Makeup Revolution Haul and First Impressions

Hooray for being so late to the bandwagon that it's already 300 miles down the road, but, look who has finally got their hands on some of the new Revolution Pro range. The other day I randomly woke up in the middle of the night, had a quick twitter scroll you know, as you do, and saw that someone had tweeted that all the Revolution products were back in stock on the Superdrug website. So, this 2am Twitter scroll rapidly became an order of some new products. Given that they were on 3 for 2, it would've been just plain rude not to. The only pain was that I hadn't had a chance to swatch all the products, so when it came to picking shades it was all just a stab in the dark, to be honest, but I don't think I've done too badly...

The item that inspired this haul was, of course, the Conceal and Define Concealer. Having heard so much about it, particularly the huge collective scream of excitement from the blogosphere after it was released, I figured I needed to give it a go. I got mine in the shade C, as it's fair to say I'm pretty pale, and it retails at a tidy £4. Now, I've only used this a few times so far, but I'm not entirely convinced it deserved the huge outbreak it received... It's a nice, full coverage concealer, but I wouldn't say it was life-changing by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I haven't used it for very long so perhaps it'll grow on me and I'll become an absolute convert...

I also picked up the Supreme Highlighter Palette in Metals. I've become a bit of a highlighting fiend recently, so when I spotted this palette I decided that I absolutely needed it. It costs £6 and the three shades in it are gorgeous. They're really buttery in texture, but sadly not the most pigmented of products I've ever tried. But, overall definitely get a thumbs up from me.

Bright Barbie Pink - who'd have thought a year ago that a palette full of this shade would have made it into my basket? The eyeshadow palette in question is the Re-Loaded Palette in Newtrals 2. This is only £4 and I am so impressed with it. The eyeshadows are pigmented and blend out really well. They're not as soft and buttery as my trusty Urban Decay ones, but they're great nonetheless. They also last all day without a primer, so that's another win in my opinion. 

With the sudden increase in interest in liquid highlighters, I figured I ought to give one a go myself. I mean, I used to use Benefit's High Beam back in the day thanks to a generously sized sample in Glamour Magazine (What a great time that was!), and really liked it. I got the Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Champagne, and it's really pretty and retails for £6. I know it's a bit of a trend to apply products like these all over your face before your foundation, but it's safe to say I won't be replicating that trend. This gal has a shiny enough face as it is. 

The other two products that make up this haul are the Luxury Banana Powder and the Fast Base Foundation Stick in F2. I'm yet to try either of them, but I'm expecting big things from the latter. It's had quite a lot of mixed reviews but I'm excited to give it a go. They were both £5 each, making them absolute steals if they're as good as anticipated...

So there we have it, a rather sizeable haul of new products for someone that buys new makeup at the same rate that students iron their clothes (i.e. never). With the 3 for 2, this lot came to £21 which I certainly won't be complaining about! Once I've tried the products a little more thoroughly I'll most definitely be putting in my two pennies worth...


Sick Tings 009

As if the Easter holidays are over already? Where on earth did those 4 weeks go? This week was a fairly chilled one and involved a tonne of binge-watching and a fair amount of eating, with equal measures of social media scrolling. The show that had me hooked this week was Five Star Hotel. I managed to watch the entire season in 3 days, no judging please. Essentially, if you haven't heard of it, 5 celebrities are in charge of running a hotel on a Greek Island, and it's all very Love Island-esque... aka incredible. If you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend you do so - it's a great easy watch.

My family and I are heading to Bali this summer and this week I tried my first Balinese beer in anticipation of the trip. I'm so so excited to head over there, roll on August! As for the beer, it was just like any other, I'm no beer connoisseur.  I also discovered the beauties that are Marks and Spencer's Salted Caramel Chouxnuts this week. They are delicious. So good that I think I'm going to have to start heading to M&S just to get them on the regular. It's not ideal that I've discovered them now, what with bikini body season fast approaching, but hey, they're absolutely worth every calorie.

