Mutiny Festival: The Outfit and Dodgy Pills

30 May 2018

Mutiny Festival, what an absolute blast you were. Thank you weather for being an absolute babe to us for the most part - the sun and blue sky was much appreciated. The lightning storm towards the end of the festival? We won't mention that. For those of you who have never heard of Mutiny, it's a 2 day festival in Portsmouth and this year was its 5th year. I attended, and camped, last year when 50 Cent headlined it, but this year my friends and I just bought tickets for the Saturday. What with exams coming up this week and one of my friends going to Slamdunk on the Sunday- attending both days just wasn't happening.

The majority of the acts this year were drum and bass which was ideal. It might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you that I absolutely love dnb. It's definitely not something that comes straight to mind when you picture me, and my family and friends absolutely hate it when I have the AUX cable. It's fair to say that it's an acquired taste. The highlight of the day for me were of course SASASAS. My friend and I declared them our favourite act of Mutiny festival last year, and they certainly didn't disappoint this time around. The paint party was also really good fun, even if I did spend the rest of the day looking like Princess Fiona.

As for the outfit, after receiving a lot of parcels and sending a lot of parcels back, I finally settled on this two-piece from Boohoo. It's fair to say it split opinions with my sister not being a fan at all and my friends absolutely loving it. It was only £14 and wasn't tooooo see through. I didn't think I'd ever be a fan of cycling shorts but here we are, stranger things have happened. From the comfort perspective, I couldn't have worn a better outfit. I'm telling you, cycling shorts are the way forward. 

Now, I didn't think I could write this post without addressing the tragedies that occurred at the festival whilst I was there. If you haven't already seen or heard - two young people tragically lost their lives due to drug-related incidents. There were warnings of extremely high strength substances being circulated around the festival, and unfortunately, these took the lives of two of the festival attendees. Following this, Mutiny cancelled the second day of the festival to protect the safety of other people.

Whilst at the festival we saw a heck of a lot of people not in a good way, with people fitting, being stretchered off and blue lighted away. I know it's been spoken about a lot recently but drug testing tents at festivals really are an incredible idea. People will always be taking drugs. People will always be taking drugs regardless of if they are toxic or not. But, if these substances could be tested at events to check their strengths and impurities, tragedies like the two aforementioned could perhaps have been prevented. I mean, it's hardly a cure and it's not going to bring these devastated families their children back, but something definitely needs to be done. 

Woah, I don't want to leave this post on such a sombre note. I personally had an incredible day at the festival and buying VIP tickets was worth every penny. The toilets were lovely and smelt better than 99% of the attendees. See ya next year, Mutiny!

What's your favourite festival you've been to?

Sick Tings 015

27 May 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring mutiny music festival, a blogger event with Kaye Ford and a walk as the sun set
This week has been a rollercoaster of doing really fun things combined with not moving away from a textbook for a solid 8 hours. Pls can summer hurry up because I want tonnes more of the former and none of the latter please and thank you.

I attended a bloggers event this week hosted by Bournemouth Bloggers. It was held at The Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch in one of their swanky function rooms. There were drinks and nibbles, and plenty of mingling to be done with the other 20-odd bloggers that attended. We had a presentation from Kaye Ford of Fordtography (aka that camera wizard currently shooting alllllllll those beautiful bloggers' photos) and it was genuinely really inspiring. So much so that this summer I am absolutely going to get into using my camera again, properly. I'm going to learn what every single button, dial and setting does and I'm also going to try my best not to use auto ever again. I've also decided that one day I am going to have Kaye shoot some photos for me. I think could do with some of those dreamy blurry aesthetic-y shots. 

My housemate and I went on a little adventure this week, I mean, I say adventure, it was nothing crazy, we only went the other side of Southampton. But we drove to a park the and watched the sun set, and it was bliss. It was all a bit last minute but we managed to get some beautiful shots, even if she was in pj bottoms and my hair was the same grease level as a chip fryer. For those of you Soton dwellers, the park in question is Royal Victoria Country Park and is highly worth a visit on a sunny day. 

