My Lockdown Routine


Last week I compiled a list of 15 Lockdown Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers and today I thought we could cross another one of those off that list. I have been furloughed by my employer, so it's fair to say my weekdays are a little different to usual.

I'm trying to stick to a somewhat normal routine in the hope that it'll make the transition back to 'normal life' a little easier when the time comes. But, rather being an hour by hour strict schedule, think of these as things I'm trying to squeeze into each day alongside the Netflix bingeing and the endless phone scrolling...

My Lockdown Routine - how I'm spending my days in self-isolation.

My Lockdown Routine 

I've been waking up at my usual work wake-up time, thank you body clock, and have been getting up, going downstairs and letting the dog out into the garden. I've then been fannying around downstairs for a while, before having some breakfast and a cup of tea, then doing some sort of exercise.

Recently, I've been really vibing Yoga as Roaccutane is giving me real muscle soreness and ain't nobody got time for that. I've been following a lot of Yoga with Adriene's videos and spend 40 mins max prancing around my room attempting some sort of stretching. If you're a total newbie like me, defo check her videos out, there are videos suitable for all sorts of abilities and can be done anywhere. (I'm normally found in my pjs, doing the warrior pose, on my bedroom floor.)

I've been getting dressed as usual - okay maybe not quite usual I've been avoiding jeans - but I've been trying to wear normal day to day outfits. I've been carrying out my full skincare routine but not wearing any makeup in the hope it'll help my skin, but occasionally I'll put a whole face of slap on if I'm feeling faaancy.

Then, throughout my day I'm doing a combination of any of the following things;

  • Reading some of my book
  • Writing up blog posts
  • Shooting content
  • Baking (this Biscoff Cheesecake took a long ol' while to make)
  • Tidying my room
  • Playing with Murph

In the evenings we'll have dinner, I'll take the dog out, and my Mum and I will watch another episode of The Crown, which can I just say, we are loving! It has been on my Netflix Watch List for the longest time and I'm so glad I've finally gotten round to watching it.

And there we have it, my lockdown routine. By no means is it anything wildly exciting nor is it anything life-changing, but it's how I've been spending my days in lockdown nonetheless...

What is your lockdown routine?
Do you have one?

My Lockdown Routine - how I'm spending my days in self-isolation.


  1. You've got a great lockdown routine in place lovely! I love how you've made time for yourself to do the things you love to do! x

    Lucy |

  2. It's so nice to hear what other people are up too during the lockdown. I'm still working from home but have undoubtedly more time on my hands to read, binge watch Netflix and blog!


  3. I haven't really created one for myself as I'm still working, though it's only 2 days now. I have been meaning to create one though. I definitely want to get back into yoga and maybe stop binge watching so much TV!


  4. It seems like we have a similar routine! I work from home right now, but only a few hours in the day. The rest of my time is divided for different, routine tasks (baking, blogging, shooting content, etc.) and my boyfriend and I currently watch The Good Place on Netflix in the evening. It feels good to have a "normal" routine these days, I think it keeps us going! Have a great weekend!

    Julia x

  5. Sounds like you've got you're routine down. I think it's so important to stick to a normal routine as well as possible to maintain some normalcy

  6. You definitely have that nailed. I've been trying to keep a routine but it doesnt work for me every day. I've only even just started blogging again after a two year gap. I enjoyed reading your post thank you x

  7. Love this post! I also experienced muscle ache whilst on Roaccutane, I never thought to do yoga though that’s a great idea!

    Shelley x