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One Last Push at Salisbury Playhouse Review


One Last Push at Salisbury Playhouse Review

One Last Push at Salisbury Playhouse Review
Photography by Craig Fuller


A play about childbirth... An interesting concept, huh? I never like to do too much research before watching a play in case of accidentally ruining it for myself, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this new comedy by Chris Chibnall when we took our seats in Salisbury Playhouse. The idea for this play was inspired by the story of Chibnall's youngest son's birth and is just one of his comedies based around big life events.

Set in Jen and Mark's new flat, the play focuses on the last few days before their first baby arrives. Like with anything, no matter how many books you've read, classes you've attended, or how hard you've tried to plan something, things never quite go smoothly...

With ongoing renovations, an estranged parent, a badger (yes, really), a parent live-streaming, and a deflating birthing pool in the mix, this certainly can't be considered a calm and tranquil setting for an ideal home birth.

The play is funny, littered with crude jokes and the acting is superb. With 3 of the cast members having appeared in Call the Midwife, 1 in Casualty, and 1 in Holby City it's fair to say that Jen (Laura Main) is in safe hands. Huge credit to the crew involved with this production, taking on hoses and leaking pools in live theatre is no mean feat. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and would definitely recommend watching this play as part of its world premiere in Salisbury! One Last Push is running at Salisbury Playhouse from Thursday 15th February – Saturday 9th March and tickets start from just £13. 

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