Yoooooo, I'm Becca, I'm twenty (I wrote that in words because I'm not ready to admit I'm an adult yet. Twenty seemed less daunting than 20) and I sometimes cook myself a pizza for breakfast. I'm a psychology undergraduate who clearly loves to procrastinate, it's less than a week before second year exams start and here I am starting a blog... Better get ready for that third hadn't I, hey?

I don't really have any interesting hobbies to waffle on about here, I mean, I go running a couple times a week but that's about it really. I really enjoy travelling, I spent a month in Cambodia last summer, and have big plans for another Southeast Asia this coming summer, which I'm sure you're gonna hear alllllll about.

I'm not entirely sure what else to say, other than get ready for a barrage of all sorts of posts, loads of commas, and too many exclamation marks!!

You can email me at: becc4_blog(at)outlook.com

Occasionally I might write sponsored content or about products that have been gifted to me. These will be indicated by an asterisk (*) I also have a privacy policy surrounding data collection. You can read that here.

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