Other more boring waffle aside, it's time for the pièce de résistance: Mutiny Festival 2018. I went to Mutiny last year for the whole weekend, camping included, and had the best time, and it's fair to say I wasn't let down this year either. My friends and I only bought tickets for the Saturday due to other plans as well as being slightly sensible and considering our impending exams. We had the best day ever in the sun, grooving all day, chilling in VIP and sipping bevs. I'm going to do a whole separate post on my outfit, which I absolutely loved after all the hassle I went through trying to find one, so do look out for that soon. The highlight of the day was of course SASASAS who I actually saw fairly recently which you can read about here. The whole day was just really really good fun, and I can guarantee I will be there doing it all over again next year.

This week a slightly controversial post went live - Blogging & Narcissism. This whole idea stemmed from a conversation I had with one of my housemates and I'd love to hear your input on the whole thing... Is blogging narcisstic in its very nature? Are we all just a a bit self-obsessed?  Lemme know

Sick Tings 014

20 May 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring banging banana bread, a dominos feast and another sprinkles
Exams start tomorrow, fook, so this week has certainly been a quieter one. I only have two exams this semester and after those I don't have uni again until September. My first exam is Perception and the other is Developmental Psychology. I cannot wait to be done with them both, Perception especially. This girl is not a fan of cognitive psychology, especially with all the physics there is thrown into this particular module too. 

This week has been a good week food wise. Yet another white chocolate and strawberry crepe was consumed - I ought to have shares in Sprinkles at this rate. There is just something about those things. 10/10. This year I have been kit sec and social sec for a society at uni, and this week was our last week as the current committee as I decided not to re-run for next year. I was given some lovely gifts at our last session and I still can't believe the year is over already.  I've made some really good friends this year and unfortunately a few of them are graduating this summer - it's genuinely the end of an era...  Uni is going to be so different without them. At our committee handover this week, we ordered a metric tonne of Dominos, and it's fair to say I ate an unholy amount of it. So much so that I've felt a bit sick ever since. Gluttony. It was nice to meet our successors though and hand over the baton for hopefully what will be another fantastic year for the society. 

Whilst revision has consumed the majority of my time this week, I've also done a fair bit of procrastinating. The other evening I decided to make banana bread for the first time and it was actually delicious. I used this Mary Berry recipe and my gal didn't let me down. My housemates and I devoured it all in a matter of days. This is a recipe I will absolutely be making again, and if you've never made banana bread this recipe is a good one. 

Another exciting that happened this week is my first sponsored post over here on went live. The email landed in my inbox last weekend and I had to take a double, triple and quadruple check that I wasn't hallucinating. I'm still so shocked that I was even asked, let alone sponsored by the huge brand in question... I've linked the post here if you haven't already seen it and are intrigued as to who it was and want to see who it was that sponsored me this week. 

So yeah, there's not much to report this week - just a lot of work, food, more work and even more food. 

What have you done this week?

Posts published this week:
// A Spontaneous Shopping Trip Haul 
// Blog Photography 101* 

Blog Photography 101*

19 May 2018

As much as it drives my friends and family mad, I am that person that always has to take photos of everything. Going for dinner at a restaurant? It’ll be photographed. Baked a cake? Better get a picture for the gram. New clothes? Should probably take an outfit pic. My friend’s doing something stupid? This certainly needs to be documented. On holiday? Every second of the day will be photographed. I love taking photos. So much so, in fact, that I took GCSE photography outside of school. My Year 9 art teacher was genuinely so upset that I wasn’t going to be taking photography any further (due to my other options taking priority, hello triple science) that she offered to teach me in my own time. Despite it being a two-year course, I managed to squeeze it all into an hour a week session in a year and managed to come away with an A. So yeah, I’m pretty proud.  

For today’s post, I thought I’d compile a little list of some blog photography tips that I’ve managed to pick up along the way. I currently have a Canon DSLR but ideally would like to upgrade to something like this Mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera* in the future. I bought my camera back in 2013 so it’s fair to say it’s a little outdated now, but it still more than does the trick.

Bright lighting

I know this one sounds pretty obvious but it honestly makes a whole world of difference. It’s a pain when it’s dull and overcast outside and photography plans have to be scrapped, but bright natural lighting is the best thing for photos. Fling those curtains wide, open those windows, get all that light in. 

