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5 Goals for 2023


5 goals 20235 goals 2023

I'm not a massive fan of setting myself strict targets or New Year's Resolutions but it is useful to have a few loose goals to be working towards. 2022 turned out to be a very busy year and 2023 looks set to be even busier, but in this post I'm going to outline a few things I want to try and do... I've moved jobs (and am already so much happier) so that's one thing I don't need to think about this year. With that weight off my shoulders, here are my 5 goals for 2023.

5 Goals for 2023

1. Buy A House 

Straight in with the MASSIVE one. Yep. This year will hopefully be the year of the house. It's all sort of come around quite quickly and I'm SO excited at the prospect of painting 10 rooms sage green. We were meant to have a house viewing on Friday but that's already been cancelled as an offer has been accepted on it. So, morals of the story, don't get too excited and try and be one of the first viewers haha. 

2. Walk A Mile A Day 

We're doing a charity walking challenge at work and we each need to walk the equivalent of a mile a day if we want to hit the target. Now, I can't say I'll 100% be walking a mile each and every day (I'd describe myself as a fair weather walker) but I'm definitely going to get my 365 miles in. The thought of walking in the deepest darkest depths of rainy January? No, thank you. A sunny August day with a stop at the pub? Yes, please. 

3. Grow My Freelance Marketing Business

Towards the end of last year, I started getting approached about freelance marketing projects. 2023 is hopefully going to be the year of the side hustle (and working weekends) and getting that well and truly off the ground. Not only is it extra money that I can save but it's also even wider marketing experience and knowledge! 

4. Continue Cooking Loads Of New Things 

It's very easy to get stuck in a rut with cooking and eat the same 5 meals on repeat, am I right? Elliot and I are fairly adventurous when it comes to cooking new things and this year I'd like to keep that up (and then some). We've been making all sorts of fancy brunches and hosting dinner parties. It's been great fun. So, 2023, let's see what else is on the menu...

5. Write On My Blog More

Don't say I don't stick to my goals... Here I am. With everything else going on my blog is always the first thing to get neglected. But, this year, I really want to make a conscious effort to write more posts and spend more time growing my readers etc. If there's anything specific you'd like to see me write about, let me know, I'm all ears! 

And there we have it, my 5 goals for 2023... At the end of the year, I'll have to do an update and let you all know if I forgot about these after approximately 3 weeks or not. 

Did you set any goals for 2023?

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