Sick Tings 026

If I had to summarise the entirety of the last week into two words they'd be 'careers' and 'food'. This week has been another busy one, and I gotta feeling (ooh oooooh) that the rest of third year is going to be just the same. Whilst the number of modules I'm taking is the same as second year, the actual workload certainly isn't and it's taking some adjusting to. 

Monday was just the same as every other Monday. I had a couple of lectures, lunch with my friends and Sign Language in the evening. Learning BSL is still going really well and we now know the emotions, questions and the alphabet.

On Tuesday I attended my economics laboratory as usual, went for lunch with my housemate and then we headed off to a training day together. I'm partaking in a business programme this semester which is essentially just a consultancy role. I'm in a small group, and together we've been given a problem that a local business/charity/organisation are facing and we have to try and come up with some solutions. We have 6 weeks to do such and have to compile a 40 page report and a presentation on it also. I won't mention who I'm working for/what I'm doing now, but I definitely think I'll post all about it once it's completed. Here's a clue: it's social media related, so very much up my street. 

Wednesday was a uni work day. But, prior to this, the day began with a careers appointment to discuss my future and what roles are suited to me. After a fruitful meeting, I headed for my first gym session of the day. (Yes, you read that correctly). I spent the afternoon working on all my deadlines before ordering an Indian takeway with my house. Chicken Tikka Masala, Pilau Rice and Garlic Naan for me, always, in case you were wondering. In a weird turn of events, I ended up going back to the gym that evening with my housemates- perhaps not the wisest idea after we'd all scoffed down a curry. There's no rest for the wicked.

And, Thursday, the third careers related day in a row. The day started with a meeting with one of my lecturers about a group project we are working on, and then I headed to the careers fair being held at the uni. After a good few hours wandering the stalls, I headed to my lecture for the afternoon. Following this, I rushed home, ate dinner and then met my friends at the pub. The psychology department had organised a students and lecturers pub quiz, and guess who only went and won it? Yep, my team - we'd called ourselves 'actually in first place' and hey guess what, we were actually in first place. To celebrate this momentous occasion (I've never won a pub quiz in my life) we headed to karaoke, had a boogie and spent our prize money on jaegerbombs.

I spent the vast majority of Friday glued to my laptop, working on my dissertation and other projects, before my Dad and Sister came to pick me up. A nice, relaxing, weekend at home was wellll overdue. I also went and surprised my Nannie and spent the afternoon with her. 

My Dad, Sister and I headed into town Saturday morning for a spot of wandering and some lunch. Our restaurant of choice was of course TGI Friday's and I of course had JD Chicken Strips. Some things never change, hey? After this, we ended up going to a pumpkin patch, something I've really been keen to do since autumn sprung up on us. The weather was incredible and we essentially just wandered around this huge field taking photos and choosing pumpkins. For dinner, we made Mie Goreng using a recipe kit Waitrose have recently brought out. Whatta tribute to our summer in Bali. If there's one thing I miss more than anything about my time travelling, it's the food. 

Aaaaand, Sunday. Another relaxing one. This morning I roped my Dad into helping me take a load of photos for the 'gram, shotout to Big Jez for being a star. We then went to look at a first car for my sister??? I genuinely cannot believe that she will be on the roads shortly? Where has time gone? 

What was your first car?
What have you been up to this week?


Sick Tings 025

This week has been an absolute rollercoaster of a week, so many things have happened, and very different ones at that. From forest walks and pottery classes, to a minor car crash and Post Malone tickets. As for uni, I'm loving my timetable for this year. I'm really busy the first few days of the week, and then it all calms down in time for the weekend. 

Monday was a busy one uni-wise, I had lots to do and lectures/meetings to attend. I then rushed home and made dinner before heading to Sign Language with my pals. I've only been to two sessions so far, but I'm so surprised at how much I've already learnt. I'm hoping by Christmas to have learned a fair amount and be able to hold a very basic conversation with someone. Afterwards, I headed to the pub for a catch up with my coursemates before heading home for an early night ahead of Tuesday. 

So, guess who joined the gym? This girl did. And this girl went for the first time at 8.30 on Tuesday morning with one of her best pals. I actually really enjoyed it. I'm currently seeing it as more of a social activity and an excuse to sit and chat with my friends whilst doing a bit of cycling/rowing etc. I then had a few lectures and then headed to Photography Society in the evening.

Not a lot happened on Wednesday at all. I had another meeting and another quick impromptu catch-up with my supervisor. Guess who has officially finalized their diss topic? This girl has. Hooray! I scrapped my previous idea and am so so happy with my new one, well done Becca.

