5 Things To Do In Cologne, Germany


When we planned our Europe Road Trip we didn't really have any set plans for any of the cities we were stopping in. Elliot and I are both quite go with the flow sort of people and on the agenda was just a wander, food, and drinks. This worked for us and we had a brilliant time. But, if you're someone that prefers to plan out their trips, here are 5 things to do in Cologne...

5 Things To Do In Cologne, Germany

1.  Beer and Bratwurst 

This had to be number one, right? We made sure we had beer and bratwurst in both of the German cities we stopped at and both times we were not disappointed. There are lots of different restaurants and bars around - we had this in one of the squares not far from the old Fish Market. 

5 Things To Do In Cologne, Germany

2. Visit The Fish Market 

Speaking of, you must visit the Fish Market for *that* Cologne photo. It's a small square with these colourful buildings and a number of caf├ęs and eateries. I'm sure there's some interesting history to it but I must admit that I was there just to snap a picture.

5 Things To Do In Cologne, Germany

3. Go In The Chocolate Museum 

This far exceeded my expectations and I'd recommend it to anyone. There was a tropical garden you could walk around, a working factory, people making chocolates, free samples, interactive exhibits as well as lots of information boards to read. 

It's the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996.

4. See the Cathedral

It's 157m tall and an impressive piece of Gothic architecture. According to Wikipedia, the construction began in 1248 and it opened in 1880. Since 1996 it's been a World Heritage Site and is absolutely a must-see if you're in Cologne. You can also climb the South Tower for a better view of the city. 

5 Things To Do In Cologne, Germany

5. Visit Delirium Bar 

With over 30 different beers on tap, fab decor, and young, friendly staff, this place is a must if you're a craft beer fan. I tried a mango beer and enjoyed it that much that I had another. Elliot tried a couple of their IPAs and loved those too. Whilst a little bit pricier than the other bars in Cologne, it's definitely worth it.

So, there we have it, 5 things to do in Cologne. If I were to add another it would 100% be browse the homeware shops. They were all full of lovely things and I definitely could have bought one of everything. Who wants to sign my petition to bring a lot of these European shops to the UK?

Have you ever been to Cologne?

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