Brunch at Annelies in Berlin - Review


Brunch at Annelies in Berlin Review

Brunch at Annelies in Berlin Review
Brunch at Annelies in Berlin Review

Brunch at Annelies in Berlin Review
You know the brunch is going to be good when there's a queue of about 15 people waiting in -4° weather outside a cafĂ© in a very quiet part of town... 

I found Annelies online whilst searching for brunch places in Berlin and as soon as I saw the pictures I KNEW we had to visit. 

Whilst it might be a bit out of the way of the main touristy part of the city, conveniently it's not too far from the East Side Gallery if you're planning on making a trip over that way. 

Annelies don't take any reservations, hence the queueing outside in the cold. (I'm sure it would be much more pleasant in the summer haha!) We were told it would be a 30-40 minute wait, but seeing as a) we'd already trekked over there, b) there aren't loads of other places around, and c) we'd committed to those pancake buns, we just sat and got on with it. We ended up waiting about 45 minutes but let me assure you, it was absolutely worth it. Even if we couldn't feel our fingers or toes.

The staff were really friendly and the atmosphere in there is really chilled. There are a few different things on the menu including some outrageous buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs on sourdough, and granola. But, for us, it had to be the Sausage, Egg and Cheese Sandwich. It's €13 of pure deliciousness. A sausage patty, American cheese, an egg omelette, and spicy mayo all in a sesame pancake bun. Wow. 

Elliot and I absolutely scoffed the whole thing and both couldn't get over that pancake bun?! If only all breakfast sandwiches came in that, I'm looking at you McDonald's... 

If you're looking for a brunch place to head to in Berlin then definitely check out Annelies! A solid 10/10 and if there was one in Salisbury I can guarantee Elliot and I would be frequent visitors. 

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