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Overherd Oat Milk Powder Review*


Overherd Powdered Oat Milk Review

Overherd Powdered Oat Milk Review
Powdered Oat Milk... I can't say I've ever heard of it before. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no stranger to oat milk itself. At my first marketing job, we exclusively had oat milk in the office, there was absolutely no dairy to be seen. I actually stopped buying oat milk this year (or all milk substitutes for that matter) as I found I just wasn't getting through it quickly enough, and unfortunately often ended up wasting it. 

So, when Overherd got in touch and asked to hear my thoughts on their powdered oat milk, I was very interested... Besides being able to just make the amount you need for a few days (and not committing to an entire carton) it's also handy just to have in the cupboard too. Elliot and I are often away over the weekends and there's nothing more disappointing getting back late on a Sunday evening to an empty fridge, aware that the working week is going to begin without a cup of tea in sight. 

Speaking of going away, how perfect is this for the campervan? Again, same problem. If/when we're off-grid and the sun isn't doing the solar panel any favours, without the electric fridge doing its thing, we're a little bit stumped. But, stocking a couple of scoops of this in the van ready? Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Overherd recommends making up the oat milk using one scoop of the powder per 200ml of water. I gave it a go in my tea but decided that two scoops was more my sort of thing. It tastes just like any branded oat milk you'd pour straight from a carton and only takes about 10 seconds to shake up. They recommend consuming it within 3 days, so that's one thing to bear in mind when making up a batch.

The bag I've got costs £6.99, and with my 'double-strength' preference, will make 2 litres of oat milk. Which, may not sound a lot, but as someone who only has it in their tea, will last me quite a while, especially with only needing to make a little at a time! 

So, the main question I suppose, why powdered oat milk? Well, according to their website, 'oat milk is 90% water'. So, by adding the water to the milk yourself means reduced packaging, reduced food waste, and a reduced carbon footprint. Wowzer. That's certainly something I can get behind. 

ps if you want to give it a try for yourself, the code: BECC15 gets you 15% off!

Are you an oat milk fan? Would you try a powdered oat milk?

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