Dick Whittington at Salisbury Playhouse Review


Dick Whittington at Salisbury Playhouse Review
Dick Whittington at Salisbury Playhouse Review
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I'm happy to declare the festive season officially open, Elliot and I went to see the panto in Salisbury last night! Dick Whittington opened at the Salisbury Playhouse on Saturday 25th November and, having not been to the pantomime since I appeared on stage at our local ones many many years ago, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Wearing my best Lidl Christmas jumper (the only acceptable get up for an evening of panto), we headed to our seats totally unaware of what was to come...

And, spoiler, we were VERY pleasantly surprised. The cast was brilliant, the costumes were amazing and the dance numbers were a right hoot. Without ruining the story too much, Percy Rat was by far our favourite character, and his jokes were right up our street. Read: crude. 

With the bright colourful sets, costumes, and dances to entertain the youngsters and a healthy dose of adult humour sprinkled in for good measure, this truly is a good evening out for all the family. 

Elliot and I went just the two of us and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This panto certainly isn't just for kids. I mean, the lad's name is 'Dick', the jokes almost write themselves. 

Dame? Check. 'It's behind you'? Check. Audience singalong halfway through? Check. Actually funny jokes? Check. Brilliant cast? Check. This panto had it all and has definitely changed my perception of what a panto is like. 

If you've not, like me, been to the panto in years but want a joyful evening out, definitely check out Dick Whittington at Salisbury Playhouse this Christmas. We had a truly brilliant time and weren't the only ones there without children in tow! 

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