5 Ways We're Saving To Buy A House


5 ways we are saving to buy a house

5 ways we are saving to buy a house

At the start of the year, Elliot and I started (very casually) looking at houses for sale. We weren't dead set on buying a house right now, but long story short, we found one we really liked and we're currently in the process of buying it (!!).

What was just a bit of innocent market research has since turned into quite a big life decision. In order to save as much as possible for all of the fees, stamp duty, and other costs, we've ramped up our day-to-day saving another notch. So, I thought I'd put a little post together of all of the things we're currently doing to cut costs to inspire or motivate anyone else who is currently going through the same process... 

5 Ways We're Saving To Buy A House

1. Not going in the shops or going out for meals 

Perhaps quite an obvious one, but if you're not out and about, you're not spending money. You don't need what you can't see, right? There might be some cute clothes on Vinted that would fit perfectly in my wardrobe or some cool homeware pieces that would look great in the house, but if I don't know about them, I don't need them. We've also only been out for a handful of meals this year so far and that has certainly saved us a lot of money. Burger Tuesday, I miss you and I hope to be reunited with you soon.

2. Creating a cheap weekly food plan 

Elliot and I have always been quite good at making a weekly food plan but we've taken it one step further. We're only making meals with ingredients we've already got in the cupboards/freezer or meals that don't contain lots of more expensive components. It's been suiting us just fine and we're slowly making our way through all of the meat we've got in the freezer. Regular meals at the moment include; kidney bean burgers, lentil curries, pork mince rice bowls, and mushroom stroganoff. With the prices of everything in the supermarket continually going up, this has really helped us keep our weekly food shop at a fairly consistent level to pre cozzie living times. 

3. Only using up old miscellaneous toiletries 

For someone who (occasionally) writes beauty and skincare content, having not bought pretty much anything this year is a bit of a weird one. I mean, not that I truly need to buy anything, I've got more than enough stuff already. Rather, when things have run out, I've been digging out old products I'd forgotten about and using them up too. Yes, I may not be using my favourite foundation or moisturiser, but it does feel good to be using things up. I've also been trying to avoid too many beauty TikToks - again, if I don't know about it, I don't need it. 

4. Elliot has been cutting my hair 

This is one that I know not everyone would be on-board with. But, since moving to Salisbury I haven't found an affordable hairdresser, and now that we're in hardcore saving mode, spending £60 on a haircut does bring a slight tear to my eye. So, let's welcome Elliot and the kitchen scissors to the chat. I think he's cut my hair 3 times now and I don't have any complaints. I just ask him to cut it all in one straight line and that's that. For anyone with pin-straight hair, I'll let you off if you're less keen on this idea... But, for my wavy hair and I, it's great. Every time it dries it looks slightly different and hides any signs of a DIY haircut. 

5. We've been going for walks as a fun hobby 

I know the saying is save the best for last, but this is definitely the worst one. Welcome to boring-ville. But, what's a free way to spend an afternoon when you're not keen on just sitting on the sofa? A walk. Just this past weekend Elliot and I went for a walk in the New Forest and another in Bournemouth. (Yes, the petrol to get there cost money, but the actual activity was free!) It also helps that I'm currently doing a charity walking challenge at work, so all of these walks feel productive and worthwhile (for me, at least). 

The best way to ensure success with all of this? Repeatedly tell yourself why you're doing it. It's no secret that Elliot and I love going out for dinner and on holidays. We're both definitely missing our old DINK (double income no kids) lifestyle that we'd become accustomed to, but it will all be oh so worth it in the end.

What are your tips for saving money?

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