15 Lockdown Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers


Before I start, I'd just like to say that people are free to spend this unprecedented time however they like. Whether you want to bake 17 banana breads (if there's any flour left in the supermarkets, that is) and write a novel, or spend the next few days/weeks/months doing nothing other than playing Animal Crossing, you do you. Be productive. Don't be productive. Just do whatever you fancy, I'm not here to tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing, and nor should anyone else on social media.

That being said, if you fancy spending some time putting together some content for your blog, I thought I'd compile a list of 15 lockdown blog post ideas to make getting started that little bit easier. If you do decide to write any of these, please do send them to me, I'd love to read them! This gal does have a little more time on her hands, after all... 

A list of 15 lockdown blog post ideas to write on your lifestyle blog during self-isolation.

15 Lockdown Blog Post Ideas

01 // Tips for Productivity 

It's fair to say that none of us are working at 100% at the moment (understandably) but any tips and tricks to help get things done would be more than welcomed, I'm sure. It's important not to forget that there are still lots of people working as usual, just from home! 

02 // Your Lockdown Routine 

I asked over on Instagram whether my followers were interested in reading a post on my 'lockdown routine' and the overwhelming response was yes! By no means is it a regimented hour by hour timetable but more a list of things I'm trying to do each day to keep some sort of structure and normality.

03 // A Room Tour 

We're all spending far more time at home, why not show it off? I wanna see what the four walls you're staring at each day look like and compare them to the ones I'm staring at. 

04 // Lists of Positive Things 

It's easy to forget that it's not all doom and gloom, good things are still happening and there are positives in every day. List them. Shout about them. Write a whole blog post about them. Positivity breeds positivity and all that. 

05 // Your Plans For When This Is All Over 

It's probably fair to assume that we've all spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the things we're going to do when this lockdown is over and normality is restored. I'm going to see pals, go out for every meal and have a browse of all of the shops, just because I can. What about you?

06 // Shows You're Currently Bingeing 

We all need a bit of inspiration when it comes to choosing something to watch. I'm yet to meet anyone who's watched even 80% of the stuff that's currently on Netflix, so there's always room for recommendations. 

07 // At Home Workout Ideas

If you've come across an at-home workout that's really good, or even devised your own, write it up. For me, finding a good workout plan always ends up taking more time than the actual workout, so having a list of good workouts all in one place would be really handy! 

08 // Book Reviews 

Lockdown has got those of us who don't normally read very often reading. I'm not very au fait with book blogging and didn't know what 'TBR' stood for until recently, but reading some book reviews really wouldn't go amiss right now.

09 // Recipes 

Baking a cake is a good way to pass a few hours. Baking and photographing a cake, and writing up the recipe, is a good way to pass more than a few hours. My Biscoff Cheesecake Recipe post took over a day to put together and I don't know about you, but I'd wholeheartedly say it was SO worth it. It's the tastiest thing ever and has had a fantastic response! 

10 // Self-Care Tips 

Looking after ourselves is now more important than ever. There has never been a better time to compile a list of self-care tips for your followers! 

11 // Your Current Playlist 

What are you listening to at the moment? Now that I've got more free time on my hand I've added creating a huge playlist to my April To-Do List and could do with all of the inspiration I can get. I don't know about you but I always find myself listening to the same couple of albums on repeat ALL THE TIME and need to change things up. 

12 // Local Businesses to Support in Your Area 

It's incredible to see all of the amazing things local businesses are doing to support people during these chaotic times. From florists handing out free bouquets to NHS workers to restaurants producing DIY meal kits to make at home. Why not collate a list of all the local businesses working hard at this time and support them in what they're doing?

13 // Your Meal Plan For The Week 

Now that we've been advised to only go shopping for essentials, and as infrequently as possible, getting organised with meals has suddenly become way more important. Write a list of all of the meals you're planning on making in the coming week and link to any recipes you've previously written!

14 // Lockdown Favourites 

A twist on the standard monthly favourites, why not round up all of the things you've been loving whilst in Lockdown. The books you've loved, shows you've watched, skincare products you've been reaching for or clothes that have had the most wear. Compile them all into one bumper post of recommendations perfect for this uncertain time!

15 // A Roundup of Great Blog Posts You've Read Recently

Shoutout your blogger pals, tell your followers about all of the other fab posts you've been reading recently and send your readers their way!

Want to spend even more time working on your blog? I've written a whole series of posts on blogging that will give you all sorts of ideas for your content and other things you can get started on today. Fancy just watching some Netflix instead? I don't blame you. Here's my Netflix Watch List to give you some inspiration...

What blog posts would you like to read during lockdown?
Have I missed any lockdown blog post ideas?


  1. I've noticed that now a lot of my lifestyle posts are doing much better than makeup/beauty ones, I think it's because people are enjoying that a lot more. I've really enjoyed writing my 5 Good Things blog posts each week, it's a nice change and have loved reading other people's positive blog posts too xx


  2. Love these ideas! Hoping they'll inspire me to get more content on the go!

    Hope you're staying safe and well in lockdown xx

  3. These are some really good ideas, thank you for sharing will definitely be using some of these!x


  4. These are all great post ideas! I guess some of the content we want to see right now is different than usual, understandably. I did a comprehensive post about productivity some months ago and it comes in handy now!

    Julia x
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  5. These are all great ideas Becca! I love the idea about supporting local businesses in a post, I've been thinking about writing a post like that for the local businesses in my area! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  6. These are all great ideas for blog posts and love that you gave some inspo for me. I've been focusing a lot of workouts and self care but want to add more to the list. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Thanks for sharing these ideas lovely! I’ve done a few already, but will certainly think about doing more. Trying to get as much content out on my blog right now as I can, the same goes for my YouTube. Just get more and more content out for people to see if they are bored etc.

    Isobel x

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  8. Thank you so much for sharing these - I was kind of afraid of being stuck in a rut, not experiencing anything new during the stay-home period, this is god sent!

    I hope you stay safe!

    🌸 Marissa Belle | marsybun.com x 🌸

  9. These are such positive ways of turning the lock down into blog content! Great ideas, I will definitely be adapting a few! x

    Erin / Everything Erin

  10. Great post. Loving the general positive theme - these will be inspiring to write as well as read! Thank you for helping to keep vibes high x

  11. I'm really loving that lockdown is encouraging us all to get creative with our blog content, it just goes to show what you can come up with on limited resources. Love these ideas! xx
    El // welshwanderer.com

  12. I’ve just read a great blog post roundup. They’re great posts to read and to find new blogs to read!

    Al x

  13. I just switched (for the nth time) to Bloggercom from WordPress and slowly updating it... Thanks for these ideas! Doing a room tour, actually a home office room tour, is on my list and will share about it on my new blogspot soon!

  14. These are some great ideas - thank you! I especially love the list of positive things!

  15. Thanks for the tips... no. 6 got me to write tomorrow’s blog post (already released one today).

  16. Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing 😊

  17. These are really great ideas. Just the right content ideas i was looking for to start my journey of blogging. Thank you. The ideas will be really helpful.

  18. So many lovely ideas! I really like the idea of people sharing local businesses to support, my husband runs a mail order company and lots of his business has come through blogs and word of mouth since this crisis started and honestly it has saved us financially!