Sick Tings 022

It's now T minus 6 days until my trip and I cannnnot believe how quickly the time has flown? This time next week I'll be in Bangkok, ready for my 5 and a half week stint exploring Southeast Asia. I finally got round to getting some more trip related things done this week, and it's all starting to feel very real now. I applied for my Vietnamese Visa, which, can I just say, is a really smooth process. It's all online and if successful, you receive the visa within a few days and all you need to do is print it off. I also ordered a Caxton Card and bought some US Dollars, so I've also sorted out the currency side of things, and got that out of the way already. We've also booked our first hostel, and I'm so excited to stay there. We're only in Thailand for one night, and figured Khao San Road is a must, so we chose the Mint Hostel as it's fairly close by and looks really really nice. Now is that a classy budget hostel, or is that a classy budget hostel?

I've decided that I'm no longer going to be having my hair balayaged before my trip, and am even considering dying it much darker again. Thoughts on a postcard please chums. I did, however, really impulsively decide to have half of my hair chopped off. It was all very spur of the moment, but my hair was pretty dead and I knew that 8 weeks of sun, swimming and sweating probably wasn't going to do it any favours. I absolutely love it. It looks so much healthier, shinier and dries in no time at all. 

Over on my Instagram, I've been going on a lot recently about a beach rave I was going to. Well, I went and it was so so so good. I went with two of my best friends, we drank all the double vodkas and boogied the entire time. One of my friends doesn't even like that sort of music but he had an incredible time - so if that doesn't show you how much fun it was, nothing will. 

We should probably discuss the football whilst we're, yanno, after England made it to the semis and all that!! I think the entire nation got a lil overconfident after the first goal in that Croatia game, but what a triumph for the England team hey, getting that far? Also, who would've thought I'd be this invested in football? Not me, but here we are. Thank God the world cup isn't on for another 4 years because I'm not sure my poor heart can deal with the stress. I can, however, deal with 90 minutes of staring at Loftus-Cheek.

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// Outfit Photoshoots - Dos and Don'ts

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Outfit Photoshoots - Dos and Don'ts

I've been harping on a lot recently about a recent photoshoot I had in London, so for today's post I figured I'd compile a list of tips surrounding working with a photographer. To be fair, this was my first ever shoot and I'm as far from an expert as you can get, but I definitely learnt a lot and thought I'd impart my new-found 'wisdom' with you all. 

Do - Bring a few outfits // Don't - Strip in the street
Lol so I'd like to take this opportunity to say I did both of the above and the latter wasn't my finest moment. Picture the scene; we're down one of the gorgeous streets in Notting Hill and I decide I want to change into another of my outfits. There's both a police van and an ambulance on the street we're on, and I'm trying to get changed without being charged for the least sexy stripping the world has ever seen. Well, anyway, the skirt I was wearing got stuck so I had to get Fran to pull it down for me, classy. Moral of the story; wait and use a bathroom as a changing room.

Do - Shoot outside pretty houses/buildings/trees // Don't - Get runover 
After shooting outside the white houses of blogger dreams, we decided to head to the more colourful ones on Portobello Road. What the published outfit photos don't show is the absolute fear in ones eyes as a car comes hurtling towards you whilst you're mid-pose in the street. Be safe kids, look and listen. No 'gram is worth a stand off with 3 tonnes of moving metal. 

Do - Fake it til you make it  // Don't - Be afraid to ask for guidance
As aforementioned, this was my first ever attempt at looking slightly less gormless than usual, in front of a camera with a proper photographer. Yep, I had no idea what I was doing. Nope, I didn't just stand there and panic. The trick is definitely to pretend that you know what you're doing and what your best angles are. If you're stuck, ask questions, but be prepared to get into positions of your own accord and come up with your own ideas.

