5 Tips For Shopping On Depop


Fast Fashion is out. It's 2021 and we're all getting stuck into being Slow Fashion queens and ditching those cheap, mass-producing, people-exploiting, and planet-ruining brands. But, what with lockdown and this whole global pandemic thing, going to a charity shop and buying second-hand isn't all that easy. So, enter Depop, my new best friend. 

I've recently become quite a hardcore Depop scroller and have found some absolute gems over the last 6 months or so. If you're feeling nosy and what to have a peruse of said gems, here are my Spring Depop Haul and Summer Depop Hauls, scroll away!

There are a LOT of clothes on Depop, and I'm going to be honest, a lot of it is toot. So, for today's post, I thought I'd compile a list of 5 tips for shopping on Depop to save you from the endless scrolling now that I'm a bit of a Depop-pro. Let's get into it, shall we?

5 Tips for Shopping on Depop. My tips for buying second hand clothes online.

5 Tips for Shopping on Depop

01. Filter By Newly Listed 

This is a fairly recent addition to the app and I am SO grateful for it. The number of times I'd searched and found an item that looked perfect only to realise the post was 67 weeks old and the seller was unlikely to still have it laying around. Sorting by newly listed means that everything you're looking at is way more likely to be available and ready to be shipped, and not in an old storage unit 40 miles away. 

02. Search Items To See How They Look On Other Sellers

You can post a maximum of 4 photos on Depop and many sellers don't include any images of the item actually being worn within their four. Searching the item you've found not only lets you see if someone else is selling it in better condition or for a cheaper price but also how it looks on a variety of 'real' people! 

03. Look At Other People's Likes 

Finding other people with a similar style to yours on Depop is fab, not only because their entire page is full of items you'd wear, but because their liked items are also your style too. Looking at what other people have liked is a great way of finding new sellers and pieces, without having to trawl through thousands of items. 

04. Be Flexible With Sizing

Clothes from different shops all fit differently, and second-hand clothes that have been washed and dried many times, also fit differently to how they once did. I recently bought a white broderie anglaise jumpsuit in a size 8 from a seller and couldn't even get a calf in it, but have also bought size 6 tops that have absolutely swamped me. I'd definitely recommend judging sizing by eye and including at least a couple of sizes in your searches because you never know what the item is actually going to be like!

05. Sort By Maximum Spend

This has definitely been the biggest time saver for me! It's mad the number of people who are selling cheap Primark items with stains on for at least twice their RRP. When it comes to my buying process, I tend to think of a specific item I'm looking for, eg a black tee, and then filter by the most I'd like to spend for said black tee. That way, you can filter out all of the designer items (if that's not what you're looking for), and people using Depop to resell cheap wholesale items for a profit. 

So, there we have it, five of my tips for shopping on Depop. Yes, shopping second hand online takes a lot more time and patience than just opening the ASOS app, but, it's also way more rewarding! It goes without saying, spending hundreds on Depop a week isn't particularly sustainable, but, it's way better than spending hundreds on Boohoo. So, if you're looking to make better fashion choices, get on Depop! 

p.s. you can find me over at @beccammartin19 

5 Tips for Shopping on Depop. My tips for buying second hand clothes online.

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