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The Girl On The Train at Salisbury Playhouse Review


The Girl On The Train at Salisbury Playhouse Review

The Girl On The Train at Salisbury Playhouse Review
Photography by Ellie Kurttz 


Okay, so, strong words incoming, but I think this might be the best thing I've ever seen at The Salisbury Playhouse. Now, that probably should have had a major spoiler alert as it removes any sort of intrigue involved in this review, but, if you've found this post and it's not too late, GO AND SEE IT! 

I've been fortunate enough to be invited along to see a lot of theatre productions in the last year or so, and whilst I'm by no means any sort of professional critic, I thought this was truly brilliant. 

I'd previously read the book and seen the film (admittedly, both many years ago now) and thought that this adaptation was fantastic. I loved the set and how each of the scenes changed, and the cast was incredible. Rachel, played by Joanna van Kampen, who was also in How The Other Half Loves, was outstanding. She spoke solidly for pretty much the entire running time of the show and I don't think anyone looked away from the set the entire time. 

In terms of production value, it didn't have the wow-factor of some of the other plays put on by Wiltshire Creative, but I think that is testament to the quality of the acting and storyline of this one. 

The Girl On The Train was tense, it was dramatic, it was everything I was expecting of a play depicting what ends up to be a pretty morbid story. The two hours absolutely flew by and I truly felt like I was a bystander watching it all play out in front of me. 

The Girl On The Train is playing at Salisbury Playhouse until Saturday 11th November and tickets start from only £13. 

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