Do - Keep moving // Don't - Keep actually moving 
I'm sure this is one of those hacks that we've all seen a fair amount of on the 'gram. That 'oh you just caught me off guard strolling down this pretty street' kinda shot. Slow motion is definitely the trick to these. Move, but not too fast. It's alllllll about that comedy-sketch slow-motion movement. No one needs 89 photos of them looking as if in a mad dash to get to the Post Office before closing time. Just be cool and casual, cool and casual.

Joking aside, I asked Jodie, who shot my photos, whether she had anything she'd like to contribute to this post, what with being a photographer and all that. Her response was to pick a versatile location to get the most out of the shoot as possible and also to make sure to credit the photographer as word of mouth is really important!

What are your tips for outfit photo shooting?


Sick Tings 021

Whatta week. We're still amidst a glorious heatwave, England are in the semi finals and your girl was awarded another Dean's Award. It's been a busy busy week, hence the delay in getting this Sick Tings post up, sorry! This time last week I was on my way to a day of all things blog, blogging and blogger with Fran and Emmanuela. We had a photoshoot with Jodie, ate incredible food, drank delicious cocktails, and discussed everything under the sun. I've written a whole post on the day here which includes a whole lotta photos and the story of us being thrown out of a bar. 

Last week I had an impromptu dinner with the Soton Bloggers and it was really lovely. We headed to L'Osteria, and oh my, the food was as good as ever. For those of you have never heard of L'Osteria, imagine a pizza the size of a small county and you won't be far wrong from the truth. I managed to eat all of mine, bar a couple of crusts, so I'm considering myself as the next extreme food eating competitor, no biggie. I had another swig of an Aperol Spritz and would like to confirm that I still cannot stand the stuff - why is it so hyped?? It's a no from me, chums. 

I went for dinner and drinks with a couple of my uni besties this week and it was so good to finally catch up. I hadn't seen them since the boat ball. so it's fair to say there was quite a lot to catch up on. We had dinner at Zizzi's and then went for cocktails at Vodka Revs. The roof terrace at the Southampton one is so pretty - why hadn't I been there before? If you're local, I'd definitely recommend going and checking it out. I'm not sure there's much better than sitting with your best friends on a sunny July evening, sipping Pornstar Martinis as the sun goes down. 

In other news, this World Cup has turned me into a bit of a football loon. I've never had an interest in football before, but something has changed this summer, and now I'm super keen. Sidenote: perhaps downing pints every time England score and shotting vodka if we win isn't such a good idea, Becca hun. Let's not do that again. Anyway, roll on Wednesday, I have all of my fingers and toes crossed, so the sooner the game comes around the better, am starting to lose feeling in them.

Our second-year results were posted last week but yesterday I received an email from my university saying that I've been awarded a Dean's Award for this year. Woop woop. I was also awarded one in my first year, so fingers crossed for next year and I'll hopefully have the hat-trick. (Who new hat-trick was spelt hat-trick... You learn something new everyday, huh?)

What have you been up to this week?


The Ideal Blogger's Day in London

Tuesday was a really really really good day. It was filled with good food and drinks, alllll the pretty London locations and a few absolute blogger babes - what more could you want?

The day started with a 9.30am train to Waterloo, and a couple of tubes to Old Street where I was meeting Fran and Emmanuela. Now, Fran has been one of my blogging pals for pretty much the whole time becc4.co.uk has been around and it was sooo nice to finally meet her. We'd been talking about it for ages, and she was just as much of a babe offline as she is online. Anyway, the first stop on our blogging day out was Shoreditch. After meeting at the station we headed for a wander around and it's just as cool in person as it look on the 'gram. I'd never been before so it's fair to say I got pretty snap happy. We were originally planning on heading to the Cereal Killer Cafe but didn't end up getting there because we took so many detours and stops at all the pretty murals, that by the time we'd finished it was time to head to Notting Hill. 

