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Wiltshire Creative Comedy Club: Glenn Moore - Review


Wiltshire Creative Comedy Club: Glenn Moore


Two shows in one week? We truly were spoilt by Wiltshire Creative this week. Following Tuesday night's showing of Houdini's Greatest Escape, Elliot and I headed back to the Playhouse on Thursday for a night of comedy.


Wiltshire Creative's Comedy Club was MCd by the hilarious, Laura Lexx. She had everyone laughing within a minute of being on stage with self-deprecating humour and lots of interactions with members of the audience. Shoutout to Helen and Paula the bus drivers and Melanie and Martin, who 'definitely look like they have a conservatory'. 

Following Laura getting the crowd hyped up for some comedy, Bilal Zafar came out on stage for the first half. He shared witty stories about being in an inter-racial relationship, a recent gig he was booked for for 200 bishops, his experience doing jury service, and a recent air fryer advert that has been doing the rounds. 

Following the interval, and a few more jokes and heckles with Laura Lexx, Glenn Moore then took to the stage. Albeit not from the side of the stage. His routine focussed on his experience living with his brother during lockdown and the breakdown of his relationship with hilarious, genuine laugh-out-loud moments scattered generously throughout. There were crude jokes, political jokes, hand signals, the lot. The time absolutely flew by and I would absolutely go and see him on tour again. 

Having never been to a comedy show before, I am wholeheartedly converted. Elliot and I laughed throughout the entire thing. The jokes were just our humour and the time absolutely flew by. 

I'd highly recommend going along to one of Wiltshire Creative's Comedy Clubs, tickets start from just £15! 

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