The Best Dog Christmas Jumpers Of 2019


This Blogmas we've already covered a lot of the important things: How To Be More Sustainable At Christmas, The Best Christmas Jumpers On The Market, Festive Instagram Hashtags To Use This Christmas... Need I go on? But, I think I might have possibly saved the most important post until today: The Best Dog Christmas Jumpers 2019.

I have a cockapoo puppy, his name is Murphy, and I cannot wait for his first Christmas! The little pooch already has lots of Christmas gifts to look forward to, has been opening two (!!) advent calendars and there have even been rumours that he's even having his own Christmas Dinner. One thing Murph doesn't have yet, however, is a Christmas Jumper. Now, I don't advocate dogs wearing clothes on the whole, but a little jumper for a few minutes over Christmas? I don't see an issue with that... So, shall we have a look at the best dog Christmas Jumpers of 2019.

A Roundup of the Best Dog Christmas Jumpers 2019

Can we take a moment to vote on our favourite outfit? Mine is definitely number 3, my sister on the other hand looooves number two and has been threatening to buy it for Murph for a while now! 

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