Another thing I spent this week doing was writing an article for a blogging magazine. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and am just waiting to hear back from the editor... Once it's released I'll most certainly be sharing the link. Exciting stuff, hey?

I finally got round to printing my photos from my trip to Amsterdam - you can read all about it here. I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and I've made it my goal to get more of my photos printed out, especially ones from trips I've been on. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them now, however, so if anyone has any suggestions, ideas on a postcard please.

This week I was meant to go paddleboarding - something I've never done before. The weather was really nice and sunny, we even had our biknis on, but when we got to the beach the fog just descended out of nowhere. Safe to say there was a red flag, and hence no paddleboarding could occur. I went for a paddle in the sea and oh my was it freezing. Even with a wetsuit, I think my bits would have fallen off.

Guess who's finally seen The Greatest Showman? My house have been absolutely possessed with it for agessss but I just sort of let it pass me by and figured it wasn't really my thing. But, it was actually really really good and that soundtrack is never not going to be stuck in my head. No matter how old Zac Efron gets, he's still only ever going to be known as Troy Bolton, sorry hun.


The Least Becca-Like Fashion Haul There Ever Was

Does anyone else get really bored of their personal style every now and then and decide they radically have to change their whole wardrobe? Or is that just me? I'm not specifically sure where this sudden surge of inspiration has come from, perhaps the change of season, but I've been really liking a lot of pieces I'd never thought I'd pick up in a million years.

The item that led to this haul was these white boots from Missguided... I'd been watching a few of Em Sheldon's old videos and fell in love with the Topshop ones she had, which, unfortunately, were sold out when I went to buy myself a pair. But, a quick google later and I found these ones in the sale for £18 down from £45. I've already worn these once, with a denim pinafore from Monki, and I think I love them. I know they're very marmite, and they very well might be an item I look back at in years to come and question what on earth I was thinking when I bought them, but for now, I'm in love. They're not as uncomfortable as I was expecting, so that's a bonus too. Don't get me wrong, they're no Ugg, but they weren't mammoth blister inducing.

Now, those silver metallic sock boots. Another marmite item I'm sure. These I bought in Primark for a pound. Yep, you read that right, a quid. I hadn't owned a sock boot before I bought these, and I think I'm a convert. The silver is pretty garish, but when teamed with the right outfit I think they're going to look pretty cool, and are definitely something out of my usual fashion realm!

The red backpack is potentially the only item in this haul that is recognisable as something that Becca would normally buy. I spotted it in Primark a couple of weeks ago, and have since become a bit of a backpack convert, so decided I needed to get it. It was £8 and I absolutely adore the colour of it. This paired with a monochrome outfit, yes please.

Now, the three other items in this haul are dresses! Yep, actual dresses. I am not a dress person at allll other than for occasions. My day to day wardrobe consists of mom jeans, skinnies, and culottes, so floral dresses couldn't be further from my norm. The striped dress is from Primark, and the other two are from New Look. They were all inspired by the boots, as I figured it was only necessary to buy a few more pieces to go with them, right? I'm sure they'll all feature here on the blog or over on instagram (@becc4_blog) in due time if you're interested in seeing them on!


Sick Tings 008

This week has been one of the slowest weeks ever, whilst simultaneously also absolutely flown by. It's been my penultimate week at home for the holidays and it's fair to say I've been making the most of it. I've done a lot of lounging around, even more eating and a fair amount of Peaky Blinders watching. Which, can I just say, I am absolutely loving at the moment. I've just finished season 3 and I'm hooked, no spoilers please.

In terms of doing actual interesting things, I haven't got much to report. Easter Sunday was a really nice day spent with my fam. We had roast lamb and alllllll the trimmings, and it was A1. I've only ever made one roast dinner since being at uni, and being at home has really made me realise how much I miss them, so it's something I'm gonna need to get into the habit of making. Even if it takes a long time and involves a hella lot of washing up after.

All of my Amsterdam travel diaries went up this week, and I'm chuffed with how they turned out! If you haven't already seen them I've linked them below, and have also made some buttons for them in my sidebar. It was such a good trip, and my sister and I are already brainstorming where our next city break could be...