Edit, edit, edit

Haven’t got time to wait for a nice sunny morning? Editing is your best friend. It’s pretty easy to get carried away in the post-processing stage, but sometimes less is definitely more. I always adjust the brightness, check the saturation and play around with all the other settings until I create something I like the look of. It's fair to say I'm not an editting whiz, and tend to just go with the flow.

Get a tripod and remote

I’ve had my tripod for a fair while now and it’s definitely been a great help when taking blog photos. Not just for portraits when I can’t rope a family member/friend into giving me a hand, but also for flatlays too. I can’t even begin to explain how much easier it is to take a good flatlay when you don’t need to worry about keeping your hand still whilst holding the camera. Definitely invest in one. 

Tell a story with your photos

This tip sounds a bit cringe but it’s definitely one I think is important. For example, the photo in this post contains an old film camera my Grandad gave to me and a couple of disposables I took in London back when I was about 13. I mean, with a photo of a lipstick it’s admittedly a bit trickier, but with lifestyle photos it's a really nice touch

Create a theme and try to stick to it

Consistency is key, kids, consistency is key. Now I’m not saying all of your photos should be carbon copies of each other, but some sort of coherency is a good idea. Perhaps in the form of a certain flatlay prop, or a particular background, or lighting style. That way when people scroll down your blog there’s a sense of fluidity and it all just sort of fits together.

What is your number one blog photography tip?
*This post contains a sponsored link*

A Spontaneous Shopping Trip Haul

17 May 2018

I mentioned in my latest Sick Tings post that I  headed home for the weekend last week. It was lovely. Despite only being home for less than 48 hours, my mum, sister and I managed to squeeze in a very fruitful shopping trip. We hadn't initially planned to go clothes shopping, but we had to return a faulty clothes rail back to Argos (what a glamorous life I lead, it's not all parties and blogging events) and ended up falling into Topshop, New Look, H&M... The usuals. I was only really on the lookout for a potential boat ball outfit, but somehow managed to accumulate quite a haul, none of which including a boat ball outfit. I did, however, make an ASOS order and think I've found the dress I'm going to wear, there's a photo of it on my twitter here if you're interested. I'd love to hear your thoughts. My housemate said it looks like I've just wrapped a beach towel around me so there's that. It's definitely out of my usual dress scope, but I do think I really really like it, and I'll be more than likely wearing it to the ball. 
New Look are currently holding a sale (when are they not??) and I managed to grab all three of these pieces from the sale, winner winner.  Now, let's start with that skirt. I'm still not entirely sure how the tie at the front of it works, but the print is what absolutely sold this to me. I absolutely love the red and the pink together, particularly with the black contrasting with it. This skirt was only £5 and whilst I can't find it online, it might still be in stores if you want to look out for it. The Bonjour tshirt is in one of my favourite colours at the moment and was only £3 ?? Whaaaat? I'm going to pair it with blue denim and my white Missguided leather boots for casual days, and I think it's going to be a vibe. As for the floral number, it's a playsuit and cost a measly £8. I have quite a lot of events/parties/balls coming up after exams so I'm sure I'll be wearing this to one of those. It fits really nicely, and the print is stunning. I'm not usually a florals kinda gal, but there's something about winter florals that really draws me in. 

Shall we just pause here for a second to admire the beauty that is that botanical print? I absolutely love it. Both of the above pieces are from H&M and were only £8.99 each full price?? I've recently ordered quite a few Boohoo playsuits and had to send them back due to them covering less than 30% of my derriere, so was pleasantly surprised when this H&M one was plentiful in length. I got this in a small and it's genuinely a perfect length, so if you're after a playsuit H&M is certainly worth looking at. Wait what, is that two floral pieces in one haul? Yeah it is, kids. This second piece is actually a maxi dress and I'm lowkey in love with it. I haven't had a maxi dress in years, but this one fits like an actual dream. The bodice of it is really tight and the skirt has a slit the whole way up of it, so it's super flattering and not at all frumpy. Get me to Bali in my maxi dress already please. 

Have you bought any new pieces recently?

