Milkshakes at The Ducking Stool, Christchurch - Review


the ducking stool christchurch review

If you're from the Bournemouth area and haven't heard about The Ducking Stool in Christchurch yet, where have you been?! I don't know about you but every other post I've seen on social media in the last few weeks has featured these gloriously decadent milkshakes and this weekend I decided to go and try one for myself. 

Tucked away, just off from the high street, The Ducking Stool is currently operating as a queue outside and order through the window sort of set up. Whilst we were there there was quite a queue, it's fair to say a number of us had had the same idea. That said, it was a sunny Saturday... It was always going to be busy!

The Ducking Stool Christchurch Milkshakes Review

So, when we visited there were a few different flavours of milkshakes on offer; Jammie Dodger, Kinder Bueno, Biscoff, Oreo and Reece's Pieces. 

I had the Biscoff milkshake (obviously) and my sister had the Oreo one. They were both DELICIOUS. They were so rich, and tasted like they were made of 90% ice-cream. They were topped with loads of whipped cream, a hearty drizzle of sauce as well as a couple of biscuits. The milkshakes were way bigger than I expected, so it's fair to say I didn't need a big lunch after that! 

The milkshakes at the Ducking Stool are priced at £4.95 each or £6.95 with the flashing novelty loyalty cup. (It's also worth mentioning they then offer £1 off your next drink if you take back your reusable loyalty cup - so if you buy one, remember to take it with you on your next visit!) For a takeaway milkshake, yes, it is on the pricey side, but as a lockdown treat (being one of the only things open) I don't think it's too bad!

It's also worth pointing out that they had a wide variety of hot chocolates too, as well as other drinks and things to eat. 

Would I go again? If I'm honest, probably not! Whilst the milkshake was really nice I feel like I've done it now so wouldn't rush back for another! 

Overall, I'd definitely give Ducking Stool in Christchurch a solid 4 stars out of 5. If you haven't yet been, go! (It's also conveniently located a few steps away from some pretty pastel buildings making it the perfect insta shot if you're that way inclined!)

Have you had a milkshake at The Ducking Stool in Christchurch yet?

the ducking stool christchurch review


  1. Those look incredible! I am such a big fan of milkshakes although I wish they made them with dairy-free ice cream because otherwise they hurt my tummy! xx

  2. These milkshakes look and sound delicious, it does sound it's one of those things that once you've tried it once, you don't need to again! x

    Lucy |