The Haircare Trio Everyone Needs To Try: L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths

22 June 2019

I'd like to take this moment to thank my sister for a) introducing me to this haircare range and b) giving these products to me. What a legend. Do I have to mark these as AD #gifted? Is my sister an influencer now? What is going on with the world?

Anyway, I've never been particularly loyal to any haircare brand or product and normally tend to opt for whatever is on the end of the aisle, on offer in Sains. Buy one get one free? I'll take it. A quid? Even better. 

I was recently facetiming my sister and she was using the No Haircut Cream, which I'd never seen before, so I asked her approximately 8 questions about what it was... Fast forward a few days and I had the full trio to try for myself. These products are from L'Oreal Elvive's Dream Lengths range, and lemme tell you, they are fab. The whole idea behind the range is to protect and restore damaged hair and split ends, and I am HERE for it. 

My hair always seems to be a bit damaged. Yet, I don't blowdry it nor straighten it, and it isn't particularly long either. I do go for semi-regular haircuts and by 'semi-regular' I mean about twice a year. (Maybe I'm answering my own questions here...) But yeah, my hair is a bit dry and damaged and so I figured these products could possibly be everything my hair was crying out for. 

A review of the L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Range including the shampoo, conditioner and no-haircut cream. Created for damaged hair, these products prevent breakage and reduce spilt ends at an affordable price.

Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo

All of the products smell fab - they have a subtle fruity scent, which, honestly, doesn't last all that long in the hair, but it's nice nonetheless. The shampoo lathers really well and it certainly leaves my hair feeling clean without it feeling stripped of allllll the moisture in the world ever. I'm not sure how much more there is to say about a shampoo? It cleans my hair and it smells nice, I'm happy!

Dream Lengths Detangling Conditioner 

Of the three, this product is by far my favourite. When it says it's a detangling conditioner, it really isn't fibbing. I know my hair isn't particularly long, and I'm sure people with longer hair find it waaay more of an issue than I do, but my hair does find a way to get itself pretty knotty. But, this product seems to be an absolute saviour. Whenever I use this, my hair always feels so buttery smooth and the hairbrush absolutely glides through it, no matter what state it was in before I washed it. 

Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream 

I love the idea behind this product - why had I not heard of it/bought it sooner?! It's a leave-in product you can apply to wet or dry hair, that claims to 'help seal spilt-ends and reduce breakage'. Now, I'm not sure if I've been using this long enough to fully report on those claims, but I have been using it every time I've washed my hair since I was given it, and so far so good. My hair looks healthier than it ever has, which is surprising considering it's taken a bit of a beating the last few weeks with all the styling it's received for the balls I've been attending!

Overall, I really am loving these products and would recommend them to anyone with a drier hair type who is on the lookout for some new products to try. (I have a feeling that these might be a little too heavy duty for anyone with really fine hair, so maybe pass on these if that's you!) The shampoo and conditioner retail at £4.99 each, and the haircut cream at £5.99, but Boots are selling the entire bundle (including a hair mask I haven't tried) for £12... So, if you're interested in trying the range then that might be the way to go...

What is your favourite shampoo/conditioner combo?

The Best SPF I've Bought: The Body Shop's Skin Defence

19 June 2019

It's 2019, we all know how important an SPF is. I mean, if you don't, read this, then come back to this post. I've been using an SPF every day on my face for several years now, and, over this time, I've tried a fair few different ones. I always like to opt for a factor 50 because, if you couldn't already tell, I'm fairly pasty and I burn pretty easily. Plus, the more protection the better, right?

The Best SPF I've Bought: The Body Shop's Skin Defence. A chat about my favourite suncream for the face.

I recently bought The Body Shop's Skin Defence after seeing Caroline Hirons mention it on This Morning a few weeks ago. Which, if you haven't already seen, the clips are all on YouTube so I highly recommend you catch up on them now! That woman really does know it all when it comes to skincare, and I genuinely fully trust what she says...

Anyway, back to the product. It retails at £17 for the 40ml or £21 for the 60ml, so, it definitely isn't cheap! But, compared to skin cancer and wrinkles, I don't think it's too much of a sacrifice... Thankfully, when I bought it they were offering a 40% discount online, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for any future discount codes, they really do make a difference.

