A Morning at Henschotermeer Lake, Holland - Europe Road Trip Stop 7


A Morning at Henschotermeer Lake, Holland
A Morning at Henschotermeer Lake, Holland
Our next stop after Cologne was Henschotermeer Lake in Holland. When planning the road trip route on Google Maps, Elliot spotted this lake and we 100% knew we had to visit. It's not too far from Amsterdam and was a brilliant place to spend the morning. 

We'd stopped at Lidl on our way and picked up some bits for a picnic. I'm talking fresh bread, houmous, butter, crisps, cheese twists, cucumber... It was a real al fresco setup. 

We were then on a weekday so, besides a few school trips which came and went, we had the place to ourselves. The lake itself is massive and the walk around it is 2.5km long. 

Now, whilst the lake looks like paradise, I've got to be honest it was rather chilly. As someone who's swum in the Cornish Sea in the winter, I think I'm justified in saying this was cold. I lasted a bit longer in there than Elliot did but I can't say I swam very far. 

There were a few toilet blocks dotted about as well as some food trucks that were closed whilst we were there. It's worth mentioning that you have to buy your tickets (€3.25 each) and car parking (€7) online before you get there. There weren't any staff there when we were there, just big electric gates that scan your ticket's QR code. 

You could very easily spend an entire day here so if you're planning a trip to Holland, this would be a great place to stop. 

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