Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Review


I mentioned in my 5 Goals for 2020 post that one of my aims for this year is to cut my meat consumption, and slowly but surely I am doing just that. I tried the New KFC Vegan Burger the day it launched and am generally just making a conscious effort to opt for a meat-free option wherever I can in my everyday life. 

My parents and I recently had a Pizza Hut takeaway and having heard they'd launched a new Vegan Pepperoni pizza - the Pepperphoni - I knew I wanted to give it a go. Now, I'm going to be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect and we only have takeaways once in a blue moon in the Martin household so I wimped out and ordered a half and half. I'd never had vegan cheese before let alone vegan pepperoni so I didn't want to be left with an entire pizza I didn't want if I weren't to like it. So, I ordered my usual for the other half, a good old margherita. No judging pls. 

A review of the new vegan pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut

So, tell me more about this new Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperoni Pizza...

It's available on a few of their usual bases (Pan, Thin and Gluten-Free) and comes with tomato sauce, vegan ch**se and meat-free pepperphoni. The pepperoni is made out of pea protein and the pizza costs £11.69 for an individual and £19.89 for the sharing size. It's currently only available for Veganuary but rumour has it, that if it's popular it may be making a reappearance... 

It's probably also worth mentioning that you can order the vegan pepperoni with their normal dairy mozzarella should you so wish! 

The Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Review 

As I mentioned earlier, I've never actually had vegan cheese before and I really wasn't sure what to expect... When people talk about the possibility of going vegan, cheese always seems to be people's roadblock. 'Oh, I could never give up cheese' 'I love cheese to much etc etc'. Alas, having tried this pizza, I can see why people say it. 

I really wasn't a fan of the vegan cheese on this pizza. I don't know if it's just because I'm not used to it or what, but I thought it had a really odd taste. I can't describe it, perhaps almost sour? We did reheat our pizzas in the oven so I don't know if that could have played a part in it, but Becca really wasn't impressed. 

Now, as for the main event... I also wasn't too sure on the pepperoni. Granted, normal pepperoni is a bit of an odd synthetic flavour itself so creating an even more synthetic product to mimic it was never going to be easy. As you can probably gather, I wasn't too much of a fan. So much so that I think I'd rather just go without than have the vegan pepperoni, I mean, I am the margherita queen after all... 

A review of the new vegan pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut
And, just for reference, here's a slice of the normal and the vegan pepperoni pizzas next to each other, no prizes for guessing which is which. 

I was hoping to really love this pizza but I just can't seem to get on board with it. The taste just wasn't great and I definitely wouldn't have it again... 

Have you tried the Vegan Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut yet?


  1. Ah I'm sad that it wasn't as good as you (and I!!) were expecting! Hopefully this is the start of them reworking the recipe and trying new combinations though

    1. It was just a bit lame wasn't it?!
      Yes, this is what I'm hoping, it can only get better, right?! x

  2. I've been really excited to try all the new vegan products this month but one I haven't really been bothered about is this one! I never liked pepperoni anyway so I didn't know whether I would like it or not! I find vegan cheese melted really good but un-melted is disgusting lmao

    1. Ahhhh, I definitely wouldn't recommend this one then! If you don't like pepperoni as it is, you definitely won't like this one! As for vegan cheese, I'm yet to find one that I really like... x