The Pembroke Arms, Wilton - Review


Pembroke Arms Wilton Review
Pembroke Arms Wilton Review
For Elliot's birthday a couple of weeks ago we headed to The Pembroke Arms in Wilton for dinner. We both absolutely love Nole pizzas and had been meaning to go and sit in the outside area of The Pembroke Arms for the longest time. In fact, a few weeks ago we even tried to stop in but they're closed on a Tuesday, doh. Wilton is about a 10-minute drive from Salisbury City center and beside our first Pembroke Arms attempt, isn't somehwhere I'd actually been before... 

The Pembroke Arms, Wilton Review 

First and foremost, their outdoor seating area is huge. If you're looking for a sunny pub garden to spend an afternoon, I'd say it's definitely worth getting down to Wilton and sitting in their fab outdoor area. They have their covered garden seating, complete with heaters and a huge fire, as well as lots of picnic benches out in the sun. 

We didn't need to book, being a random Thursday evening, but I can imagine it gets pretty busy on a sunny weekend. The car park also isn't the biggest I've seen, so perhaps plan ahead if you're thinking of visiting. Luckily someone was leaving just as we arrived so we managed to nab the last space in the car park!

In terms of food, I wish I could say I browsed the full menu and considered every option. I didn't. We'd spoken about going for a pizza for days so, of course, I went straight for the pizza menu. Elliot and I both ended up having the same, the meat special. A sourdough pizza topped with pepperoni, roquito peppers, and honey, what wasn't there to love?! Considering I'm usually Miss Margherita, I'm so glad I opted for something a little different, it was delicious! The honey wasn't too sweet and the pepperoni was really tasty. 

Whilst we waited for our food we saw streams and streams of pies coming out to other tables. Now, if I'd seen the pie menu, I think I could have been swayed away from a pizza. They were huge and looked incredible. Judging by the number of people we saw with them, I'm assuming they taste as good as they look...

A 12.5% service charge is added to the bill so our 2 pizzas and 2 pints came to a grand total of £45 which seems a little steep if you ask me... Perhaps one for a date night or special occasion, eh? Not quite a can't-be-bothered-to-cook quick meal out. 

I'm sure I'll absolutely be back to The Pembroke Arms, I feel it could become the new summery weekend go-to...

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