My Thursday wasn't particularly exciting either. I had a lecture to go to, and a meeting with one of my presentation groups, and then attended a pottery class with my friend in the evening. Now, pottery really isn't something I'd ever imagined myself doing, but my friend wanted to go, and yanno us gals gotta stick together. I made a succulent in a pot, and you can see it over on my twitter here if you're interested. I don't think I'll be going again, but you've got to try these things once haven't you?

Friday was by far the best day of the week. Guess who's going to see Post Malone 5 days before their 21st birthday? Yep, that's me and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going with my housemates, which considering we're all obsessed with Posty, couldn't get much better. Friday night we decided to head to the pub to watch the football and somehow ended up crashing an Italian Society house party, not once but twice. But, weirdly enough, a boy who I went to school with was also at this random party we interrupted - small world, huh?

What should have been a very quiet uneventful trip to the Post Office on Saturday ended up being very stressful indeed. We were sat stationary, waiting to turn down the road when a car pulled out on another car who in turn crashed into us. Thankfully no one was hurt, and the damage wasn't tooooo bad, only one of the cars was written off. Unfortunately, the man who caused it drove off, making the situation a hundred times harder to solve. The rest of our Saturday was very relaxed, unsurprisingly, with not a lot going on other than a few phone calls to the insurance company and a gym session.

And finally Sunday. We woke up and made pancakes as a house, before heading to the gym altogether. Guess who did some barbell squats? This girl did. Watch out world, there's a bodybuilder coming through. We had another house roast for dinner, roast potatoes are by far one of my favourite foods in the world and now I know I can make them myself, life is ten times better.

What have you done this week?
Any tips for a beginner gym-goer?


Hoi An, Vietnam- Tips, Tricks and Things To Do

Ahhhh, Hoi An, the much anticipated Hoi An. Whenever we asked other travellers we'd met along the way which was their favourite stop in Vietnam, 99% all responded with Hoi An. Read any guidebook and it sings Hoi An's praises. It's fair to say it was one of the stops I was most looking forward to. We arrived off the sleeper bus very early in the morning and took a taxi to our home for the next few days: The Vietnam Backpackers Hostel. Thankfully, being a bigger hostel, arriving way before the check-in time wasn't a problem at all. We put our backpacks in a locked luggage room and went and napped on some sofas until a more reasonable hour. We then took full advantage of the pool facilities and sunloungers, and then got dressed ready for the day, all before 11am.

We were sat by the pool when we spotted an Australian couple who'd been in our hostel room in Nha Trang. After discussing our individual sleeper bus experiences we decided to hire bikes and go for an explore. The hostel was fairly near the beach, so that's where we headed. This was our first attempt on the roads in Asia, and to be fair, it wasn't too bad at all. Thankfully the roads were empty and the junctions had traffic lights, so I'd definitely recommend cycling down to the beach, it was really good fun.

The beach itself was lovely. White sand and crisp water. I had, unfortunately, got rather sunburnt a couple of days before so didn't really get to make the most of being at the beach. There were a few restaurants right on the beach front, so we had lunch at the nearest one.  After cycling back, we spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. Now, the hostel was lovely, but it did feel an awful lot like being on Love Island. Let's put it this way, we were soon approached by 'Top Shagger Toby' and his laaaad friends and treated to their lads lads lads spiel.

That night we decided to go out out, so headed to Sunshine Hostel with a big group of others from our hostel. What's the significance of Sunshine Hostel I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you... For 100k (about £3.50) you can have unlimited drinks between 8 and 10pm. The hostel also has a pool, in the main area by the bar, which I ended up in fully clothed. I was pulled in by a random boy who was never to be seen again, thanks buddy. Spending the rest of the night looking like a drowned rat wasn't ideal, but yanno, as a backpacker I should've been grateful for the wash.

It's fair to say we weren't feeling too peachy the next day, those unlimited vodkas had definitely hit. We had the free breakfast at the hostel - I had the pancakes - and spent the morning by the pool, lounging in the sun. Once we were feeling a bit more human we took a taxi to the old town and went for a wander. That evening we just had dinner at the hostel and headed to bed pretty early. It's fair to say the day was a bit of a write-off.

The following day we woke up, had breakfast and were in the pool by 8. That early bedtime clearly cured us. We spent the morning in the pool, showered and then had lunch at the hostel. We took a Grab taxi to the old town and wandered the markets, each buying some new clothes. Hoi An is known for it's tailoring - there are tailors every few meters each producing handmade garments within 24 hours for a very cheap price. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to have anything made, but having seen the pieces other travellers we'd met had had made, I'd definitely recommend doing it.

