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The Christmas ads are very much a hot topic of conversation these days when November rolls around. I mean, who else was eagerly anticipating this year's John Lewis ad and was bitterly disappointed with this year's offering? Particularly after some absolute festive tear-jerkers in the past... So, for today's blogmas post, I thought I'd rope my family in to help me rate and review a selection of this year's most talked about Christmas ads and decide whether they get the Martin family stamp of approval or not. Do let me know if you agree with our reviews. Does anyone like the John Lewis one?

John Lewis

'Oh God, I don't wanna see it again. I hate it.'
It would be rude to start this post without discussing the most anticipated ad of them all first... As you've probably already guessed from the introduction, we really don't like this one. JL normally produce the Christmas ad of the season but we just really didn't get this one. Other than acting as promo for his tour next year, what is the point of the ad?!? Where's the Christmas spirit at? Gimme the man on the moon over this one any day. 

1/10 Martin Points, better luck next year


'Bright, colourful, cute'
We LOVE this one. It's festive, it's bright, it's full of life. One of the highlights is the girl dressed as the queen in the TV costume - whatta legend. But, obviously, the overall highlight has to be plug boy. If Sainsbury's started selling the plug outfit and socket I can guarantee that we'd purchase at least one. How much fun does that look?!? Our one criticism is that it's not particularly Sainsbury's related and could almost be confused for a scene out of Nativity. 

10/10 Martin Points, well done plug boy


'Mediocre at best, I like the houses lit up at the end.'
Whilst better than the John Lewis one, we were all a little underwhelmed. I liked the videography and it was another obviously Christmas related one which was appreciated. It certainly wasn't agame changerr and didn't spark any conversations - two things we think a good Christmas ad should do.

3/10 Martin Points, it was okay


'Snow, presents, catchy Christmas song, festive outfits - it's got it all'
A bit of a dark horse this one... WE LOVED IT. It incorporated pretty much all the elements of Christmas whilst backed by one of the catchiest Christmas songs of all time - an absolute winning recipe for a fail-safe Christmas ad if you ask me. 

9/10 Martin Points, good but not quite plugboy levels


'So witty and I'm glad I don't have to watch the whole John Lewis one again.'
We much preferred this one to the JL one and loved that they'd linked the two. Of all of the things to fast forward it for though... Stollen? A pile of roast potatoes would've been a much better choice, or even mince pies. Stollen? No, thank you.

6/10 Martin Points, clever


'Who doesn't leave carrots out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve?!?'
The McDonald's one is another dark horse - what a great ad. Can we just take a minute to talk about how cute the reindeer are?! I'm also really glad they stuck with carrots and didn't decide that the reindeer fancied 20 McNuggets... It wouldn't have quite had the same festive charm, would it?

9/10 Martin Points, adorable


'Very long, very dull and very predictable'
Now, this is one we'd heard nothing about nor had we ever seen it, and I'm not surprised. It was really long, was only about selling food and didn't feel Christmassy in the slightest. It also relies on the viewer knowing what a cartoon turkey looks like, which lets be real, not everyone does.

2/10 Martin Points, still better than JL


'An ad that specifically sells the products, wow'
Whilst there isn't one Christmas ad - there are many - they are all short and promote a variety of their products, which is a nice idea. They also all follow a common theme. My personal favourite is the ice rink in the cul-de-sac, it just makes me laugh. Whilst some of the food doesn't appeal, the ads are still funny and obviously promoting what they are trying to promote.

7/10 Martin Points, humorous 

And there we have it, a roundup of some of this year's much talked about adverts... 

Have we missed any good ones?
Which is your favourite from this year?


  1. Ahh I love this idea haha. Sainsbury's definitely won it with the advert this year - bloody love that kid that jumps into the plug socket hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. John Lewis let us ALL down this year. I LOVED the Sainsbury's one too! The kid running into the plug socket gets me, EVERY TIME. And YES!!! More people who've given the ASDA AD some credit, it was the dark horse. The song is so catchy, it's now top of my Christmas playlist and my most played on Spotify this month

    Fran |

  3. Such a great blogmas idea I love it! My favourite this has bee the Sainsbury's one!

    Kayla |