Sick Tings 013

13 May 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring a fancy three course dinner and awards ceremony, pizza in the sun and an ethics debate
So, this week started slightly differently to usual, thank youuuuu Bank Holiday Monday. On Sunday night I attended a drum and bass event, and it was definitely one of the best nights out I've ever been on, it definitely makes the top five. For anyone that's interested, we saw SASASAS who I'm actually seeing again at Mutiny festival in a couple of weeks time and I'm so so so excited. Get me in that dnb tent, even if my final exam is only 5 days from then... Ah well, all about living my best life and all that. 

I woke up on Monday morning, admittedly a little worse for wear, to the best text I could have received at that moment. My manager had messaged me saying that I didn't need to go into work today and he'd put it through as holiday. Hellooooo, sunny weather, Bank Holiday chilling.

One of my modules this semester involved participating in a debate, which if you follow me on twitter, I've been going on about a lot about recently. Essentially, we were given our topic one week before the debate but weren't told whether we were for or against the motion. So, we had to prepare arguments for both sides and 10 minutes prior to it beginning we were told which side of the debate we were arguing for. The motion my group was allocated was 'This house would not fund research into illegal drugs'. Considering how much I dislike public speaking, I think it actually went fairly well, wahey. Now that this is over, it means I only have two more modules to finish before second year is officially over! Where the fook has time gone ???

This week I also attended a very flashy, black tie event at uni. It was the volunteering awards, and involved a three-course dinner and plenty of wine. To be honest, I didn't particularly enjoy the food. The chicken main course was the best of the three, but I wasn't so impressed by the one roast potato on the plate? One? Fancy dining isn't for me, I need at least 17. Anyway, we managed to win the two awards we were nominated for, so that was incredible. We went up on stage, the president of the society did a speech, it was all really lovely and a bit of a shocker! No way were we expecting to Uber home with two awards under our belts...

Having not been at home-home in a while, I felt a trip to the land of comfy beds, delicious food and my fam was well overdue before exams well and truly took over. I did my uni park run and then headed back to my family casa. I had an incredible roast for lunch and then my Mum, Sister and I headed for some good ol' retail therapy. I actually picked up quite a lot of stuff, so expect a haul sometime soon... On Saturday evening I was subjected to Eurovision, and I'm not sure I have any words. What even???

What have you been up to this week?

Post published this week:
// Having Skinny Bitch Shouted At Me In The Street

Sick Tings 012

6 May 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring writing for a blogging magazine, a sunny bbq and a body shop bloggers event
So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that I was writing something kind of exciting, and this week my article went live! I wrote a piece on Blogging Slumps; what they are and four tips for getting out of them, and this week it got distributed. I wrote it for Blogging Breakthrough magazine, which, if you haven’t already checked it out, I suggest you do so (and not just because I’m in it). It’s quite a lengthy piece and took quite a while to compose so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Another thing that happened this week related to the blogging world, was I attended another blogging event! This one was hosted by The Body Shop, and was at West Quay, for any of you local readers. I had a really lovely evening and came away with quite a few new products to try. I’ve written an entire post on the event – which you can read here. I’ve been giving the products a go, and the stand out product is definitely the Ginseng and Rice Toner… My skin feels so smooth and soft, and this product is the only thing that’s changed recently, so I’m wholeheartedly putting it down to that.

One of my housemates has been on placement on the Isle of Wight for the last few months, and this week saw her finally return from that faraway land. The evening she came back we went for dinner, and ended up going to a restaurant called L’Osteria. I’d never heard of it, but oh my, was the food incredible. The pizzas are 18” of pure Italian delight, and I’m proud to say that I did manage to eat the whole of mine. I went for the standard margherita and I wasn’t disappointed. So, next time you fancy going for a pizza, this is definitely one place to consider.

Guess who finally made it to Parkrun this week after what feels like forever? Yep, it’s me. The weather was far too nice not to do it, and I’d already managed to convince myself to do it, so heading down there was a breeze. It was a tropical (for England) 22 degrees, so it’s fair to say I was a little sweaty once I’d finished. Having not done any training in the last 6 weeks or so I was very positively surprised by my time. Perhaps no training is the best form of training for a Parkrun, who knows. Afterwards, myself and some of the others in the Athletics club headed for brunch at a local restaurant. We sat outside in the sun, sipping pink lemonade and munching on granola. It was lovely. 

