The Salisbury Orangery Review


The Salisbury Orangery Review
The Salisbury Orangery Review
The Salisbury Orangery Review

The Salisbury Orangery Review

After seeing it alllllll over Instagram, this weekend I finally made it to The Salisbury Orangery! Located on the river, by Queen Elizabeth Gardens, the Orangery is a popular brunch spot in the city. There's also a branch in Winchester that is equally as popular, but I'm still yet to visit.


There is quite a variety of different options on the menu. From classic fry-up style breakfasts to fancy topped toasts, to waffles and ginormous pastries, pretty much all of the brunch bases are covered. From looking online, the Winchester menu is slightly different to the Salisbury one, but the general gist is the same. If I didn't end up having a waffle, I definitely would have had the mushrooms on toast - it looked fantastic! They also had quite a range of smoothies, teas, and coffees as well as some alcoholic drink options. There really is a bit of everything for a nice morning brunch. 


With exposed beams and brickwork, and a tree in the middle of the building, it's certainly an aesthetic place. The tables are all glass-topped and filled with foliage. If an Instagrammable spot in Salisbury is what you're after, then The Orangery is definitely the place to be. 


As someone that adores Biscoff it was only natural I had the Biscoff waffle. It came with cream and ice cream, and was truly delicious. The portion size was huuuuge and it was also reasonably priced considering. We had two waffles and two teas and paid just under £24. The bacon and maple syrup waffle was also pretty tasty, but if anything could have done with a bit more syrup. 


A couple of other things to note; The Salisbury Orangery doesn't take bookings so it's a turn-up and wait for a table sort of situation. That said, we went on a Saturday at about 1pm and only waited about 10-15 minutes for a table. In a similar vein, it's not a massive place and there aren't that many tables. So, if you're looking to go in a larger group, this is something to be mindful of. 

Overall, we loved our visit and the food was pretty tasty. I'd certainly go back and am keen to try the Winchester branch too. 

Have you ever been to The Salisbury Orangery?


  1. This place looks great and the food looks so good! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. I've not heard of this place before, but wow it looks amazing!xx

    Hannah |