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Houdini's Greatest Escape at Salisbury Playhouse - Review


Houdini's Greatest Escape at Salisbury Playhouse


New Old Friends' latest production (produced in association with Yvonne Arnaud Theatre) made its way to the Salisbury Playhouse this week and we were lucky enough to catch it whilst it was on. There were just 3 showings of 'Houdini's Greatest Escape' in Salisbury but they are touring various venues with the show until June. This is a new play written and directed by Feargus Woods Dunlop and here is what I thought...

Harry Houdini and his wife Bess have been performing their tricks for years. An opportunity then arises for them to be picked to perform for the King. Alas, things are never quite that easy... 

The Houdinis are framed for a crime they didn't commit. 

Without giving too much away, the plot involves their run-ins with a local gang, their competitor a Spiritualist named Agatha, and their involvement with the police. 

The show is made up of a cast of 4 people and the set is simple yet incredibly clever. Whilst Ben Higgins (Harry Houdini) and Lydia Piechowiak (Bess Houdini) were brilliant, I have to take a moment to give credit to Adam Elliott and Kirsty Cox who played SO many roles in the production. 

If there was one thing I didn't enjoy so much in this show it was the 'Nelly the Elephant' segment. I don't think it needed it and it felt a bit silly, but other people were laughing away. 

This thriller includes lots of slapstick comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. Houdini's Greatest Escape is touring until the 30th June including shows on 17-18th May in Southampton!

Have you seen Houdini's Greatest Escape?

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