We had a shoot booked with Jodie at 2pm, and so just had time to squeeze some lunch in before meeting her. We went to a restaurant called 'Patty and Buns' and the burgers were amazing. I had a pink lemonade with mine which was equally as delicious. After paying for our bill and a quick outfit change in the loos we headed out to meet Jodie. I'd never done any sort of photoshoot before, but it was honestly such a breeze to work with her. We, okay just I, shot multiple outfits (lol, I know I'm extra) in multiple locations and I'm so so excited to see the finished results. I'm going to be writing a whole post on working with a photographer, so look out for that coming soon. (If you have any questions you wanna ask etc for the post feel free to shoot me a DM)

After the shoot we headed for a wander down Tottenham Court Road because Primark. It wasn't quite as fruitful as expected but I did pick up a cute bandeau top to wear whilst I'm away. People of London, how do you even shop at Primark regularly?? There's about thrice the amount of stuff and 10 times the amount of people compared to my local stores - gimme the Bournemouth store any day. 

We did have a table booked at Tonight Josephine but only after we'd gone to order our drinks did we realise it was an over 21s bar ?? Pls advertise that more TJ, I was so excited to go, shame I'm not 21 until March! So, instead we headed to a Slug and Lettuce and devoured their 2 for 1 cocktails. Of the ones we ordered the Pornstar Martini was by far the best one in my opinion, I could do with that stuff in an IV. They weren't showing the football, so at about 80 minutes we headed to one of the nearby pubs to catch the end of the game, or so we thought. Who knew it would go on that long? I'd already left and was at the station when the penalties were started, and thankfully befriended a man with an iPad who was watching it. I don't think I'd been that tense since waiting in the car before my driving test. Whatta result though, it's coming hoooooome!

Anyway, there we have it, my day in London full of bloggery shenanigans and a whole load of photos


Sick Tings 020

I AM BLOOMIN LOVING THIS SUNSHINE. It would be wrong to start this post without addressing the absolute bliss that is the weather in the UK at the moment. Highs of 30 degrees? Yes please. For those who are new around these parts, I live and go to uni in Southampton during term time and then live in Bournemouth(ish) the rest of the year. So, it's fair to say I made the most of living by the sea this week.

A couple of my uni friends got the train down and we spent the day on the beach, sunbathing, drinking and messing around in the sea. There's an enormous amount of fun to be had with a blow up watermelon ring - don't knock it til you try it. I ended up calling one of my 'home friends' and he also came to join us down on the beach. It was so nice to see my home friends and uni friends in one place, all getting on. After a solid 5 or 6 hours, we got dressed and headed to BH2 for dinner. We had no idea what we fancied eating but ended up in Las Iguanas. I'd never been before, and oh my, it was incredible. I had the Buenos Aires burger and I'd definitely have it again. We washed our food down with 2 for 1 cocktails, and it was all just a really good time. The football, however, not so much of a good time and the only word I have to use to describe the match is dull. 

I then went to the beach again the following day, and yet more sunbathing and swimming was done. We had lunch at Turtle Bay, sat on the terrace, and it was lovely. I had the chicken wrap with sweet potato fries - would also recommend it. Now, I'm not usually a huge ice cream fan but there's something God-tier about eating an ice cream on the beach after an afternoon of swimming in the sea.

In other news, we got our results for second year and this girl GOT A FIRST!!! Woohooooo! Last semester was a very busy one, and not just academically. I attended a festival during exam week and hosted a huge birthday house party a couple of days before a midterm, so it's fair to say I had quite a lot going on. Anyway, I'm absolutely over the moon - roll on 3 more carefree months of summer before my third and final year of education. 

Speaking of uni, I moved out of my first student house this week. I obviously lived in halls the first year, so this house was our first proper student house, rats and all. I've written a post all about the realities of student housing which you can read here. It's sad to be saying goodbye to our house, it's fair to say a whole load of shenanigans went down during our time living there. But, our new house is bigger and hopefully less ratty, so onwards and upwards folks.

