Wild Deodorant Review - My Honest Thoughts On The Natural Deodorant


Wild Deodorant Review

Wild Deodorant Review

I was recently gifted a Wild Deodorant as part of another campaign I was working on and was really intrigued to try it out.

I don't know about you, but I've only seen reviews on the two ends of the spectrum. 

Those who swear by it, and those who swear about it. 

Wild have really doubled down on their influencer marketing recently and I've seen a flurry of influencers talking about the deodorant, so, for me, it arrived on my doorstep at the perfect time. 

Let's see what all of this Instagram hype is about...

Before I tried it for the first time I posted about it on stories and the majority of the messages I received in response said 'good luck, you're going to stink' or something along those lines... 

Now, I wish I had something more positive to report, but I tried it out and yes, I was a little bit stinky. 

I gave it a go for a good two weeks, as a lot of people had said you need to give your body a chance to get used to it... Is this true? I'm not sure. But, it didn't help me. In fact, I think maybe two weeks is the timeline for going noseblind haha. 

In terms of the scent, I have the Pomegranate & Pink Peppercorn. It's quite pleasant but I've heard that the Coconut & Vanilla one is meant to be really nice. It's quite thick and a couple of times it balled up in my armpits, so that's always attractive.

Would I recommend Wild Deodorant? Not personally. But, if you see one on offer and want to try something new then why not? It's good for the planet and for your skin, and it might work for you! 

A Wild Deodorant case is £13 and a refill is £6. 

Have you tried a Wild Deodorant?

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