Whilst wandering the market a Vietnamese lady offered to paint my nails for about 60p, so I ended up following her through the market to her home, and sat in her front room whilst she painted my nails. That afternoon we took a boat trip along the river, which was really nice. We were one of the only boats around, and it was only Toria, the boatlady and I onboard, so it really was peaceful.

That evening we had dinner by the riverside whilst we waited for the sun to set. We each lit a lantern once it was dark and put them in the river. Seeing Hoi An at night was beautiful, with all the lanterns, but very very busy! If you're planning on going, be prepared for a lot of pushing and shoving. That evening there was a karaoke night at the hostel so we ended up going to that. It was pretty good fun, definitely more so after a few vodkas. 

A prettier city with a much slower pace

- The Beach
- The Old Town
- Shopping in the markets
- See the lanterns in the evening
- Have some clothes tailor-made

- Use Grab to book taxis, they're much cheaper than the usual taxis
- Buy things from the market stalls that are slightly further out, they tend to be cheaper

Vietnam Backpackers

Despite feeling a bit like Love Island, the hostel itself couldn't be faulted. It was clean, the showers were amazing, breakfast was included and the beds were really nice, we were lucky to be in a room that didn't have bunkbeds! It was definitely a party hostel, so if you're looking for a relaxing few days, I'm not sure this is quite the place for you. 

3/4 days - there's quite a lot to do, and it's more relaxing than other places


The October Birchbox

Another month, another Birchbox. Now, I'm going to say from the very beginning that I think this is my favourite one to date, ever. You can read my posts on the other boxes I've received here and here if you fancy a comparison. Okay, so I may have lied, the contents of this box is my absolute favourite, I'm not so sure about the print of the box. It's pretty, but not my usual style. Sidenote: what does one do with their old boxes? They're far to pretty to throw away, but I'm not entirely sure what to use them for... Any ideas?

Anyway, back onto the box. This months theme is all about slowing down into Autumn, relaxing and being cosy - all things I can most definitely get on board with. This box came with the usual 5 products and then an extra one; a sample vial of Hugo Boss' The Scent Intense Perfume. I've given it a whiff and it's nice. Unfortunately, that's about all the description I can provide you, I'm no Ratatouille.

The other products included in the box were:

BeautyPro Silver Foil Mask - This is a warming sheet mask and claims to brighten, even skin tone and improve radiance

Winky Lux Strobing Balm - I received the shade 'Radiant Pink'. It's a cruelty-free pinkish cream highlighter

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask - A hair mask used to treat dryness and repair split ends, yes please.

Daily Concepts Charcoal Sponge - A charcoal cleanser/sponge hybrid, a 2-in-1.

Lord and Berry Magic Brow - A brow pencil with a spoolie, I received the shade Brunette

Don't all of these products actually sound good? The one I'm most excited to try is the charcoal sponge - what a great concept. Once I've given it a fair trial I'll definitely come back with a full report. The hair mask is something that I definitely need in my life. My hair is always a bit dry, regardless of the amount of hair oil I use and the fact that I don't use any heat on it. Hopefully, this Amika one will be able to work some magic on this barnet.

I'm going to save the facemask for a proper pamper session, a chilling on the sofa under a blanket with a tea in hand kinda pamper session. I usually use a pomade in my brows, but I think having a pencil in my brow inventory is going to come in so so handy. In a rush? Use a pencil. Going away? Just take a pencil.

I think my least favourite product of the box - from my first impressions - is the highlighter. Whilst I love the concept and formula of it, the colour isn't something that I usually reach for. I'm personally way more of a champagne/gold highlighter kinda gal, but once I've given it a go maybe I'll be swayed to the pink side.

So, overall, I do really really like this box and would say it is my favourite to date

Have you ever received a Birchbox?
Which of these products do you like the sound of the most?


Sick Tings 024

As iffff the first week of third year is over already? Where have those seven days gone? During one of our induction lectures this week we were told that we only have 8 months until it's all over - you could feel the fear mexican waving its way throughout the cohort. Anyway, this week has involved a lot of lectures, induction sessions and hanging out with pals. 

Monday was the busiest day of my week by a country mile. I had two lectures, a society meeting, dinner at one of my best pals' and then a social. Start the year as you mean to go on, right? The lectures were both rather interesting, and I'm genuinely looking forward to getting stuck into my optional Economics module. The society meeting I attended was for Sign Language, which I have since decided that I am definitely going to join. This may or may not be related to the rude signs my housemate and I decided to teach ourselves the night before the first meeting. The social was a three-legged house crawl that ended in a club, and let's just say Lucie and I would definitely not win a three-legged race. 

