A Little Autumnal Primark Home Haul


Autumnal Primark Home Haul

A Little Autumnal Primark Home Haul
Now that it's *officially* autumn, it feels appropriate to share my recent little Autumnal Primark Home haul. I've been seeing Primark Home all over TikTok recently and I can see why. They really have stepped up their game in the last few months - it was all gorgeous AND affordable.

I've been in a few of my local stores over the last month or so and the range in each one has been slightly different each time. That said, they were all full of gems so if you have one near you, I'd definitely recommend going in for a mooch. 

I could have easily bought a lot more (hooray for some self control) but here are the pieces I came away with: 

White Ceramic Pumpkin - £2.50 
White Circle Candle Holder - £2.50 
Yellow Textured Candle - £3
Large Red Pumpkin Candle - £3
Small Red Pumpkin Candle - £1.50 

I've since also bought one of their beige chenille blankets and it is the softest thing EVER. I think it was about £12 and whilst we're holding off putting on the heating (#costoflivingcrisis) it's serving us well. 

Now that it's October I think I'll have to buy at least a pumpkin or two and that will be my seasonal decor complete for Autumn... To be honest, I'm just holding out for the highlight of the year; Christmas! I mean, The Range already have their Christmas range in store so it's basically time, right?

Where is your favourite place to buy home decor?

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