The April To-Do List


I was going to start this post in my usual cliche 'oh didn't last month fly by' fashion, but, let's be real, March was the longest month known to mankind. 

I haven't written a monthly to-do list since June last year - ooooops - but figured now was the best time to bring them back, seeing as lockdown is providing most of us with a lot more spare time than usual. If I'd written a monthly to-do list for February, it would've been something along the lines of: go to work, try really hard at work and get lots of work done at work... Not quite as riveting, eh? So, seeing as I now have weekdays and weekends free, there's more than enough time to get stuck into some other things! Let's jump into my April to-do list, shall we?

Five things that are on my April to-do list including becoming a one-time car mechanic and the next Photoshop whiz.

Post most days here on the blog

As most of you will know, I actually work in digital marketing so even when I'm at work, I find myself writing blog posts and working on content ideas, which is really cool. But, seeing as I'm not doing any of that at the moment, I have a) plenty of time and b) loads of creativity left to get posting most days here on What with the current situation, we're not going to be posting any more hauls nor any fashion wishlists around these parts, we're spending the next few months in loungewear with greasy hair, agreed?

Sort my car out

I went to move Phil the mighty Fiesta along the drive the other day and he just wouldn't start. I'm hoping that it's just because the battery needs replacing and nothing too serious, but I also have no idea and might just be chatting pure shite. I've never been known for my automotive expertise but I'm going to watch a few YouTube tutorials and have a go at sorting it out myself... It can't be that difficult, can it?!

No unnecessary shopping online

Not only do I not actually need any more clothes/makeup/anything but seeing as I'm not going anywhere soon, there really is no need at all. Whilst we're all sat at home, hiding away and staying safe, the poor delivery drivers are busier than ever. And, let's be honest, I'm sure they don't want to be delivering me - and the rest of my town - an Asos parcel, a box from Superdrug and a New Look order every day. So, for the month of April, I'm going to try and not make any unessential online orders! 


I include 'read more' in pretty much all of my 'goals for the year' posts and my monthly to-do lists but never really seem to get it ticked off. My typical excuse? I don't have the time to just sit and read. Well, news flash Becca, you definitely have the time now. I actually bought a couple of random books at my local charity shop just before this all kicked off, so I really have no excuses not to get this one done. 

Teach myself some Photoshop

I've mentioned this before, but I'd really like to teach myself a few things on Photoshop. Mainly so that the graphics I do produce are a little less tragic. I mean, I'm not expecting to be the next digital Banksy, but if I could put a few cool images together every now and again, that would be great! 

What is on your April to-do list?


  1. What some great goals! I'm now living in a state of constant paranoia that my car is going to go dead. I keep gazing out the window as though almost willing it to stay alive ATM. B x

  2. Photoshop is my next thing to tackle, it has been ages since I last used it but splurged the other night and am excited to re-learn!