So, I bought an absolute marmite item this week; these white boots. I personally really love them, but the response from my family and some of my friends hasn't been quite as receptive. I'm currently trying to change up my style and wear things that aren't quite my usual, and these seemed like the ideal starting place. I bought quite a few other pieces whilst shopping with my sister - including a pair of sock boots I bought for £1 (yep, a quid!!) - they'll be in a post this week if you're interested.

We had a TGI's for lunch this week and I don't think I'll ever get bored of the Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Strips. I genuinely think I could eat them for the rest of my life. So, TGI's if you're reading, hit me up hun. Also, can I just say that the weather has been so nice the last few days and has got me so in the mood for summer. I received my exam timetable for this semester and I should be done with second year by the start of June, woop woop. Here's to summer plans, hey?

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The Home-Home Room Tour

We have a four week break from uni over Easter (yep, where exactly is that £9000 going, again?), and so I've obviously headed back to my family home to spend the duration... It's taken me well over a fortnight to properly unpack, tidy my room and get everything back in order, and just settle back into being at home I suppose. What was an unlived in, spotless, showroom, was hit by a tonne of clothes, makeup products and other generic mess made by a 20 year old student home for the holidays.

That being said, the other day I spent the morning sorting the whole room out and figured that a room tour post was exactly what the world needed. Nothing has really changed in my room, decor wise, for the last three or four years, but I still do really like how it looks. My room at uni is far cosier and girlier (you can see a tour of it here) whereas my home room is far more clean and minimalist, it's nice to have the best of both worlds! 

The bedding is from Primark, I bought it a while ago, and I love the interest it adds to my otherwise very sterile looking room. The bed is a double, but I have a king size duvet on it, and can I say, it's an absolute game changer. The B cushion is from Homebase and whilst I'm not usually one for personalised things, I couldn't resist.

All of the furniture is from Ikea, I mean, it's not quite West Elm, but it more than does the job. The prints I bought on Etsy, and the frames were also from Ikea. The concrete vase on my bed side table was from Homesense, as were the flowers in it. I was never one to hang tonnes of posters on my walls, but if you look carefully you might spot the really old Ed Sheeran one behind the numerous bags squeezed on the hanger above my door. Fun Fact; I actually saw Ed Sheeran in concert whilst in Orlando on holiday in the summer, best bday present ever!!

The curtains are from Marks and Spencer, and the wire memo board I bought from B&Q. On it, are a couple of postcards from Paperchase, some playing cards from some of the Byron's I've visited and a buddha necklace I bought whilst travelling around Cambodia in the summer. 

And there we have it, an insight into exactly where I spend a vast majority of my time, horizontal, scrolling on my phone, watching netflix or asleep.


Amsterdam : Day 3

Our third day in Amsterdam was a cold and rainy one, so it's fair to say we weren't too keen to spend too much of the day outside, battling the elements. So, what would we do instead? Go and eat allllll the food, right?

We originally headed to Bakers and Roasters for breakfast, but it was only after we'd made it there did Holly, my sister, realise that she wasn't particularly fond of anything on the menu... So, plan aborted, we went for another wander, in the hope we'd stumble across a nice looking cafe for breakfast...

In the end, we stumbled across a food market by total chance, and had the tastiest mini pancakes for brunch. I had mine with white chocolate and strawberries whilst my sister opted for just sugar. They were so incredibly tasty, and I'm so glad we found them... They were just being made in a van at the market and were the best €3.50 I spent the whole trip. 

Also whilst at the market, I tried a Stroopwafel. I'd spotted them in packets literally everywhere whilst on our trip, but when I saw a man at the market making them there and then, I knew I had to try one. It was really good, and definitely something to try, especially if you can get one that's been made fresh!

