The Evening Acne Skincare Routine


Last week I posted my morning skincare routine and I figured it was only right that I also posted my evening skincare routine. As I mentioned in that post, my skin is far from amazing and I've had acne for many years now, but I seem to have found a group of products that are helping it. Obviously, I can't guarantee that because they work for me they'll also work for you, but I wouldn't feature anything I didn't love!

My evening acne skincare routine featuring products from Dermalogica, Balance Me and Lacura

My evening skincare routine always starts with a micellar water to remove any eyemakeup that I've worn. Next up is Dermalogica's Precleanse* to remove any base makeup. It's an oil-based cleanser that really does a good job removing any makeup/sebum/gunk on my face. You apply this with dry hands to a dry face, and massage it in. Then, when rinsed with water it turns into a more milky texture.

Following this, I'll then cleanse my face again with the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel*. As I mentioned in my last skincare routine post, this is a really light, refreshing cleanser that leaves my face feeling really clean. 

When my face has dried, I'll then use Lacura's Healthy Glow. It's a not-so-subtle Pixi Glow Tonic dupe and I love it! Whilst I haven't tried the Pixi offering, so I cannot compare it, I must say that I do really like this product. 

I'll then use the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream because your girl is getting older now and you can never be too premature on the eye cream. I'm not going to lie, this is the first eye cream I've ever used routinely so I'm not sure if it's any good as I don't have anything to compare to. That said, my eye area is always really smooth - so I guess it's doing something right, yanno?

The last product to go on my face is Nivea's Regenerating Night Cream. This is quite a heavy product, so I only tend to apply a small amount. When I wake up, however, my skin is always super soft and well moisturised. This was less than a fiver in Sainsbury's and I'm really quite impressed with it!

My evening acne skincare routine featuring products from Dermalogica, Balance Me and Lacura

If any of you reading this also struggle with acne prone skin - what are you holy grail products? Oh, and if anyone has any wonder products for getting rid of acne scars send them my way! As if having the spots themselves wasn't bad enough, there's nothing like being left with a face full of scarring, yay.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE balance skincare, it always smells amazing and it actually works!