After Monday night, the three back to back lectures starting at 9am on Tuesday were not ideal. Nonetheless, I survived them and then headed back home for a nap before heading back to uni for more society meetings. Of the two I attended, I have decided to only join the Photographic Society. They host lectures, workshops, day trips, international trips, dark room lessons, the lot. I'm really excited to see how my skills progress over the year, and hopefully what I learn will up the ol' blogging game too. Third-year Becca has become an absolute Grandma, excited for the societies that don't involve initiations or drinking.

Not a lot happened on Wednesday. I had another lecture and spent most of the day at home on my laptop. I've been given a shed load of work and deadlines, so I've just been trying to make a start on that lot.

Thursday I had my favourite module of the semester; Psychology and Sexual Health. I absolutely loved the lecture and the topics we're going to cover, roll on Thursdays. That evening my housemates and I headed to the pub for karaoke - an absolute staple in any Soton students calendar. Now, just to be clear, this girl certainly doesn't go up and sing, that would be some pub clearing stuff. I do, however, enjoy laughing at everyone else, braver than I. 

Friday involved a food shop and a house trip to 7Bone for dinner. Now, I've mentioned 7Bone a lot over here on Becc4 but in case you're new around these parts, the Winner Winner burger is some God tier stuff. After dinner, we headed to Sainsburys for a hardcore Friday night high. Ethan bought some slippers and I a new book - talk about wild. 

Saturday was perhaps the least eventful day of the week. I didn't do an awful lot, besides stay in my pjs all day, do uni work and make carbonara for dinner. PSA: add leeks to your carbonara, it's an absolute gamechanger, you're welcome.

I think the biggest surprise of the week occurred on Sunday. Lots of my friends are on the netball team and have been trying to persuade me to join them for the last two years. So, Sunday morning saw me head along to my first taster session. Now, I despised netball when we did it at school, absolutely despised it, so much so I used to opt to do tag rugby with the boys instead of putting myself through an hour of that hell. Well, how times have changed. I genuinely really enjoyed the session and am actually going to join the club. Whaaaaaat??? On Sunday afternoon a couple of my housemates and I headed to the New Forest for a wander and a cream tea. Now, I am most certainly a jam first then cream kinda person and am happy to argue until I'm blue in the face with anyone that disagrees. So, if you're one of those feel free to slide in my DMs.

What have you been up to this week?
Are you a jam first kinda person or a cream first kinda person?


Nha Trang, Vietnam - Tips, Tricks and Things To Do

Whilst I absolutely sing the sleeper buses praises, the worst thing about them is the time that you arrive in the new city. They leave between 7 and 9pm and hence arrive at various destinations at 4/5/6am. Whilst the latter isn't too bad, the former is a bit of a hassle when the hostels etc don't allow check-in until late morning. Now, the bus stop in Nha Trang was very near the beach so we decided to head down there to see the sunrise, backpacks in tow, and were surprised by how many other people were already at the beach. Lots of the locals head there really early to exercise whilst it's not too hot, and there were all sorts of activities going on.

We headed to our hostel and just sat around until a more reasonable hour of the morning playing on our phones.  We got talking to a big group of boys and ended up spending the day with them. They were heading to the nearby waterfall, so we decided to go with them and all ordered a minibus. This worked out at a really decent price, so it's definitely worth sharing transport with other people at your hostel!

Now, climbing the waterfall was not a walk in the park. I, being me, wore my sturdy 90p Primark flip-flops blissfully unaware of the climbing and scrambling ahead of me. The waterfall had three main pools, and arrows showing you the route to each one. I got to the second pool and gave up - I'm not sure how a broken neck would've gone down with my travel insurance provider. Quit while you're ahead people, quit while you're ahead. The rest of the group continued to the top so I just sat chilling in the sun, watching a Vietnamese family have a BBQ. The pools were really refreshing to swim in and the views were incredible - the waterfalls are definitely worth visiting!

That evening we all went for dinner and cocktails together and then ended up at a beach club until the early hours.

When we finally made it out of bed the following day we headed to the ticket office to book our next sleeper bus. Unfortunately, the bus was fully booked for that day so we ended up staying in Nha Trang an extra night. After some lunch, we headed to the beach, despite the dark grey clouds, and lasted all of about half an hour before it started to rain. For dinner that night we wandered out of the tourist hotspot and down some sideroads into a more residential area. We got a few funny looks - I don't think tourists frequent that part of town very often. The food was delicious and well worth wandering to find. Once we'd paid the bill we walked down to the beach and on the way stumbled across a huge shopping mall full of an eclectic mixture of shops. It's fair to say it would be easy to kill an afternoon or two in there.