My feet are really narrow, so most sandals and flats don't tend to fit me, so I'm in trainers pretty much 95% of the time. Anyway, this week I was just having a scroll on Boohoo when I came across a few pairs of sandals that I really liked, and shock, they actually fit! They were really affordable, and whilst not the most comfortable of shoes, I'm very happy with my purchases. Get ready to see them in a load of posts and Instagrams from now on. So, if you're looking for some new summer shoes, get yourself on Boohoo.

Saturday 30th June marks exactly 3 weeks until my 5 and a half weeks of backpacking around Southeast Asia with my bestie. Exciting stuff!! I've posted our itinerary for Vietnam here if you're interested in reading what we have planned. Between now and our flights I still have quite a few things to sort out, such as visas and currency, but other than that we're pretty much ready to go!

What have you been up to this week?


Cambodia Diaries : Siem Reap

So, it's been just over a year since I embarked on my first solo trip. I travelled to Cambodia for just under a month and it was an incredible experience - perhaps the best of my life thus far. For those of you haven't read my other Cambodia Diary (the link is here) I spent 3 and a half weeks volunteering at a street kitchen for children in Phnom Penh. We had the weekends off, so spent this time travelling to different parts of the country. I personally went to Siem Reap once, and then Koh Rong Samloem twice. 


We took the Mekong Express bus, which picked up at the Riverside, to Siem Reap and it took about 6 hours. We were given a complimentary bottle of water and a croissant (yum!!) when we got on, winner. The roof leaked and I got rained the whole way, not so much of a winner. But for $12 all in I'm not complaining, and would definitely recommend the service. 


Once we'd arrived we took a tuk-tuk straight to our hostel: One Stop Hostel. It was right next to Pub Street and had some really good reviews. After checking in, it became apparent that we'd made a good choice. The hostel was really clean, in a great location, had aircon, lockers and wifi, and the staff were really helpful and friendly. After dropping our bags off we headed for some food. The first place we spotted was a fast food place, so just dived straight in there (I'm sorry I can't remember the name). The hunger had completely taken over, and as we had to be up early the next morning, it was ideal. 

Back at the hostel, the girls I met on my trip and I were discussing our plans surrounding visiting Angkor Wat the next day. It was only when we decided to set an alarm for 4am, and heard a boy scoff in reaction to that, did we realise we weren't alone in the shared room. Long story short, I invited Eric along with us, and he became the fourth member of our Siem Reap gang. 

Angkor Wat

Our alarms went off at 4am and we all bundled into a tuk-tuk headed to Angkor Wat to catch the sunrise. Unsurprisingly, we weren't alone in this plan and joined the hundreds of other sleep-deprived tourists at the ticket office. The ticket to enter Angkor Wat and a number of other temples is $37 for one day - so it makes sense to hire a tuk-tuk and a driver for the day and see all of the ones you want to.

As for Angkor Wat, I was really impressed, but where we didn't opt to have a guide, we were sort of wandering around aimlessly. We also just missed the sunrise, so definitely head their earlier than you initially planned, as the queue for tickets is pretty long! The Jungle Temple (Ta Prohm) was a really cool place to visit - there are trees growing in and around the ruins of the temple, and is also included in the Angkor Wat ticket - it's definitely worth seeing. 

After exploring a few more temples we headed back to the hostel. Now, our hostel was a sister hostel to 'Onederz' which has a rooftop swimming pool, meaning we had free access to its facilities. So, we grabbed our bikinis and headed for an afternoon of chilling by the pool, after our early start and morning full of exploration. 


For dinner we went to a restaurant called 'Pots and Pans' and the food was really good, I'd highly recommend. Then, we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for drinks as it was one of the girls' birthdays! Following this, we of course had to hit up Pub Street. As the name suggests, it's essentially just a road absolutely crammed with bars and clubs, each offering dirt cheap drinks and lots of dancing. A great night was had and it's fair to say I don't remember an awful lot of it. We then grabbed some noodles from a street vendor for drunk food, and sat on the hostel's roof terrace eating them at 2am.


