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Paddleboarding Lesson in Poole - Review


Paddleboarding Lessons in Poole Review

Paddleboarding Lessons in Poole Review
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Anyone who knows me personally will know how much I love the water. Now, most of the time I'm in it swimming (rather than on it) but a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a group paddleboarding lesson in Poole with some of the Bournemouth Bloggers. For context, Elliot's family has a paddleboard so I have done it a couple of times and hence wasn't a *total* novice. That said, I certainly wasn't a professional and I would certainly use the phrase 'winging it' to describe my previous paddleboarding efforts. So, I was really excited to get stuck in and learn from the pros... 

Paddleboarding Lessons in Poole - Review 

We had our lesson with Shaka Surf who are based down at Branksome Dene in Poole. We were provided with all of the equipment we needed (wetsuits, boards, and paddles) so all we needed to take was our swimwear and a towel. 

The group lesson started off with a run into the sea to get wet and then a thorough warm-up and stretch on the beach. The guys then taught us the basics of paddleboarding: where to stand, how to paddle, the stages for standing up as well as how to be safe whilst in the water. It was then time for us to all get stuck in...

Now, I'll be honest, the sea was a little choppier than I was hoping for but I did manage to stand up a couple of times for about 8.2 seconds at a time! It was a real hoot and, as we were already wet, there was nothing to lose!

Once we'd all had sufficient time practising our paddleboarding we played some group games including a relay race in pairs (which AK and I actually won, woooo). They then brought out this huge paddleboard and the eight of us taking part in the session all had to stand on it at once. 

It was a really fun afternoon and the Shaka Surf team were all really friendly and helpful. They were also super knowledgeable too. 

Shaka Surf offers a range of paddleboarding sessions from one-to-one lessons to stag and hen dos, as well as surfing lessons when there are waves! A surfing lesson is on my list of things to do but I think that'll be one for when I'm down in Cornwall and the waves are a little more errr reliable.

Their paddleboarding lessons start from £45pp (for a group) and I'd definitely recommend! 

Have you ever had paddleboarding lessons?

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