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AS IF it's gift guide season, already?! In my mind, I had months and months to plan these and yet here we are, written, photographed and published.

Now, as I'm sure you're all very much aware, I am very single. I've written about it here on my blog, and I mention it on my Twitter fairly often, so if you've come to this gift guide looking for something to buy your significant other, maybe look for another gift guide lol. Whilst this one if for 'Him' I've written it with parents in mind, or, my Dad to be more specific. 

Rather than purchase a ridiculous number of presents for each of my family members, this year I've decided to be far more selective, and only choose things I know they're really going to love. Goodbye buying things for the sake of it, hello mindful consumerism! So, if you're wondering why my gift guides aren't as comprehensive this year, that'll be why! If after reading this guide you'd still like some more inspiration, you can have a browse my Gift Guide for Dads 2018 and my Gift Guide For Her 2019

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

How incredible is this print?! My family and I have spent many a summer in Cornwall and have many fond memories there. We haven't been for quite a few years but now that we have Murph, a trip is very much on the cards. I love all of Place in Print's artwork but when I saw this I knew it'd be perfect. The colours are gorgeous, the beach scene is stunning and it's a place that holds a very special place in our hearts. There are lots of other places available and there is even the option to have your print framed if you'd really like to take the gift one step further!

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

What is a gift guide without some sort of fragrance, hey?! This Sweet Spice and Sandalwood one from Bespoke London is really nice and comes in at under a tenner - what a deal! I'm not even going to begin to try and explain what this smells of, it's just a great masculine sorta smell. 10/10 for effort there, Becca!

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

Gifting someone a board game is always a great idea as it means there's always something fun to do in that festive lull between Christmas and the New Year. Muso DJ is a new playlist party game that requires a music streaming service as well as the cards. Essentially, the cards all have a playlist prompt on, you take it in turns to pick one and play a song that fits that topic. The other players then have to guess the name, the artist and the playlist itself, winning points for each of these. The winner is the first to 35 points and there are also Sing cards for those who fancy performing. I absolutely love the concept of this game - there are so many of my friends who this would be a perfect gift for! 

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

Gin is absolutely the drink of the moment. There are t-shirts with gin puns on, gin festivals popping up here, there and everywhere, and more wild and interesting flavours of gin than you can shake a stick at. Rather than just buying someone a bottle, this cracker is a nice festive looking gift that contains everything you need for a G&T. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not the best value for money volume-wise, but as for aesthetics - it's a great gift! 

Becc4 - a gift guide for him

Chutney Selection - The Deli Kitchen 

Do all Dads just love chutneys?! We were recently discussing gifting ideas at work and one that came up was chutneys! If you read my last gift guide you'll know I picked up a festive chutney for my Dad last Christmas, so when I saw this gift set I knew I needed to buy it. I think it was from Home Bargains for around £7 but don't quote me on that! Apologies for the lack of a link, I can't seem to find one anywhere - I picked it up quite a few weeks ago now but they're bound to still have them in store!

And there we have it, a short but sweet - and more importantly thoughtful - gift guide for him! I'm going to be posting my gift guide for her tomorrow, so do keep your eyes peeled for that for even more gifting inspiration!

In the meantime, please do tell me what you've bought for people so far, I'm always on the hunt for new ideas! Slide in my DMs, comment on this post, send me an email, I don't mind - let's just have a chat!

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  1. Dads are so hard to buy for, particularly mine as he doesn't drink anymore, so I tend to buy him and my stepmum meal vouchers for places that they may not think to try out. It gives them a day/night out and the opportunity to try something new x