We woke up the next day feeling surprisingly perky, so went for massages at one of the nearby beauty salons. After walking into a few, and walking straight back out, it's fair to say you get a vibe of a place. Once we found a welcoming salon, I opted for a moisturising full body massage. It was genuinely amazing. I'd never had a massage prior to that, and I'm definitely a convert. It is a bit weird having a stranger poke you all over your oiled up naked body, but yanno, you get used it. Nothing like getting naked with your newfound travelling friends (that you've known a fortnight) to bond a friendship, hey.

After putting our clothes back on and restoring some dignity, we just about had time to squeeze in some more food. We popped to a nearby restaurant and had noodles before I caught the bus back to Phnom Penh ready for my volunteering placement the following day. I very much enjoyed my time in Siem Reap, but I'm not sure how much longer I could've stayed there. It was really good fun, but besides the temples and clubbing, I'm not sure what else there is to be done. There's much more to do, see and explore in Phnom Penh in my opinion - and definitely enjoyed my time more there. So, if you're planning a trip I'd definitely slot in more time in the capital!


Sick Tings 019

Ahh, don't you lot worry, I haven't forgotten about you since my brief Love Island twitter 'fame' this week. For those of you that don't follow me over there, I tweeted about missing Love Island on a Saturday, Love Island's official twitter retweeted it and it's fair to say my phone started blowing up. I'm used to 3 likes max and maybe a RT if I'm lucky, so the 183 retweets and 1796 likes was definitely a shock to my notifications. I'll link the tweet here if you're interested. 

On Sunday I worked an earlier shift than usual so was left with a half a day of freedom in Southampton. So, I headed to IKEA for a wander in the hopes of gaining some inspiration for when we move house in a fortnight or so. I didn't end up buying a lot, only a cushion and some fake flowers/plants. I did, however, have a hotdog and cinnamon bun on the way out so all was not lost, the latter are some top tier stuff. The current plan for my new bedroom is a boho theme maybe... I'm not sure, I'm hoping a few more hours of Pinterest scrolling will lead to the eureka moment. 

Last week I put a load of old clothes on Depop and slowly but surely they have been selling. I've been trying to get back into exercising every day, and have been combining the two and running to the post office with my Depop parcels and back. It's a couple of miles round trip and has made running a lot easier as it feels as though it has a purpose. Somehow I managed to pull my calf muscles this week, and so have spent the last few days hobbling around like a right goblin. Serves me right for trying to be too organised, hey? 

This week I hit 1k over on Instagram!!! I know it's not the biggest following ever, but for someone whose account is still relatively new, I'm really really proud! I'm hosting a giveaway over there right now and I'll link it here if you're interested. The prizes include a phone case of your choice courtesy of Caseapp, and a load of beauty products including some Stila, Rituals and Ren. 

The weather has been incredible this week, so I've been spending a fair amount of time out in the sun. I finally managed to catch up with my 'home friends' this week. We did our usual; head to the beach for some daytime drinking. It was bliss. We literally only see each other a handful of times a year now that we're at uni all over the country, but it's always so so nice when we do get the chance to catch up. This week I also went for drinks with my parents, and it was super nice to drink pink gin in a pub garden of a summers evening. Lush. If you still haven't tried pink gin, do it, it's life-changing. 

Since having a garden at uni this year, it's fair to say I've got in quite a lot of practice at BBQ-ing. So much so that I had a BBQ with my parents this week and was in charge of everything - something I've never done before, it's usually my Dads specialty.

Now, my sister and I didn't go to the same upper school, so I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that we have very separate social circles. Anyway, over the last week and a bit, four separate people have approached her to ask about me. We're both equally as shocked about this as we don't think we look anything alike? She's the other girl in the above photo and I'd love to hear your thoughts. How are all these people that don't know her but know me putting the two together?...

What have you been up to this week?

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// How To Increase Your Blog's Domain Authority (DA)
// A Caseapp Review - Worth the Hype ??