I hate to admit it, but the next thing we did with our day was head straight for more food... Are you sensing a theme here? The Hard Rock Cafe was our destination, and oh my, we weren't disappointed. I've been to quite a few Hard Rock's in my time, and the food at the Amsterdam one was just as good as all the others! In case you were wondering, I had the Hickory BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger and it was incred.

Because of the really poor weather, we decided to head back to the hotel for an hour or so to get some shelter from the rain, but didn't do so before stopping to buy a spacecake. (If you've never heard of them before, it's essentially just a cake baked with weed in it). Having heard from a few friends that these things are pretty lethal, it's fair to say I was intrigued to give it a go. The label on it read that it'd take at least an hour to kick in and headaches, nausea and passing out were common side effects... Sounds pretty intense, right? Yeah, I thought the same. That was, until, it was 3 hours later and I still hadn't felt a thing... I'm not sure if I just had one from a bad bunch, or they're just not as crazy as people make out. But, either way, the thing did absolutely nothing to me and wasn't even tasty. 0/10.

We spent our last afternoon and evening wandering the shops. We found a road that had Bershka, Topshop, Pull and Bear and Monki on... Success!! My sister and I both bought quite a few new bits for summer, we're just waiting on some nicer weather now to whip them out. We shopped until the shops started shutting, and then headed for our last dinner. No prizes for guessing we went to yet another Italian, and had the best pizzas yet. Once we'd eaten we headed to the hotel to get into bed as we had a 5.30 alarm the next morning in order to make our 8.30am flight home!

I honestly had the best few days in Amsterdam, it was really nice to spend a few days jsut eating, wandering and shopping to my hearts content. happy belated bday to me! If you haven't already, you can read about what we got up to on day 1 here and day 2 here


Amsterdam : Day 2

On our second day in Amsterdam, we got up fairly leisurely, got ready and were out of the hotel by 10am. Our first stop was the Sex Museum, because, well, when in 'Dam hey? It's €5 to get into and is a good way to kill an hour or so. I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than that 6ft penis statue that everyone and their neighbour has a photo stood next to... If you've never been, here's a quick summary; tonnnnnnes of photos of people having sex, a naked Marilyn Monroe animatronic posing for photos and a load of old crockery/decorations/statues with penises on in glass cabinets... I mean, it's a bit of a weird one but it was on my bucket list (which you can read here). I wouldn't go again, but it's one of those things you should do at least once.

We skipped breakfast as we knew we'd be having an early lunch in the form of some diabetes-inducing milkshakes. The place we originally headed to was shut, Bulls and Dogs, so opted for the Corner Bakery instead. I had a Vanilla Freakshake and it was amazing. If I'm honest I did feel fairly sick (unsurprisingly) for the rest of the afternoon afterwards but it was well worth it. The interior of the cafe was an absolute bloggers' dream, with marble tables, lots of plants, and pastel prints on photo ledges... The whole shebang. It was very popular, and we did have to wait for a table, but luckily it was only about a 15-minute wait in the end. If you're in the area and have a sweet tooth, it's definitely worth checking out.

After absolutely stuffing ourselves with sugar, we decided to head for a wander around Museumplein. This, if you're not sure, is the area where all the main museums are in Amsterdam. We didn't actually go into any of them ourselves, but the area is really nice just to walk around in without the fear of being knocked over by a car/tram/bike/wild tourist. 

Whilst on the tram to go shopping, I spotted the Bloemenmarkt, and dragged my sister off the tram at the next stop. We had a quick wander round - I mentioned in the aforementioned bucket list that I wanted to go there to take some nice photos... Umm, yeah, was perhaps not worth bothering... Unless you want to buy tulip bulbs or wooden tulips that is. It wasn't quite the botanical wonderland I had imagined... That being said, we did manage to get some souvenirs for our Nannie, so all was not lost. 

The weather wasn't ideal, so we headed to a coffeeshop for a while, and then went for another explore. We had pizza for dinner again, and this one was slightly better than the other, but again, nothing to write home about. 

After we'd eaten, we headed to De Wallen, otherwise known as the Red Light District. Again, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but what I saw was far tamer than I'd anticipated. It was also absolutely swarmed with tourists, so if you're not a fan of crowds, this is definitely one to give a miss.