The following day we went on a snorkeling trip that we'd booked through our hostel. The trip included three different snorkeling stops and lunch on the boat, and it was fab. We saw loads of different fish and coral, even if the latter was a bit dead and discoloured. Once back at the hostel we showered and napped, and then had dinner on the hostel roof, followed by a few Saigon beers on the beach.

We were a bit stuck as to what to do with our extra day, after not being able to take the bus the day we'd planned, so ended up at the cinema of all places. Mamma Mia 2 was at the top of my to be watched list, and after finding a cinema online that was showing it that day in English, it felt only right. After the film we had some dinner and then got ready for our second sleeper bus experience.

A not too busy city with lovely beaches

- Climb the waterfall (not in 90p flip-flops)
- Go snorkelling
- The beach

- Choose a hostel with breakfast included as it makes life so much easier
- Book sleeper bus tickets asap to avoid being disappointed if they're fully booked
- Take a fair amount of money with you if you're going on a night out, drinks aren't quite as cheap as you expect

Mojzo Dorm
Again, this hostel was in a fairly good location, was very clean, and the beds were really comfy. Each bed came with a lockable drawer for your belongings too. Breakfast was included - and was delicious - and the staff were really friendly. Can you tell I loved this place? I'd highly recommend.

3 days would have been perfect for us, our fourth day felt a bit of a waste


Sick Tings 023

Aaaaand we're back to reality. Having spent the majority of my summer in Asia it's been oh so weird to be back in good ol' Blighty. I have spent the last week in Southampton for freshers week ahead of lectures beginning on the first. The week started off really well with a spontaneous phone upgrade. My Dad and I were in town and I just popped into my phone provider to ask when my contract was up - October if you were wondering. Long story cut short, we walked into another phone shop and I walked away with an iPhone 10. Wowzers. I am so so impressed with my new phone so much so that I treat it as if it were a newborn child; always in my hands and leaving it at home when I go on nights out.

Speaking of nights out, our freshers week began with an ABBA themed club night and it was brilliant. Literally everyone I knew was there, dressed in quirky clothes, grooving to Super Trouper, and it was great. The greatest hits CD was definitely on repeat however, I heard Dancing Queen at least 17 times and Money Money Money 14 times. I don't think I'll be needing another ABBA fix for a verrrrry long time now.

On Monday, feeling a little worse for wear, I met my supervisor and we discussed third year and my current idea for my dissertation. I'm not going to go into it too much now but the general topic is going to be homelessness. I'll update you when I know a bit more...

Tuesday I spent unpacking. I've already posted my Third Year Uni Room Tour linked here and I feel right at home. As mentioned in that post, this house is a great improvement on our last so I'm really excited for the year ahead. Tuesday night we went out out for the second of our freshers week rendezvous. It was really nice to go out with both my housemates and my coursemates and have them all in one place.

Ahhh, Wednesday. Another day spent feeling a little delicate. We spent the day on campus wandering the clubs and societies fayre trying to decide what to join this year. At the moment I'm thinking Photography and Sign Language... Wednesday evening saw us have our first house meal - enchiladas. I'm excited to have more house meals this year, I'm thinking roasts on a Sunday, fajitas, pasta bakes, the lot. A proper cozy household.

On Thursday my coursemates and I headed to Nando's (it's a tradition of ours) for lunch and a sober catch up. It's pretty hard to discuss all the goings on in your life 6 vodkas deep in the middle of a club. That evening we had Dominos for dinner. Can you tell it was student loan day?

Friday was the Freshers Fayre aka the free stuff fayre. I'm going to be honest, it was pretty disappointing this year, but we did walk away with some tshirts, pens and a couple of slices of pizza. I wandered around town with my housemate before heading back for dinner and then onto a house party - our third night out in freshers.

Now, Saturday was both a spontaneous and brilliant one. What initially started as just going for brunch with one of my best friends - I had pancakes and a pink lemonade - ended as a full day of activities. We went charity shopping (something neither of us ever do), went shopping at West Quay and then did a food shop. Saturday evening was a very quiet one and I ended up tucked up in bed by 9.30. Rock and roll. I was meant to be going to a huge house party on my old road, but yanno, sometimes an early bed time calls.

And finally, Sunday. Today was the day of the Soton Bloggers coffee morning for Macmillan. I ate alllll the Collin the Caterpillar cake (courtesy of M&S) and chatted all things blogging with some other local bloggers. I finally met Cara and she's just as much of a babe in person as she is online. We took outfit photos - look out for those soon over on my instagram and chatted about all kinds of things. I'm having pie and mash for dinner tonight and am already in my onesie... A proper cosy Sunday.

How has your week been?
What have you been up to?