A Caseapp Review - Worth the Hype ??

So, as I'm sure you will have seen, everyone and their sister's pet gerbil seems to be raving about phone cases from Caseapp at the moment. I know the botanical one* is a bloggers fave, and am I surprised? Not at all - look at that gorgeous print! The other case I have is the brushstrokes* style and is the one my phone is currently repping. The amount of joy a new phone case brings me is perhaps a little abnormal, but what can I say, I am a bit of a saddo.

There are tonnnnes of designs and styles, all available on all the typical devices - for reference I have an iPhone 6S. As far as I can tell, all of the cases are the same price, regardless of what phone you're buying for. You can also fully customize a case on the website, using your own photos and designs - a great gift idea, no? I didn't, however, do this personally and instead opted for a couple of the predesigned ones. At £19 they're fairly steep in price, but are they worth it?

The designs are so pretty - just look at these two! As for the quality, I've always been an eBay 99p jobby kinda phone case girl and I can definitely tell the difference between my usual cases and these ones. They're made of a much more durable plastic, and I didn't even go for the cases in the 'tough' line. They feel really nice to hold - so yeah, I'm really impressed. I'm intrigued to see how these wear - will the white one stay white or is it soon destined to be a dirty beige colour? We shall have to wait and see...

Overall, I'm very very pleased with these two cases and I can assure you that my instagram will most probably be bombarded with photos featuring them from now on. Speaking of instagram, this week I will be running a GIVEAWAY to win a case of your own courtesy of Caseapp, as well as a few beauty bits that I've picked out myself. Buzzzzzing. My instagram is @becc4_blog if you're interested. And if that wasn't enough, I also have a 20% off code for any of you that fancy picking yourself up a case or two: BECC420 - if you do, send me a photo, I'd love to see it!

(And yes, I did take my glasses off to use as a prop in this photo. And yes, I did struggle to take said photo what with my eyesight being equal to that of a mole's. The things we do for the 'gram, hey?)


How To Increase Your Blog's Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority – much like pizza, the bigger the better. This post initially had a very very similar opening line, but one with a very different tone. Alas, I figured I ought to keep it parent friendly, you know, hi Mum and Dad, I know you’re reading this. Pizza will do. Anyway, today’s post contains five tips for improving your blog’s DA. I’ve had a couple of other bloggers ask me how they can increase theirs, so thought I’d compile a post to refer to in the hope it could also help a few of you out. I am obviously not saying I know everything about this field, heck, these tips could all be complete BS. That being said, I only bought my domain 3 months ago and already have a DA of 11 – so something seems to be going right…. 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m going on about, Domain Authority is all about how well your site appears in search rankings. DA is scored from 0-100, with websites like Facebook having a DA of 100. As a guideline, lots of bigger brands are often looking to work with bloggers with a score of 30+, whilst other brands look for 20+. DA is not by any means the be all and end all and it doesn’t categorically define how good your content is. A blog could have a DA of 5 and the posts could still be interesting, witty and engaging. Domain authority is simply how well your site fares in rankings, but the two do tend to go hand in hand.

- Make your blog user-friendly   

Yes, those 17 widgets might make your blog look incredible, but if they increase your blog's load time to the time it takes to recite the full story of Romeo and Juliet, they may not be quite worth it. Now, I'm obviously not advising deleting everything other than your content, but maybe just have a look at what you have going on and how much of it is necessary.

In a similar vein, once you've edited your photos be sure to resize them to a more load-time friendly size. My DSLR creates some pretty meaty file sizes, which is ideal for photo printing, but not quite so much for my blog's DA and rank.

- Keep going 

Older domains have a higher DA. I know to some of you this might sound kinda obvious, but it’s definitely something to bear in mind. If your blog is fairly new then don't be disheartened if your DA isn't sky high - these things take time. That being said, the age of your site is not the most important factor with regards to domain authority, there are many other contributing influences.

