5 Goals For 2020


Are you somebody that sets themselves New Years Resolutions? I often make a few, stick to them for a week or so and then revert back to my old habits and I know I'm not alone in this, we're all just as guilty as each other, aren't we?! 

Instead, what I have been doing is setting myself a few goals for the year. These are things I want to try and do over time, but there's no real consequence if I don't. I haven't 'failed' if I haven't done them, they're just things that I'd love to make happen in the year ahead. I posted my 9 goals for 2019 on my blog last year so I figured I'd update you with my plans for 2020. 

My goals for 2020 - a rundown of the things I hope to achieve throughout this new year

Start A Career

2019 saw me graduate university, do some paid work for the university and start a job at a local social media agency. I have since left that job (which was absolutely for the best) and am now back on the job hunt. Hence, my main goal for 2020 is to start a career. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do or which sector I even want to work in so this could be a challenge and a half... If anyone has any ideas of careers they think I'd be good at, write them on a postcard and send them my way, this gal needs all the help she can get!

Run A 10K

This was on my list of 2019 goals and it was one that absolutely didn't materialize. I mean, I ran a few 5Ks but didn't ever run anywhere near 10K. For me to actually complete this goal I think I'm going to need to book one. Buy a place in a race over the summer and work towards it. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like to waste money so the financial side alone (hopefully) should be enough to persuade me to get training.

Save, Save, Save

Now that I'm a proper adult and out of university it's about time I start with the hardcore saving, right? I mean, I'd much rather save for some incredible trips and traveling than a house deposit, but saving is saving. I've always been fairly good with money but now that I'll be receiving regular paychecks there is no excuse not to be putting it away. 

Hit 5K on Instagram

Yes, I know it's not alllll about the numbers but I'd love to hit 5K on Instagram this year. I love taking photos and creating content, and I'd love for lots more people to be able to see the images I create. So, on that note, if anyone doesn't already follow me on Instagram and would like to you can do so here.

Cut My Meat Consumption 

I'm not sure this one needs any explanation. I've already cut cows milk out of my diet and opt for soya or oat where I can, but meat is still something I find myself eating fairly regularly. For a while, in 2019, my family and I would have meat-free Mondays but this is something that slowly fizzled out... So, in 2020 I'm going to bring that back and opt for way more veggie options day to day.

I tried the new KFC Vegan Burger the day it launched and would absolutely have it again, so that's a start! Like with any diet or new habit, you're always better off easing yourself in slowly and making gradual changes. If I'd told myself that I was going to take part in Veganuary and be Vegan for the whole of January I'd know deep down that it wasn't going to last. I've been consuming animal products for over 21 years now and whilst I live at home with other non-vegans, cutting out meat etc overnight was never going to be that simple. So, my goal for 2020 is to cut my meat consumption and to be fair, I think we should all be giving it a go. Who's with me?

What are your goals for 2020?


  1. If you have experience in social media definitely try social media marketing for a career as you've also got experience in your blog so you could use this as an example! But if it's not for you then maybe either something completely different that you feel passionate for? :) Also followed you on the gram to help your goal!
    I've been doing Veganuary, but sometimes the odd vegetarian products like Quorn I've been eating. I've been trying vegan food and the overall lifestyle for around the last 6 months as I cut out dairy and I'm honestly loving it! I've never felt so good about myself and the food I'm eating! The fact I feel happy that no animal products or meat is in my food makes me happier and the fact I'm supporting being Vegan is brilliant. I would definitely recommend going Vegan, not only for the environment, animals and you health, but it honestly makes you feel GREAT as a person and within your body! Hope you have a fab day lovely and good luck with all your 2020 goals! :)

    Isobel x


    1. Awww thank you so much!
      I've been trying to cut dairy and animal products out of my diet and I've definitely be noticing some changes already! What are your favourite vegan food products? x

  2. These are some great goals for 2020 Becca! I hope you manage to do a 10k run, it makes me tired just thinking about it! Also I hope you manage to reach 5k followers on Instagram, I'm hoping to reach 2k followers by the end of the year! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. Thank you, Lucy!
      I've actually managed to do my 10K run now and it was an absolutely exhausting experience!
      Eeeeeek I've got my fingers crossed for you! x

  3. Deffo agree with you that any change in diet should be a gradual process. I'm trying to reduce my meat intake too so hopefully this is something we both achieve in 2020!


  4. Best of luck with the job hunting Becca, hopefully 2020 is the year your career sets off!

    Lucy | Forever September