The September Birchbox


Back in May, I received my first ever Birchbox and I posted alllll about my first impressions of it here. Well, fast forward to September and here we are with my latest box - I cancelled them for whilst I was away. Now, as aforementioned over here on, I absolutely love the idea behind Birchbox and I think the wide range of products they include is fantastic. I do, however, sometimes question the value if all the products are ones you wouldn't personally use, a duff box if you were... 

Well, this months theme was 'On top of your world' and came in this gorgeous purple box. Personally, I did really like this box and its contents. They're pretty much all products I would use and ones I would genuinely reach for in my collection.

- Benefit Galifornia. A pinky peachy blush with a gold shimmer

- What's In It For Me..? An almond, orange and jasmine shower scrub

- Marcelle City Moisturising Emulsion. A moisturiser that protects your skin from pollution

- Number 4 Soothing Balm. A hair balm that reduces frizziness and protects against humidity and heat damage

- Blaq Peel Off Mask. A charcoal mask that removes blackheads

So, as I'm sure you'll agree, this is a very decent box indeed. I can see myself using all of these products - the hair balm and face mask especially! One thing I love about the body scrub is that it is microbead free, the 'bits' in it are walnut shell and hence are all natural.

 And there we have it, a box that I think passes the Becc4 test with flying colours 

Have you ever bought a Birchbox?
What's your favourite subscription box?

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