Just keep producing good quality content and with time this alone will help improve how your blog ranks in people's searches. People enjoy reading good content. People share good content. Just write good content people, just write good content.

- Guest post, guest post, guest post 

These are really fun to do and if you get the chance to guest post on a blog you love – definitely snap their arm off at the opportunity. Now, as with everything, guest posting here, there and everywhere isn’t the answer. In regards to DA, posting on blogs with similar content to yours is important. There’s little point guest posting on a gardening blog if your content has never featured the words: spade, lawnmower or trowel, or what to do with them. Plus, the readers of said gardening blog are there because they want to hear about when best to plant their tulips and how to prevent weeds growing in windowboxes – not your review of Glossier’s latest release. If you write about beauty, post on another beauty blog. You’re also more likely to attract their readers to your site as it’s clearly the type of content they enjoy reading.

Another note on guest posting – don’t spam your post with 17 links to different pages on your blog, one or two will suffice, don't take the mickey.

- Fix any broken links

Again, this isn’t one of the most important factors but it is one of the easiest to correct. There are so many sites out there that will check your site for broken links, and many of them are free. I currently use this one and I haven’t had any problems with it. In case you weren’t sure, a broken link is just a link that doesn’t do what it should. Perhaps it's been incorrectly typed or a URL has been changed or deleted. This doesn’t need to be done regularly, every once in a while will do.

- Do some internal linking 

The effectiveness of this is often discussed online with some people claiming it has a large impact on DA whilst others argue that internal links do nothing. I’m not an expert on this, and I’m not sure what the real answer is, but I try and do it in every post nonetheless. Not only for the possible increase in DA but to promote posts to my readers that they might not have seen, and increase their overall time on my blog. Every week I do a round up post titled Sick Tings (here’s my latestsee what I did there?) and in that I always link to the posts I’ve published in that week. That way if people have missed a post and like the sound of it, it’s very easily accessible. If you're posting a haul from a brand you've previously posted about, link it! Mentioned a product in a favourites that has its own review post, link it! You get the picture.

And there you have it, a handful of ways to help your blog appear higher in peoples searches. Let me know how these work for you, and if you have any other tips be sure to leave them in the comments


Sick Tings 018

I've spent the last week just chilling at home and it has been bliss. I mean, it couldn't have been less like a week at uni if I'd tried. There's been no drinking or nights out, lots of delicious food and plenty of good nights worth of sleep. One of the highlights of being home is 100% the roast dinners. Roasts are something I'm deprived of at uni, mainly due to my lack of motivation and expertise - do you know how hard it is to make roasties as good as my Mum's? Honestly, it's not worth bothering, quit while you're ahead and all that. I'll stick to mash.

Speaking of food, my house and I went for our last supper (of second year, we're living together again next year) at Baffi. I'd never been before but was really impressed. I had the bolognese pizza and it was delish. I can't believe we'd never been there before - it's oh so local, really well priced and the pizzas are amazing. I highly recommend. 

This week I've been making an effort to get back out running again. The last 6 weeks or so have been incredibly lazy, mainly due to exams and then many nights involving copious amounts of alcohol. The running itself has actually been quite fun. Where I live is very green and foresty so there are plenty of places to run without having to repeat the same dull route, and it's easy to avoid pervs in cars. 

I've been trying to get on top of a lot of becc4.co.uk related stuff this week and have finally made a proper Pinterest account. My username is becc4blog and you can follow me here. I'm still trying to get to grips with how best to use it for my blog, so if anyone has any tips please slide in my DMs.

An exciting parcel arrived this week containing a load of my photos from second year. These prints* are from Printiki and are the Square M style, I opted for a white borderand a matte finish. They arrived super quickly and I'm really impressed with the quality - I can't wait to put them up in my new room. I love getting photos printed, but choosing just a handful from the thousands and thousands I've taken is always a mission. Note to self: get photos printed more often.

Posts published this week:

What have you been up to this week?
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