This product has a really really light texture, and unlike other facial SPFs I've used, it's not sticky at alllll. I've used this every day for several weeks now and I'm yet to find anything I dislike about it. It sinks in really quickly, doesn't interfere with my makeup and also doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest. I have also spent quite a few full days in the sun and can confirm that it does its job, I haven't shown any signs of sunburn at all!

The Skin Defence contains both UVA and UVB protection, which is very important, as well as a couple of ingredients known for brightening the skin. So, it really is a good all-rounder.

Unfortunately, this product is currently sold out online, but I figured I'd write this post as a little PSA in case anyone is after a new SPF for the summer, because this really is the best one I've ever used...

Do you have a favourite SPF?

Going Dairy Free: Two Months On

15 June 2019

Back in April, I made the decision to try and cut down my dairy consumption. I spoke a little bit about it, at the time, in this blog post, and, fast forward two months and here we are. I'm still limiting the amount of dairy I consume and I haven't bought cow's milk nor a block of cheese in over two months - wahey! (As someone who used to eat a lotttt of cheese on her bolognese, this is quite the accomplishment!) So, I thought it was about time I updated y'all on how I've been getting on...

Going dairy free: two months on. From the differences I've noticed since cutting out dairy to a roundup and review of all of the products I've tried.

Why did I cut out dairy?

Now, I mentioned in the aforementioned blog post the reasons for cutting out dairy, but I figured I'd recap them here, just in case you missed that post...

Firstly, there is a lot of discussion online surrounding the possible link between dairy and acne. I've mentioned it a million times now, but, my skin is not great. I've had acne for yeaaaars now, and I figured that cutting out dairy could potentially be the answer to all my prayers. What did I have to lose?

Well, update: I haven't noticed a massive change in my skin but I definitely feel better generally. I am nowhere near as bloated as I once was and I just feel so much better. I mean, it could all be a bit of a  placebo, but so far, so good, and I'm definitely going to stick to it.

The second reason behind this diet change was, of course, environment related. I'm sure you've all heard it before and you don't need me to ramble on about it... It's 2019 and we really are out here trying to turn things around.

So, how have I been finding the dairy alternatives? 

Almond Milk - is a big fat no from me. I really didn't like how it tasted in tea, nor in porridge or cereal. I mean, I'm not a massive fan of almonds, so maybe that has something to do with it... Almond milk was the first dairy-free product I tried but thankfully it didn't put me off completely! I personally wouldn't recommend it at alllll, but it's all about personal preference, yanno?

Soya Milk - is what I currently have on my cereal. I buy the unsweetened cartons from Aldi, they're less than a pound, and I like how they taste. I mean, they don't taste like a lot, but they're certainly not offensive! I've used this to make both pancakes and toad in the hole, and I've liked the results... It's not quite the same as cow's milk, but it's still good. As for in tea, it's also alright. It's not particularly creamy but if no other options are available it's more than good enough.

Oat Milk - the holy grail. I initially tried an oat milk from Asda's free from range, and that was fab! It was amazing in porridge and pancakes, and also made a fab cup of tea. Unfortunately, we don't have an Asda particularly locally, so I haven't had this one again since. I have, however, discovered the absolute joy that is Oatly Barista Oat Milk. In a tea, it's fab! It's really quite thick and creamy, two things that the other milk alternatives I've tried haven't been. If I was out and could choose any alternative to have in my tea, it would 100% be this one!

I am not being particularly strict with other dairy products, so I am still eating cheese and clotted cream if I'm out and about. This gal isn't about to turn down a cream tea, is she? But, one other thing I have tried are the Alpro Velvet Vanilla Soya Desserts. They look like custard, they taste like custard, and so get two big thumbs up from me.

Now that I've written this post, it has dawned on me how few dairy-free alternatives I've actually tried... My bad. I'll be sure to  test a few more out and then I'll come back with an update! The next thing on my list is yoghurt - I tweeted a few weeks ago looking for yoghurt recommendations, so I'm going to start working my way through those - any recommendations?