The September Birchbox

Back in May, I received my first ever Birchbox and I posted alllll about my first impressions of it here. Well, fast forward to September and here we are with my latest box - I cancelled them for whilst I was away. Now, as aforementioned over here on becc4.co.uk, I absolutely love the idea behind Birchbox and I think the wide range of products they include is fantastic. I do, however, sometimes question the value if all the products are ones you wouldn't personally use, a duff box if you were... 

Well, this months theme was 'On top of your world' and came in this gorgeous purple box. Personally, I did really like this box and its contents. They're pretty much all products I would use and ones I would genuinely reach for in my collection.

- Benefit Galifornia. A pinky peachy blush with a gold shimmer

- What's In It For Me..? An almond, orange and jasmine shower scrub

- Marcelle City Moisturising Emulsion. A moisturiser that protects your skin from pollution

- Number 4 Soothing Balm. A hair balm that reduces frizziness and protects against humidity and heat damage

- Blaq Peel Off Mask. A charcoal mask that removes blackheads

So, as I'm sure you'll agree, this is a very decent box indeed. I can see myself using all of these products - the hair balm and face mask especially! One thing I love about the body scrub is that it is microbead free, the 'bits' in it are walnut shell and hence are all natural.

 And there we have it, a box that I think passes the Becc4 test with flying colours 

Have you ever bought a Birchbox?
What's your favourite subscription box?


Third Year Uni Room Tour

Aaaand here we have it, the last of my uni bedrooms, ever. Having lived in a grotty student house in my second year (room tour here), it's fair to say this one is a definite step up. I'm going to be writing an entire post on choosing the perfect student house, but for today I thought we'd keep it old school and just stick to a good old room tour. 

The rules regarding decorating are much stricter in this house, so, it's fair to say the walls are very bare indeed. This gal wants her deposit back. As you can probably guess, pretty much all of the furniture came with the room so I have absolutely no idea where it came from. The full-length mirror, however, I bought from The Range and one of the bedside tables was a charity shop purchase. Pro tip - head to charity shops for student room furniture, it's all going to be mismatched anyway, and I paid only a fiver for the bedside table. 

I love my bed this year. It is so so comfy and actually has a proper bedframe. As for bedding, this year I just have a white set and a handful of colourful printed cushions. The grey and orange ones I bought in Tesco years ago, the navy one in Target in Florida and the B cushion is from Asda. The throw at the end of my bed is actually a Balinese Batik sarong that I bought at a temple over the summer and I love it. I didn't, however, love being chased up the hill by the sarong seller holding said sarong. 

In case you were wondering, most of the other things in my room are either IKEA, Homesense or were gifts, but if you have any burning questions about things defo ask in the comments. 

What is your experience with student housing?
Do you like my new room?


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Tips, Tricks and Things To Do

So, other than a one-night layover in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) was the first place we visited on our Southeast Asia Tour, and what a place to start. We flew in from Bangkok (1hr 35m), and took a taxi to the hostel. We arrived just in time for dinner, so dropped our bags and went straight for some food. We had a bit of a wander of the streets and spotted a skybar called 'The View' so had a few drinks there before jet lag got the better of us.

Speaking of the streets, I don't think either of us were prepared for the absolute carnage on the roads. Never in my life have I seen so many scooters in one place. Let alone scooters darting and diving through the traffic and scooters carrying entire families of four.

The following day we woke up fairly leisurely and headed towards the War Remnants Museum. I'm still not sure I fully understand the Vietnam War, even after a trip to the museum, and messaging my friend back home to teach me, so definitely do a load of reading up before you go. The museum is full of photos, maps, posters and outside there are tanks, helicopters etc - it's definitely worth going to if you're in HCMC. Our other touristy stops for the day were the Central Post Office, Notre-Dame and the Ben Thanh Market. All are worth seeing and very much doable in a day on foot.

What I wasn't expecting in HCMC was a strip, Magaluf style, full of bars with happy hours. We spent our second evening drinking 2 for 1 cocktails, planning our next few days. On the way back we stopped at one last bar and I spotted 'Vietnamese Banana Seed Shots' on the menu. They can't be too bad, right? Well, let me tell you, they were awful - waaaaay more potent than Glen's Vodka, and that stuff strips paint off walls.

We'd booked a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels online (pssst don't do that, it works out a lot more expensive than the locally advertised tours) and woke up early the next morning ready to be picked up. It was a two-hour drive from the hostel, but we stopped halfway to look at some eggshell handicrafts. (From what I've read, all of the Cu Chi Tunnels trips stop here, regardless of who you booked with). Anyway, the tunnels themselves were fascinating. They're zig-zagged and on many levels, with booby traps every few meters. Lots of the tunnels had been widened and fitted with stairs for the tourists, but a couple you can visit are still as they were. Let's just say you couldn't eat a Toby Carvery and then squeeze in there. 