We also had another house BBQ this week and summer I am so ready for you. For a very last minute decision (it went something along the lines of, ‘let’s have a bbq’ ‘okay’ ‘I’ll go to the shop now and we’ll cook once I’m back’), we managed to whip up quite a storm. We had burgers, sausages, pasta salads, crisps, fruit, vegetables, the lot. I’d give it a solid 10/10. We even met one of our neighbours after living next door to them for the last 10 months, nothing like a free burger to bring people together.

What have you been up to this week?

This weeks posts 

Southampton Bloggers: The Body Shop Event & Haul

4 May 2018

On Wednesday evening I headed to another blogger's event with the lovely @Sotonbloggers. This one was hosted by The Body Shop, at West Quay, and was to showcase a few of their newest products. Now, I'm going to be honest here, The Body Shop isn't somewhere I ever pop into and I can't even tell you the last thing I bought from there, perhaps a solid perfume back in '09? Every Christmas and birthday I'm fortunate enough to be absolutely swamped with new toiletries to use, so much so that in my twenty years of life I don't think I've ever bought myself a bottle of shower gel. So, popping into The Body Shop just isn't something I ever find myself doing, as prior to this event, the only things that came to mind when I thought about them were shower gel and body butter. Two things this girl certainly doesn't need any more of... But, this event really changed my opinion of the brand, and I think I could be a convert, particularly to their skincare. 

The event itself was to showcase all of their newest products, particularly the body yogurts and face mists. Both are 100% vegan, which, whilst I don't live a vegan lifestyle myself, is never anything but a good thing. After we'd all arrived at the store, we had a little wander around and then were given a talk through of the products in question. Of all of the mentioned ones, the yogurts were the ones that interested me most. They're body moisturisers with a gel consistency and The Body Shop claim they sink in within 15 seconds. Which, can I just say, if it's true could absolutely revolutionize my skincare habits. So much so, that I knew I had to buy one on this premise alone.

They've launched six scents in the yogurt but my favourite by far was the Almond Milk one. It smells really clean and fresh, and isn't overpowering in the slightest. From what I could see, the Almond was the most popular scent at the event by a country mile, so if you're looking at getting one, that seems to be the blogger's pick. They retail for £8.50 a pot, and I'm really excited to see if it lives up to expectations. 

During the event I also had a skin consultation. I was looking at the plethora of skincare bits in the shop (including a terrifying-looking metal blackhead remover) and didn't really know where to start. After a couple of tests with some interesting devices, it became apparent that my skin was very very dehydrated (note to self: get swigging that H20), and wasn't anywhere near as oily as I thought it was. I was also told the importance of toning, which is something I've never thought was that much of a big deal and hence haven't ever really done. Not toning is apparently, and I quote, 'like washing dishes in soap and then not rinsing them'. Oops. My poor skin.

 I was recommended a whole routine's worth of new products but decided I'd start with the toner and take it from there. My skin can be pretty temperamental, and bombarding it with a whole routine's worth of new products is a bit of a risky move that would only ever end in tears. The toner I bought was the Chinese Ginseng and Rice one, which claims to brighten and smooth the skin. Two things that my acne scar ridden cheeks are always screaming out for. I've used this a couple of times already and I'm actually quite impressed, my skin feels lovely and looks a bit brighter. This retails at £9.50, and could very much be a skincare game changer for me if I keep loving it as much as I do currently. 

We were lucky enough to be gifted a few products to take home with us, one being one of the new face mists. There are five different mists, all targeting different skin types and qualms, and personally, I chose the Mint one. It's the mattifying one, which, in the summer I think is going to be ideal. A fresh scented, mattifying, refreshing facial mist? Sounds good to me. These can be used both on top of and underneath makeup apparently, but don't work as a setting spray, so won't prolong the duration of your makeup. I haven't used this yet, but when I have I'll certainly be reporting back. The other bits in the goodie bag were a British Rose Shower Gel and a Strawberry Conditioner - neither of which I have used before, but both are fully vegan too! Which, as always, I'm sure you'll hear all about once I've tried them.

Thank you for a really nice evening The Body Shop, I'm sure I'll be back soon to pick up the rest of the skincare bits I was recommended and maybe another yogurt or two...
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