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17 April 2019

~ This post is written in Collaboration with Pretty Little Thing ~

A festival lookbook with an outfit for everyone
Hellooooo, well isn't this exciting. We have our first piece of festival content of the year andddd it's a collaboration - would you look at that! I have two festivals booked for this year so far, the first of which is Mutiny (click here to see last year's outfit) and the second is Boardmasters. Now, I know we still have a little while until festival season is upon us - my first is the 25th May - but there's no such thing as being too organised, right? 

So, what is this post, I hear you cry? Well, I've actually done my good deed for the month and have compiled a lookbook of festival outfits, each with a very different style. I mean, we've got the festival equivalent of 'jeans and a nice top' all the way to 'look at me, I'm at a festival' and a few other outfits in between. All of the items in this post are from PLT's Festival Shop and don't cost an arm and a leg, waheyyy! 

A festival lookbook with an outfit for everyone

The 'Jeans and a Nice Top - Festival Edition' Outfit

Now, this is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a really simple, but classic, festival outfit. We've got the staple denim shorts and a sequinned crop top - what more could you want? Paired with some glitter on the cheekbones (biodegradable glitter please, we're environmentally friendly queens) and some sunnies, this is the easiest and safest festival look of all. Also, that second picture, I couldn't not include it. It's a photo of my actual face when the DJ drops an absolute banger...

A festival lookbook with an outfit for everyone

The 'I'm not that into festival fashion' Outfit

Yep, I get it, festival fashion isn't for everyone. It's almost like there's more to a festival than just clothes... Like this thing called music??? Mad, huh? Well, if that's you, then this is a really simple outfit that I think is more than appropriate for a day in a field. A simple tshirt dress, bumbag and boots - a really easy outfit to chuck on with minimal thought required.

A festival lookbook with an outfit for everyone

The 'I want to look nice, like actually nice' Outfit

Or, maybe you want to make an effort, but, you don't want anything too garish? How about a black bodysuit and silky shorts? Also, we're allll about re-wearing our clothes around these parts and this outfit would not look out of place on any sunny holiday this summer, so that's a result. 

A festival lookbook with an outfit for everyone

The 'It's England, it might rain' Outfit

Unfortunately, the UK is not known for its tropical summers and sometimes it does decide to rain midway through a festival. It really is rude, isn't it? Well, this outfit has you covered. A sequin bralet that screams 'yay it's summer and I'm at a festival' but also a jacket, just in case. This jacket is really light so is the easiest thing to tie around your waist and forget it's there for the day if you don't need it. Alternatively, it could function as a flag to try and wave down your friends who will inevitably wander off.

A festival lookbook with an outfit for everyone

The 'Look at me, I'm at a festival' Outfit

Aaaaah, my favourite look of all. Yes, it's a bit loud. Yes, there's nowhere to hide in this combo. But, yes, I absolutely love it. I had no idea what the neon flares would look like on me, but, do you know what, I'm a fan. I'm not sure if I could pull them off anywhere else but a festival, but, for wearing whilst having a boogie, in the sun with my pals - I think they're perfect. Oh, and if neon flares aren't enough, add a cow print bandeau to really make it obvious that you're at a festival...

Well, which outfit was your favourite then, which is the most you?? I'd love to know! All of the items in this post were gifted to me by PLT and I hope it's inspired you to give your wardrobe a refresh for this festival season. If not, thank you for reading and getting to the end of this post regardless!

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