Our tunnel tour included lunch, so we had lunch at a hotel on the way back. After our day at the tunnels we both really fancied a shower, but unfortunately, we'd already checked out of our hostel as we were taking the night bus that evening. We were sweaty and covered in mud, so we came up with the idea of heading to a swimming pool. We googled pools and somehow ended up in a flashy 5 star hotel and soon came to the realisation that a swim there was a) expensive and that b) we stood out like a pair of sore thumbs. So, we had another google and ended up at the local swimming pool. We paid 50p to get in and headed straight to the showers, towel and shampoo in hand, flip-flops firmly on our feet. Now, we were incredibly grateful to have a shower, but, let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight. Mrs Hinch would not approve. 

We had dinner and then headed to the ticket office to wait for our first ever sleeper bus. Now, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect having heard some absolute horror stories but I was very pleasantly surprised. We used the company 'The Sinh Tourist' which was reasonably priced and very clean. You're given a blanket, and each person has their own bed-seat for the night. There's also a seatbelt, which let me tell you, I was very grateful for. It's fair to say the bus drivers like to swerve, which, when paired with being on a top bunk fast asleep isn't an ideal combination. Thank you, seatbelt. I actually slept fairly well on the buses, and for the price, they're definitely worth doing.

A big, busy city with more scooters than I've had hot dinners

- Cu Chi Tunnels
- War Remnants Museum
- Ben Thanh Market
- Central Post Office
- Notre-Dame

- Don't book the tunnels trip online, head to a local tourist desk and ask there
- If you want to cross a road, just walk out slowly, people aren't going to hit you
- Some of the restaurants charge you for using a napkin ???

Aloho Saigon.

It's in an ideal location, right in the main backpacker street and very well priced. The beds, however, were the least comfortable of the 6-week trip, which is definitely saying something. There are also thin walls between the beds which rather than protect modesty just made it feel a bit like a prison. 

2 days is plenty to see the main sights and get a good taste of the city


Autumn Try On Haul - Zara, New Look, H&M and Primark

So you may be wondering what I've been up to since returning to the UK? (In case you didn't already know, I spent the last 2 months travelling around Asia - there's a post about it here - and I've only been home a matter of days). Well, I may or may not have spent my first day back at a shopping centre... Do I have a shopping problem? Maybe. Did I need these clothes? Probably not. Nonetheless, my body wasn't quite prepared for the change in temperature between here and Bali, so buying some new jumpers felt the only appropriate thing to do. 

Mustard Chevron Jumper - New Look, £19.99
Mustard Striped Top - Primark, £4
Dark Wash Mom Jeans - Zara, £26.99

Ahhh, the Mom Jeans, the item that spurred on the rest of this haul. I already own a pair of light wash mom jeans, but figured a darker pair would look better during autumn and winter. These ones fit really well, and are actually a decent length on me. I have really long legs - I normally buy my jeans in Topshop's Tall section, so these came as a really nice surprise, especially as they're half the price of Topshop's offerings. 

As soon as I saw this jumper I fell in love and knew I had to have it. Look at those colours!! It's a fuzzy, teddy material and I bought mine in a size up so it's slightly slouchier. I posted a photo of it on Instagram and it received a lot of love, so I'm glad it's not just me that's obsessed with it.

I don't actually own many long sleeve tops, it's mainly just t-shirts or jumpers, so there was more than enough room for this mustard striped one in my wardrobe. I bought this in an XL because this gal cannot stand tight tops, gimme room to breathe.

Multicolour Jumper - H&M, £12.99
Brown Striped Top - New Look, £9.99

Okay, so I've already called it, I think this jumper is going to be very very popular this season. The colours are gorgeous and it's really soft considering the price, so expect to see it all over Instagram before you know it. 

I'm not sure I ever imagined I'd buy a brown top, but here we are, it's 2018 and I'm living for it. This brown shade, or 70s brown as I've seen it called, is literally everywhere at the moment and I figured this top was a really good way to try out the trend. It's not tooooo brown, thanks to the stripes, but it's definitely still brown.

Yellow Straight Cut Jeans - Primark, £5
Beige Cord Mom Jeans - Primark, £13

Corrr, Becca in light coloured trousers? This haul really is full of firsts. My Mum spotted the yellow jeans in the sale and when I first saw them I wasn't too sure on the colour. But, I tried them on instore and I actually rather like them. Obviously, they're not quite an Autumnal piece, I'm just going to put them away and save them for next summer. 

