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The Tempest in Churchill Gardens, Salisbury - Review


The Tempest in Churchill Gardens Salisbury Review
The Tempest in Churchill Gardens Salisbury Review
The Tempest in Churchill Gardens Salisbury Review

Last Friday I was invited down to the press night of The Tempest in Churchill Gardens and, spoiler alert, it was fab! The play was put on by Wilts Creative and is a true community effort. The cast is made up of over 120 people, including local dance schools and youth acting groups, as well as a great main cast.

The Tempest is set up as a 'promenade production' and there are 8 individual sets dotted around the park. Without giving too much away, when I say they made the most of all of the features of the park, they truly did! The cast guides you from set to set with a stop at the on-site bar for the interval halfway through. There are also volunteers who direct you where to sit, it was all very organised! 

Recycled materials form the basis of the sets and costumes. Sustainability is something designer, Dan Potra was keen to highlight, and some of the sets are made of literal (now recycled) rubbish. Did you spot the bin lids and washing baskets on the ship or the carrier bag lanterns? 

The cast was brilliant, I thought Robert Bowman who played Prospero was particularly good, he didn't once step out of character and was very engaging.

Being a bit different to a typical theatre show, here are 3 tips if you're planning on seeing it: 
- Take a camping chair, it's 2 and a half hours long. Some people took blankets and others chose to stand, but having a camping chair made it a far more comfortable experience.
- Remember a jacket, by the end of the play you're in the shade and it's nowhere near as warm as when the play begins. Don't let the sun fool you like it did us...
- Swot up on the storyline if it's not one you're familiar with! We did, and it made it so much easier to follow the story and understand what was going on, particularly as it's in Shakespearean English. 

The play is running until 04/06 and tickets are £20 each, so get in quick if you'd like to see it! 

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