A Tenerife Food Diary


Our 5 days in Tenerife turned out to be an absolute foodie dream and, I'll be honest, that came as a massive surprise! With the trusty help of Google Reviews, we managed to find lots of brilliant bars, cafés, and restaurants in the Los Cristianos area so I thought I'd share them in case you're planning a trip. 

Now, before we get into it I will confess that none of the meals we ate were local authentic cuisine. They were, however, all really tasty and I'd recommend visiting all 4 of them... (Which, in itself is a triumph becasue there's normally always at least one dud meal, hey?)

A Tenerife Food Diary

Dinner 1 - Linares 

The restaurant we visited on our first night we actually found by the smell of the food alone. We were wandering along the beachfront mid-afternoon and the waft of garlic and pizza is what drew us in. We had a quick look at the menu and decided that it was a great choice for our first night.

Elliot and I actually had the same meal at Linares; fillet steak, wild mushroom, and red wine fettuccine. We also ordered garlic bread (of course) and had a pint each. The food was really tasty and the outdoor seating area is really nice. The service was maybe a tiny bit slow but, in fairness, they were really busy when we visited. This was one of the 'pricier' meals we had on the trip, but I think that might be partly due to location being very close to the beach...

A Tenerife Food Diary

Dinner 2 - The Hard Rock Cafe 

Anyone who knows me personally will know how much I enjoy visiting a Hard Rock Cafe every time I travel somewhere new. Whilst we were in Tenerife I actually counted up how many I've visited and I *think* it's 11... 

Now, I don't want you to call me a creature of habit but I may or may not have ordered my usual burger once again. Of course, it had to be the BBQ bacon cheeseburger. Whilst we're on the topic of this burger, I don't think I've ever had a bigger one than this. Look at the absolute state of that. My one comment on this burger is it didn't have nearly enough sauce, it was a little bit dry. But, like any other Hard Rock Cafe I've visited, the atmosphere was brilliant, and the staff were great. 

A Tenerife Food Diary

Dinner 3 - Napoli 

What is a holiday without a pizza, hey? I'll take no credit for this one, Elliot found 'Napoli' online and we were absolutely sold by the photos of the food. The reviews were all brilliant, and being down a side road up from the beach, it luckily wasn't too busy when we wandered up. 

Naturally, I had a margherita and it was so tasty! I could see the chefs making the pizzas from where I was sat and they were truly delicious. If you're after an authentic tasting Italian pizza whilst in South Tenerife then this is absolutely the place to go. 

A Tenerife Food Diary

Dinner 4 - 108 Bistro 

I have absolutely saved the best til last here... Look at that! We found 108 Bistro whilst we were walking back to the apartment from the beach and knew it was where we wanted to spend the last evening of our holiday. 

I'll cut to the chase. That HUGE pan of carbonara was only €8 total and I'm proud to say that we almost managed to finish it between us. It was genuinely delicious and if it wasn't our last night I would have been keen to visit again and try another of their pasta dishes. It goes without saying but you absolutely don't need to have one of these each. This could easily have been shared between 2-4 people. A pint of beer was also only €2 meaning our entire bill came to a grand total of €12! It's worth noting that pretty much all of the tables were reserved but they luckily could squeeze us in, so it might be worth booking ahead if you're keen!

A Tenerife Food Diary

Breakfast(s) - Cafeteria la Media Luna 

I was only going to include our evening meals in this food diary but this cafe was so brill that it deserved it's own mention. Based at Passarela Oasis Shopping Center, Cafeteria la Media Luna serves these huuuuge delicious pastries and lots of other things too. 

We visited twice, and paid about €6 a time for 2 pastries and 2 cups of tea. If you're staying in one of the hotels nearby, this is a great place to stop for refreshment on the way down to the beach. 

Other honourable mentions from our food tour of Tenerife include La Pepa Food Market for a vast range of affordable street food kitchens, Sun King for €1 pints right on the beachfront, and Restaurant la Barca for a tasty English Breakfast. Whilst we might not have had any tapas or paella, we certainly ate well on our trip!

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