As if we hadn't already eaten enough already, we then tried to track somewhere down to sit in and have pancakes... They were nice! My sister didn't really like hers, however, so I won't mention the place in this post as a recommendation! But finding somewhere to sit in and eat was fairly difficult!

Our first proper full day was an absolute success, and it's fair to say we were absolutely knackered by the time we made it back to the hotel... You can read all about our first day in Amsterdam here.


Amsterdam : Day 1

Our first day in Amsterdam started with a bit of a delay. Our flight was due to leave at 9.05, but due to low visibility Amsterdam's end, we didn't leave until 10.30, cue a lot of airport boredom... But, we were grateful our flight went at all, as two other flights to Amsterdam that were scheduled the same morning as ours were cancelled. We flew with KLM from Southampton, and it was nice, it was £70 return each, so an absolute bargain. The flight was just over an hour, so by the time we'd sat down and put our seatbelts on, it was pretty much time to get back up again... 

We flew with hand luggage only, so when we landed at Schipol airport, all that was left to do was pass border control, and then we were free to wander around Amsterdamto our hearts content. Once we were through the other side, we headed to the train station to buy our travel passes. We bought the 3-day train/tram/bus passes from GVB for €26 and they were so incredibly handy. I can't tell you the number of times we used them. They were ideal for us as we didn't have to faff around with tickets and could just hop on and hop off as we pleased.

Once we'd sorted ourselves out, and found the right train, we headed to our hotel to drop off our bags. We couldn't check in until 2pm, but after the delayed flight, the time difference, and the time it took to get to the hotel, we arrived at bang on 2. We stayed at the Ibis Budget Amsterdam City South, and it was good. I mean, it wasn't centrally located in the slightest, it was about 25 minutes on a tram to Centraal Station, but it was clean, modern and cheap - so no complaints here. 

After a very brief wander around, we headed straight to the A'DAM Lookout and the swing. (Which, involved a free public ferry across the water, whaaaat?) The weather forecast for the 3 days we were in Holland was pretty rainy, but the day we arrived was really sunny, so we decided to head straight to the swing. We didn't book in advance, we just turned up, and there were plenty of slots free. We had our slot booked (4.20) and headed for a little wander before ascending the tower. The lookout was really nice. You could see for miles, and the skybar was really pretty, but I wouldn't say it was massively worth going to if you weren't doing the swing. 

So, the swing was great fun. It's 'Europe's Highest Swing'. It's 100m tall, and you swing over the edge of the lookout building, with the water beneath you and the city all around. You're not allowed to take photos whilst on the swing, but the staff do take photos for you which you can download for free from their site. It was really really good fun. If you're heading to Amsterdam anytime soon, I'd highly recommend doing it!

Because of our excitement to get on the swing in the sun, we missed lunch. Big mistake. My sister and I are pretty big eaters, so, by the time we'd got back to Centraal we were starving. We went for a bit more of an explore and stumbled across an Italian restaurant that looked nice. I can't remember what it was called, but it was one of the 35384 pizzerias in Amsterdam, and the food was good. Nothing to write home about, but good nonetheless.

After getting up at 5.30am to head to the airport, it's fair to say we were pretty tired after all our travelling and wandering, so, after dinner, we just headed back to the hotel to sleep, ready for our second day of adventures... 


The Birthday Shopping Haul

Summer 2018 will see me spend just under 2 months in Asia, the majority of which will be backpacking, gap yah style. On the itinerary are Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Bali - so it's fair to say I'll be needing some summery pieces. The evening before my birthday we actually booked our Bali trip, so, naturally, when we went shopping the following day all I had was travel on the mind.

Now, if I wasn't a student and had an unlimited budget, I'd walk into Urban Outfitters, pick up one of everything and be done with it. The reality, however, is that one dress in there costs more than my monthly spend on groceries, so Primark had to do. Pair that with the fact that I'll be stuffing all my clothes in a damp, heavy rucksack and lugging it thousands of miles, £6 dresses seem like a much wiser decision.