I have a feeling the cords are going to be a Marmite piece. When my sister first saw them she asked if I was trying to dress like a Grandma. A little harsh? No? I absolutely love them, the fit is really nice and they're super soft. Although, I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to style them, I'll leave that for future Becca to figure out. 

Snakeskin Shirt - New Look, £12.99
Red Sweatshirt - Primark, £7 

I was toying between this shirt and a tshirt in this snakeskin print, and eventually settled on the shirt. Again, I never thought I'd see the day I was wearing snakeskin, but here we are. This shirt is actually from the teen range, I spotted it whilst on my way to the changing rooms and grabbed it in the biggest size I could find. I actually love it, even if it is a bit Pat Butcher. 

The sweatshirt isn't the most interesting piece of clothing in this haul but it's so so soft and I love the neckline. I got this in an XL to wear slouchy on lazy days, and to early morning lectures after a heavy one the night before. A godsend.

What have you bought recently?
Are there any A/W trends you are loving?


My 2 Months Travelling Asia // The Round Up

Wowee, what a couple of months I've had... Sorry for the radio silence over here on becc4.co.uk, but it's fair to say I've been rather busy of late. I landed back in Heathrow this morning after spending the majority of my summer in Asia, and what a blast it has been.

One of my housemates and I spent 6 weeks backpacking Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Malaysia, and then I flew out to Bali to spend two weeks there with my family. I posted pretty much everyday on my Instagram (@becc4_blog) if you'd like a peek at a few more photos and a little spiel on what I'd been up to.

The backpacking portion of the trip featured hostels, motorbikes, sleeper buses and pretty much everything you can think of in between. We covered the entirety of Vietnam by bus in about three weeks, and then flew between the other countries for the rest of the trip. We hadn't initially planned to go to Malaysia, but booked flights to Kuala Lumpur during one rainy day in Laos, having looked up where had the best weather in S.E. Asia at the time. And, oh, what a good idea that was, KL certainly didn't disappoint.

My time in Bali couldn't have been a more different experience to the other 6 weeks. There were no more hostels, hellooooo gorgeous villas, goodbye crappy bunk beds. The perks of traveling with your parents and sister, hey? We spent a week in a villa in Seminyak and then a week in Ubud in another villa, and it was great to see two very different sides of the island in one trip.

I'm going to be writing an entire blog post on each city/country of the trip, with photos, tips, advice, and recommendations, so expect to see those start to pop up shortly. If anyone has any questions on anything trip-related leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to cover them! After being in the pipeline for such a long time I can't believe it's all been and gone already? There's only one thing for it... Start thinking about summer 2019, hey?


Sick Tings 022

It's now T minus 6 days until my trip and I cannnnot believe how quickly the time has flown? This time next week I'll be in Bangkok, ready for my 5 and a half week stint exploring Southeast Asia. I finally got round to getting some more trip related things done this week, and it's all starting to feel very real now. I applied for my Vietnamese Visa, which, can I just say, is a really smooth process. It's all online and if successful, you receive the visa within a few days and all you need to do is print it off. I also ordered a Caxton Card and bought some US Dollars, so I've also sorted out the currency side of things, and got that out of the way already. We've also booked our first hostel, and I'm so excited to stay there. We're only in Thailand for one night, and figured Khao San Road is a must, so we chose the Mint Hostel as it's fairly close by and looks really really nice. Now is that a classy budget hostel, or is that a classy budget hostel?

I've decided that I'm no longer going to be having my hair balayaged before my trip, and am even considering dying it much darker again. Thoughts on a postcard please chums. I did, however, really impulsively decide to have half of my hair chopped off. It was all very spur of the moment, but my hair was pretty dead and I knew that 8 weeks of sun, swimming and sweating probably wasn't going to do it any favours. I absolutely love it. It looks so much healthier, shinier and dries in no time at all. 

Over on my Instagram, I've been going on a lot recently about a beach rave I was going to. Well, I went and it was so so so good. I went with two of my best friends, we drank all the double vodkas and boogied the entire time. One of my friends doesn't even like that sort of music but he had an incredible time - so if that doesn't show you how much fun it was, nothing will. 

We should probably discuss the football whilst we're, yanno, after England made it to the semis and all that!! I think the entire nation got a lil overconfident after the first goal in that Croatia game, but what a triumph for the England team hey, getting that far? Also, who would've thought I'd be this invested in football? Not me, but here we are. Thank God the world cup isn't on for another 4 years because I'm not sure my poor heart can deal with the stress. I can, however, deal with 90 minutes of staring at Loftus-Cheek.

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What have you been up to this week?
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