/ BECC4: Southampton Bloggers Event: Supermarine Woolston


Southampton Bloggers Event: Supermarine Woolston

Last night saw me attend my first event with this blog, Becc4, and it certainly set the bar for future events extremely high. It was hosted by the lovely @sotonbloggers (not to be confused with @soton_bloggers which is a whole other story. You can read about that here) and Supermarine in Southampton.

The lovely Rosie drove Nicole (on the right and left of the first photo, respectively) and I to the event, which if you're local to Southampton, was the other side of the Itchen Bridge in Woolston. (Sidenote, I actually met Rosie many moooons ago at another blogging event, when I was more awkward and not legally old enough to do anything, so it was an absolute blast from the past seeing her again.)

When we arrived, I was blown away. The restaurant was beautiful. Gorgeous Moroccan tiles, low hanging lights, fresh flowers, and marble tables. The absolute bloggers aesthetic, right? We were offered drinks when we arrived, wine, cocktails, the lot and all sat at a long table chit-chatting away about everything under the sun. I won't mention what, it's perhaps not wise considering my parents are avid readers of this blog...

Anyway, we ate so much good Italian food including cured meats, crostini and olives to start. The highlight of those three for me was the sausage and mozzarella crostini, it was delicious. I'm not an olive person at all, the last time I ate one I was sick on our dining table, but the other girls said these ones were really good. Two of the girls I was sat with were vegan, and there was plenty on the menu for them to eat, so that's a thumbs up from me.

But, onto the main course, the part we'd all been thinking about all day. The pizza. I say we, that might just have been greedy old me. Supermarine use a wood-fired pizza oven, and can I just say the pizzas were incredible. I tried one with lots of different meats on and it was really really good. The base of a pizza, for me, is always make or break, but this one was really soft and doughy, a definite pass with flying colours.

For dessert, we had a nutella and strawberry pizza ?!?? Which, can I just say, was just as confusing for my brain and taste buds as it sounds... It was tasty, but not something I'd have again. Pass me a cheesecake or some ice cream, something a little less strenuous on the old brain.

The staff in the restaurant were extremely welcoming and friendly, and with pizzas being between £8 and £13, it's definitely somewhere I'll be visiting again. 

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