After all that traveling spiel, I thought I'd start this haul off with these two tees. They're both from the Zara TRF range and you can shop them here and here. I didn't buy them specifically for the trip, I just saw them and couldn't not buy them, the rainbow one especially.

Okay, so each of these bikinis were £4 a set and the flip flops 90p a pair. I love you, Primark. Again, these will be great for traveling and if they fall out of my bag and get left in a hostel by accident - no massive heartbreaks here.

What is a shopping trip without another bardot top? Or two? I'm growing quite a collection of these off the shoulder tops, but I didn't have a striped one quite like that one (read: I already have quite a few striped ones) nor a tropical print one. The former was from New Look kids section, perks of having the torso of a child, and the latter was from Primark. The black crop top was also Primark... Are you seeing a running theme here?

The Paisley and Striped trousers were £7 and £8 respectively and will be ideal for wandering the world in. The striped ones are a bit short on me, but hey, compared to the hot mess I'll be in the humidity, they're the least of my worries. I haven't bought a sundress in what feels like years, but I tried the blue and white one on and decided I needed it instantly! It was £6, as was the black and white playsuit. The shorts were only £4 and fit like a dream... Again, all of the above was from Primark, if you were wondering.

As you're reading this, I'm currently in Amsterdam, and wanted to get a new backpack to take with me. This beauty was only £10, and is such a good size. I needed a bag that was big enough to fit my DSLR in (hello arty holiday pics) but not too big I could be mistaken for a keen year 9 on their first day of school, and I think this was just the right balance.

The red jumper was only £5 in the sale, and whilst red is a colour that is firmly in my usual wardrobe, the style of this jumper certainly isn't. It's really big and puffy, but the texture is great and I'm gonna try my best to make it work, and not look swamped by a red carpet.

And there we have it, the haul from my birthday shopping trip... 


Sick Tings 007

This week started off really well, with my family and I organising (and booking) our holiday for this summer... We're off to Bali and I couldn't be more excited! We'll be out there for a fortnight, which will be plenty of time to soak up some sun, a bit of beaching and plenty of exploring! If anyone has ever been to Bali I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Monday was my birthday!! I turned 20, and it's fair to say I don't feel any different. I still feel 15 at heart and look about 12, but I'm officially starting to enter the realm of 'proper adulthood'. I had the nicest day, which I've already posted about actually - you can read that here. Spoiler; it contained a lot of good food, cocktails, and way too much shopping.

During the week, one of my uni besties and I headed to a beach near to my family house and we had the nicest afternoon. It was such a lovely sunny day, which after the recent snowstorms, was a welcome and much-appreciated change. We also had afternoon tea accompanied by a whole lot of catching up. We hadn't even been apart a week, but when you're used to living 24/7 with someone, a few days feels a lifetime, and there's a lot of trivial stuff to catch up on.

The next day saw me catch up with some of my school friends, who I hadn't seen since New Year's Eve, and it was so good. We went for burgers and cocktails, and then went on an impromptu pub crawl. Hooray for daytime drinking and hanging out with good friends! They're exactly the friends that you can go weeks without speaking to, but when you do meet up it's as if nothing ever changed...

This week I also bought my backpack for my Southeast Asia trip this summer, and it's all starting to feel very real! I really am going to be spending 5 weeks living out of a backpack, wandering through three different countries, seeing the world with my gal... Wow. It's fair ro say that it was only whilst stood in Go Outdoors did I realise quite how short my back is, the majority of the bags absolutely swamped me and I'd probably only manage about 10 steps with one of them on my back. 

For weeks I've been threatening to cook my Dad some of my staple uni meals and this week I finally got around to making one: Chorizo Gnocci. It's not particularly extravagant nor is it difficult to make, but it's cheap, healthy and tasty! He said he really enjoyed it, so high praise indeed! Let's hope the rest of my student concoctions go down quite so well!

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