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3 Places To Go In Salisbury For A Nicer Dinner...


So, you're looking for somewhere a bit nicer to go for dinner in Salisbury... Now, don't get me wrong I don't have any Michelin star recommendations for you here, just places we tend to head to if we're looking to spend a bit more. They're all in the city center and also independent businesses, so great ones to add to your list to visit in 2023....

Where To Go In Salisbury For A Nicer Dinner... 

3 places to go in Salisbury for a nicer dinner

01. Cafe Diwali

This is actually a new contender for the list as I only visited recently myself. It's located on Crane Street, a couple of doors down from The Salisbury Orangery, and not far from the cathedral. They serve a wide range of Indian street food including curries and sizzlers. 

I know this post is about dinners but on their lunch menu are 'Thali Platters' which consist of a choice of one of three curries, rice, vegetable dal, pickle, naan, and pappad. These are between £12.95 and £14.95 and are a great way to have a taste of the menu without spending too much. For reference, when Elliot and I went to Cafe Diwali for dinner we had a curry each (which came with a naan), a rice to share, and a beer each and spent a total of £50. So, it's certainly on the pricier side but the food was truly delicious. 

It was very busy when we arrived so I'd definitely advise booking in advance. The staff are all really friendly and whilst it doesn't look like the most eye-catching place from the outside, trust me, the food is delicious. The Butter Chicken was a solid 11/10 and I've tried a fair few in my time. 

3 places to go in Salisbury for a nicer dinner

02. Nole

Perhaps a bit predictable for this post but their pizzas are just that good.  If you've been around a while you'll have seen me mention Nole previously, and for good reason. They have a restaurant in the Market Square in Salisbury, a kitchen at The Pembroke Arms in Wilton, one in Hindon, and one in Neveravon too. Elliot and I have been to the one in the city center as well as Wilton. 

Their pizzas are delicious and we've always had great service whenever we've visited. This pizza featured here was the meat special when we visited; a sourdough pizza topped with pepperoni, roquito peppers, and honey. Deeeeelish.

For reference, at the Wilton branch (The Pembroke Arms) a discretionary 12.5% service charge is added to the bill. So, when we visited 2 pints and 2 pizzas with the charge came to a total of £45. 

To the best of my knowledge, they don't take bookings but we've never had any troubles when we've turned up. Also, if you don't already follow them on Instagram, give them a follow, their posts crack me up. 

3 places to go in Salisbury for a nicer dinner

03. Tinga

If you're a fan of Mexican food then Tinga absolutely needs to be on your list of places to visit. Their menu is made up of lots of different small plates but they do also have a couple of traditional main meal sized options if that's more your thing. They recommend ordering 2-3 plates per person so we opted for 5 between us. 

The food was all brilliant and the grasshoppers need to have their shining moment. Yep, you can order 'Guacamole con Chapulines' which is avocado with red onions, coriander, and tomatoes topped with crunchy grasshoppers. I can't say they were the tastiest thing I've ever eaten, I can distinctly remember their 'earthy' taste. But, as something new to try, it's something you've got to do once. 

Reservations are strongly advised and they're often booked up weeks in advance (for weekend evenings etc). They also host bottomless brunches which consist of 4 courses, free-flowing Prosecco, Beers (and mocktails/soft drinks) for £50pp which could be a great way to get to try out a few dishes (and a few drinks)...

So, there we have it, 3 places to go in Salisbury for a nicer dinner... Aka the places we don't visit on a regular basis, rather they're where we head when we want something a bit more special. This is the first of my Salisbury Food Guides so if you have any burning Salisbury foodie questions or want to suggest which I do next, don't hesitate to message me on Instagram!

Where is your go-to place for a nice meal in Salisbury? 

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