Mr Mulligans Golf, Bournemouth Review*


I never used to like mini-golf.

Every time we played a game or two on holiday when I was a child I'd have a massive strop and hate every second of it. I'd drive my family mad and ruin the day.

Fast forward to now and times have definitely changed: I loooove it!

Mr Mulligans Golf, Bournemouth Review*

Last week I headed down to Mr Mulligans in Bournemouth for an evening of mini-golf and pizza, and I had the BEST time. I'd visited Mulligans a few weeks previously and had loved every second of it, so when I was invited down with a plus one, I knew I just had to go again and take my Mumma with me.

Our evening started watching the snow fall outside BH2 - which is on every day until January 3rd - which got us into the festive spirit before heading into Mulligans for what was to be a very fun evening indeed.

If you've no idea what I'm on about, Mr Mulligans is an indoor mini-golf venue with the coolest decor and props ever! They also serve drinks (at really good prices) and are open late into the evening meaning it's a great place to go of a night if you don't fancy going out out, but want to do something fun. 

There are three courses and the one we did this time was by far my favourite of the three - Apocalypse. The theming was really cool (it's set up like mini film sets) and I actually achieved my best score of the three on this one! I got 25!

Mr Mulligans Golf, Bournemouth Review*  Mr Mulligans Golf, Bournemouth Review*

My Mum and I had a real hoot playing and your gal ended up being the winner, wahey! We then wandered over to the restaurant for some post-golf fuel, and both ordered the Vegetable Deluxe pizza. Now, I'm going to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect of the food but it genuinely was delicious! Both my Mum and I were really really pleasantly surprised and finished every last mouthful, well done Mulligans - we know a good pizza when we taste one!

As for pricing, Mulligans is really well priced and they often have discounts running, so definitely keep an eye out for those! Students, it's £5 golf and 2-for-1 pizzas on a Wednesday, you're welcome for the heads up!

Overall, I really would recommend a trip to Mr Mulligans if you haven't been before. I've been twice now - once gifted and once not - and had a fantastic time both times!

Have you Mr Mulligans Bournemouth visited yet?


  1. I used to hate mini golf as well but the older I've got, the more I enjoy it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. This sounds so so good and the pizza looks incredible!
    I love mini golf, there's a Mr Mulligans near me in Birmingham, I think I'll be heading there now especially for the student offer! x