm it is absolutely time to whip the new PJs out and chill on the sofa with the Christmas specials we'd missed earlier on in the day, with no jeans in sight. As much as I'd love to stay in PJs all day, there's something really nice about getting ready and doing your makeup on Christmas morning!

004. What games will you be playing?

As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, I have a puppy. His name is Murphy, he's a cockapoo, and I came up with a genius game that I'm going to organise this year, based allll around him. The working title is 'Murphy or Not' and essentially, I'm going to find a load of photos of cockapoo puppies and the aim is to correctly identify whether the photo is of Murphy or not. Now, this might sound really easy but I'm going to make some of the rounds really obscure and just use a photo of a tail or a nose... No, we've definitely not gone absolutely dog mad.

005. What will you be eating?

A roast dinner with all the trimmings, puff pastry mince pies, plenty of desserts and a tin of Heroes or two. I'd also just like to take a moment to give a shoutout to my favourite festive food; pigs in blankets, you the real MVP.

006. What will you be drinking?

What is Christmas without some Bucks Fizz?!?!

007. What will you be watching?

Is it even a UK Christmas day if you haven't watched the Eastenders Christmas special? I don't want to alarm anyone but I actually haven't seen all that many episodes of Gavin and Stacey so the Christmas special isn't actually on my watch list this year, eeeek. (Pls don't unfollow). Other than that, a bit of anything and everything methinks! 

008. What do you hope to find under the tree on Christmas Day?

After the bloggers' evening at John Lewis, my beauty wishlist became about a mile long so I'm hoping that a couple of the things from that will be under the tree! I've also chosen a really nice camel coat, so I can't wait to unwrap that and give it its first wear! 

009. Who will you be spending the day with? 

This year I'm going to be spending the day with my Mum, Dad and Sister, oh and Murphy of course! I can't wait to serve him up his own little Christmas dinner and to give him all of the toys we've bought him for Christmas, he really isn't going to know what's hit him! 

010. When will you be opening your presents?

As it currently stands, we're going to be holding our Christmas Day on Boxing Day! My sister works at a hospital and is scheduled to work on the 25th, so we're postponing our Christmas by a day so that we can all spend it together. We usually spread our presents out over the whole day, starting as soon as we wake up in the morning, with lots of food breaks and games in between! 

And there we have it, that's a real good insight into the Martins' Christmas Day. There's a lot of good food, games and family time, just as Christmas should be! I would absolutely love it if you take part in this tag yourself, I'd love to hear all about your plans for the big day. If you do have a go, please tag me in it so that I can see it and give it a read.

Also, one last thing, Nina and I have been working on our own Instagram Hashtag Challenge that launched today; #Xmas12in12. We've listed 12 prompts for the first 12 days of December and we would looove to see all of your festive photos! 
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