A Carvery at The Countryman Inn, Dorchester - Review


Carvery at The Countryman Inn Review

Carvery at The Countryman Inn Review

Carvery at The Countryman Inn Review

After a busy weekend in Weymouth, a roast dinner with all the trimmings was very much required last week. We parked in West Lulworth, walked over the top to Durdle Door, and sat at the top of the cliff googling local carveries and pubs. The Countryman Inn came up a few times and based on a) the price (a lot of others were quite expensive and b) the photos, we were sold. We did manage to book a table just a couple of hours before but they were very very busy. So, I'd definitely recommend booking ahead if you're planning a visit.

Just a 10-minute drive from Durdle Door, The Countryman Inn is a large pub with nine en-suite bedrooms. The team were all really friendly and the menu is pretty extensive. But, being a Sunday, there really was only one thing we were interested in... Their carvery. 

A regular plate is £12.99 and a large is £14.99. Elliot and I both went for the regular and were absolutely stuffed afterwards. You can fit a huge mountain of food on the regular, I wouldn't upgrade to the large!

There were three meats on offer; beef, turkey, and pork, and because I'm a creature of habit, I naturally went for the beef. The meat was really tasty but, if I'm honest, it was the trimmings that were the star of the show. Besides Christmas Day, when the trimmings are exceptional, when has anyone ever said that?!

Normally, when you go to a carvery, you get a choice of carrots, peas or green beans and maybe a bit of stuffing if you're lucky. Well, not at The Countryman Inn. And for that reason, I think this could be the best carvery I've EVER been to. 

I'm talking... roast potatoes, roast parsnips, Yorkshire pudding, baby carrots, green beans, savoy cabbage, swede mash, cauliflower cheese, AND stuffing balls. Besides maybe some broccoli, I think they have truly covered all of the bases there

For me, the standouts were the Yorkshire, the parsnips, and the cauliflower cheese. In hindsight, if I'd known they were going to be that good, I'd have had less of the other bits and absolutely loaded my plate up with those! In my opinion, the roast potatoes weren't anything special, but everything else got my approval. 

So, if you're planning a wholesome Sunday day trip and don't know where to start then allow me to suggest a walk at Durdle Door and a carvery at The Countryman Inn - we had a fantastic day! 

Have you ever been to The Countryman Inn?

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