Which is your favourite milk alternative?

The Graduation Dress Edit

12 June 2019

A lookbook of dresses for wearing to graduation, that are available online and cost less than £40... Including dresses from Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal and MissguidedAs many of you are probably aware, I've recently finished my final year at university meaning that my graduation is right around the corner. It's the moment that all of our studies thus far have been leading up to, so, it's fair to say that it's a pretty big day. So, of course, it's only natural to want to find the dress. The one you feel fab in, the one you love the look of, the one

So, for today's post I thought I'd help a sister out and compile a lookbook full of dresses I've spotted whilst browsing online, in the hopes that it could help even one of you out. I've tried to include a few different colours and styles, and not just dresses I'd usually pick for myself... 

I've not gone for anything too floaty or long as I figured it might all look a bit much under the robes (only my personal opinion!) They all retail for less than £40 and the sites they're from all offer next day delivery meaning that no matter the time limit, you should be alright! Some of the links are affiliate links - this doesn't impact your purchase at alllll, I'll only receive a small amount of money back in return!

A lookbook of dresses for wearing to graduation, that are available online and cost less than £40... Including dresses from Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal and Missguided

1   2   3   4 

A lookbook of dresses for wearing to graduation, that are available online and cost less than £40... Including dresses from Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal and Missguided

1   2   3   4

A lookbook of dresses for wearing to graduation, that are available online and cost less than £40... Including dresses from Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal and Missguided

1   2   3   4

A lookbook of dresses for wearing to graduation, that are available online and cost less than £40... Including dresses from Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal and Missguided

1   2   3   4   5

Which is your favourite of these dresses?

June To Do List

2 June 2019

Becc4 June To-Do List - a roundup of all the things I need to do this month
Ooooh, what's this? Is Becca trying out a new style of post? Yes, yes she is, and she has been heavily inspired by Fran, so thanks, Fran! As I've mentioned many a time before, May was a very busy month for me. I finished my dissertation, completed my last university exams EVER and also attended a couple of festivals.

Fast forward to now, it's June and I have been freeeeee for over a week now. I've spent the majority of this time living my best life, with a drink in hand, surrounded by my best pals. June is going to be a very busy month for me, so, I thought it was only right to compile a to-do list, because that's what proper adults do, right?...

001. Buy a car

Now, I passed my driving test when I was 17 but didn't bother buying a car as I knew that I would be going to university imminently and that I wouldn't really need one. Well, I'm now 21, university has come to an end and this gal needs a motor vehicle. I'm not entirely sure what kind of car I want nor do I know anything about cars, but I'm sure the second I buy one it'll have its own debut here on

002. Find a job 

Ahhh, what a simple and straight-forward to-do list I'm compiling myself here... No, but seriously, one of my tasks for this month is to find a job, a proper job! I do actually have some work lined up, through my contacts at the university, for one day a week in the homelessness sector, but obviously that alone won't suffice. I have started looking, I just need to keep going and start applying for roles that I think would work well for me... Wish me luck!

003. Partaaaaaay

My social calendar for this coming week has never been so busy. I genuinely have plans to go out-out every single night this week, but we'll see how many we manage before we bail and opt for a dominos and Netflix night instead. This week I have a boat ball and grad ball, as well as my last few student nights everrrrrr!

004. Find outfits for said social occasions! 

Well, I say I have all these events to attend but I don't actually have my outfits sorted yet. I have ordered many a dress online and spent the day in town today wandering, but I still haven't found anything quite right. I'm also not entirely sure what I'm looking for which doesn't really help... I've heard through the grapevine that a lot of people are wearing full-on ball gowns to the ball, whilst others are just wearing a summery dress, so I really have no idea what to go for. But, I need to figure this all out asap considering the ball is on Saturday!

005. Go on holidaaaay

Okay, so this hardly counts as a chore to add to a to-do list, but it very much is something I'm going to be doing this month. My family and I are off to Mauritius towards the end of June and I am soooo ready for some sunshine. Even though the weather has been sunny here, it's not quite the same as holiday sun, is it?

What are your plans for June?
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