A First Look At: Pixi's 20 Years Of Glow*


~ This post contains gifted items ~

I'm sure you're all very much aware how much I love Pixi Cosmetics by now, I mean, just LOOK at these products! I was recently sent over their 20 Years Of Glow parcel so I figured for today's post we could have a look through it together, have a peek at what was included, and make some first impressions...

I've previously written a similar post on Pixi's Vitamin C Range and I am still very much loving quite a few of the products from that collection. In case you were wondering, my favourites include the Caviar Balm and the Serum, they've done great things for my skin and I love the scent! 

A Look at the products in Pixi Cosmetic's 20 Years of Glow Collection.

Rose Ceramide Cream* - £24.00

Part of a range I've personally never tried before, this moisturiser claims to deliver deep, long-lasting nourishment. The ingredients to note include Rose Flower Oil for nourishment and restoration, Ceramide for time-release moisture and Probiotics to protect and balance. This product also contains antioxidants which help to fortify the skin and improve elasticity, which all sounds good to me. I'm interested to see how my skin fairs with this, my skin is fairly oily so I'm not sure if this might end up being a little too intense... 

Glow Tonic* - £18.00

Does this product need any introduction? A cult classic, this is a product I regularly use as part of my skincare routine and not to be dramatic, but I don't think I could be without it. This is a toner that cleanses and gently exfoliates leaving the skin looking radiant. It doesn't contain alcohol and is also suitable for all skin types so it really is a win-win and deserves the hype it deserves. 

Glow Mist* - £16.00

This is the product that I'm potentially most excited about in this collection... It contains 13 natural oils and is said to hydrate, protect and nourish. It can be used before makeup, to set makeup and to refresh makeup, as well as on the hair! This product is said to give a glowing, luminous complexion and I cannot wait to give it a go! 

Eye Reflection Shadow Palette* - £24.00

This is the Natural Beauty palette and includes 12 pinky brown shades: 7 glitters and 5 shimmers. The shadow that I'm most excited to try from the palette is Foiled Bronze, which, as the name suggests, is a stunning warm brown shade. Whilst they're not my favourite shadows on the market, I do very much like the Pixi ones, they're pigmented and blend out nicely!

Endless Silky Eye Pen* - £12.00

Now, despite calling itself a pen, this product is, in fact, an eyeliner pencil. It describes itself as giving the concentrated colour of a liquid liner but in an easy to apply pencil which sounds too good to be true, right?! Alas not. I've swatched this on my hand and I can indeed confirm that this product is just as it says it is. In fact, when I first applied it I even let out a little gasp, it's the smoothest thing ever and looks JUST like a liquid liner. Whaaaat? Where have you been all my life?

MatteLast Liquid Lip* - £16.00

I don't know about you but I'm far from over the matte liquid lipstick trend... I was sent the shade Pleasing Pink which is a really vibrant hot pink (and totally out of my comfort zone) but I have got my eye on Bare Beauty, a gorgeous nude. Despite being a matte product this actually isn't drying on the lips and sets really nicely. 

Lip Lift Max* - £12.00 

There is something oddly satisfying about a plumping lip gloss and I love this one. I have the shade Petal Ice which is a really pale almost transparent pinky shade that can be layered over any other lip colour. The plumping action this gloss gives is actually noticeable, but not too painful or tingly on the lips. Whilst this is slightly sticky, being a gloss and all that, it's not unbearably so, as it's still fairly light!

So there we have it, a roundup of the products in Pixi's 20 Years Of Glow Collection... Which of these products most catches your eye?


  1. I've always heard so many things about this brand, I really want to try give the Glow Tonic a test out and hopefully it does wonders for my skin! :)


    1. Yessss, I'd definitely recommend it - it's fab! x