Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers For Her


Aaaaah, I can't believe it's December already, Halloween and pumpkin picking only feel a matter of days ago, but nope, well over a month ago now. But, here we are, happy December and welcome to the first day of Blogmas! Yep, you read that correctly, your girl is doing blogmas this year. (What is a dissertation and other third year deadlines, hey?).

It felt only right to start the month off with a gift guide, a stocking filler gift guide in fact. Being a student, as much as I'd love to add 17 Diptique candles to my basket, a Gucci belt and a Macbook pro to my basket, and checkout and be done with it, I unfortunately don't have the funds for that. Or even one Diptique candle when I come to think of it, but that's besides the point. Alas, my gift guides this year are all going to be very budget friendly (under £20) with products that are easily accessible... Sound good? Dive right in. (I have a gift guide for Mum's and one for Dad's coming very soon!)

What is a stocking filler gift guide without some toiletries? Of course, these can be whatever you fancy but I recently spotted this Zoella body cream on offer for a few quid in my local Superdrug and thought it would make a fab gift. On a similar theme, I think facemasks are always a really good gift as they're not necessarily something you go out of your way to try or purchase for yourself. I grabbed the L'Oreal Bright Mask as it claims to even tone and illuminate - two things I think that we could all do with a bit of.

Whilst trawling the internet, I spotted the nude lipstick set on the Boohoo website and thought I'd buy it, just in case it ends up being incredible. They were really affordable and the shades looked really nice online. Obviously I haven't tried them, they're a gift, but if the recipient likes them I'll be sure to report back. Maybe I've just discovrered some hidden treasure. I know I'm definitely guilty of not replacing my beauty blender enough, so, I thought a new, fresh one would make a great stocking filler. I personally use the Real Techniques one and I love it. Corrr, imagine opening this on Christmas morning and then using it to apply your makeup for the big day, it's the little things hey.

I spotted the burgundy lace cami on Boohoo for £8 and couldn't not buy it for my sister. It's such a gorgeous colour and would look lovely tucked into black jeans on Christmas day itself, or any day of the year for that matter. If you know the person well enough, I think items of clothing make a really nice gift. I love me some new clothes. Jewellery is another go-to stocking filler and this year Jewellery Box have particulalry caught me eye. They have an entire sterling silver range and it's really affordable, yay! For example, this necklace* costs only £5.95 and the earrings* are £5.85, and they even come in little presentation boxes.

I think I'm going to group the last three items in this gift guide under the umbrella term of 'cosy'; candles, pyjamas and slippers. How incredible do those fluffy grey bottoms look? PSA: They're from Primark and only cost a fiver, and yes, they're just as soft in real life as they look on camera. Speaking of Primark, that's where the tartan slippers are from. They're £2.50 and the ideal stocking filler in my opinion. The candle pictured I bought in IKEA the other day and it's their Vinter 2018 candle. It smells delicious; like Christmas cookies and I love the jar it comes in.

So there we have it, my stocking filler for her gift guide!

Which would be your favourite thing of these to recieve?
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Love this! I love all the cosiness- I think I may have to get those slippers for myself tbf

  2. Some really good ideas here Becca, I also wish I could afford a Diptique candle but being a poor student just won't fund that haha! Jewellery box have some really nice pieces for lil stocking fillers!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Really lovely gift guide, I never would spend over £10 on a stocking filler but £20 for maybe a few items would be nice little stocking gift, but in general they’re lovely items and the Zoella Christmas collections are always fab

    Looking forward to what else you’ve got in store for blogmas

    Much love

  4. That mask is one of my favourites! Such a good idea for a gift, I get through it so quickly so I’ll definitely be putting it on my list this year!