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I know beauty isn't something that's often discussed around these parts but it felt wrong not to post my beauty picks for the festive season. Everyone knows that this time of year is allll about getting glammed up and going out-out, two things I haven't been doing too much of recently. So, as I'm sure you can probably guess, I am very excited for the festive period and all the getting dressed up opportunities it brings.

As for eyeshadow, the two palettes I will most certainly be reaching for are my Morphe 35OS (which I've written an entire post on here) and my Urban Decay Naked Smoky. I love the warm colours in the Morphe one for this time of year, but you can't beat a good smokey eye can you?

Highlighter, highlighter, highlighter. At Christmas, there's only one way to go; go hard or go home. I tend to layer a liquid highlighter, such as the Revolution one in Champagne, and then set it with a powder highlight for that proper in your face shine. I can see myself reaching for this Revolution highlighter palette this season, and using a mix of all of the shades. They're so buttery and work really well layered on top of the liquid one.

My Mac Studio Fix Fluid is my go-to longlasting, heavy-duty foundation. It's amazing. I apply a fairly thin layer with my beauty blender, set it with a load of powder, and it always lasts the entire night. The perfect night out foundation, no?

Now, when it comes to lips, pinks and nudes are always what I go for. But, whether it be a gloss, lipstick or liquid lipstick depends on what I'm feeling that day. Mac's Velvet Teddy is my go-to lipstick, it's an absolute classic. The Etos lipgloss I bought in Amsterdam and don't reach for particularly often day to day, but it's gorgeous with a dark eye. But, the option I go with most of the time is the Nyx Liquid Suede in Sandstorm. It's quite a dark shade of brown but I love how it looks with my skin tone. See, I don't like how red lips look on me, so this is definitely the second best thing. It's not drying and it lasts forever, a win-win.

What are your festive beauty picks?

Also, can we just quickly mention how we are halfway through Blogmas already?! How quickly has this month gone already?...

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  1. The morphe 35OS is such a gorgeous palette to use at this time of year - must crack mine out!

    Lucy | Forever September