Good Luck, Studio at Salisbury Playhouse - Review


Good Luck Studio at Salisbury Playhouse

Good Luck Studio at Salisbury Playhouse

Good Luck Studio at Salisbury Playhouse
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This week Elliot and I were invited to Salisbury Playhouse to see Good Luck, Studio. Neither of us had ever actually been to the Playhouse before and it was such a great experience. The show, Good Luck Studio, is by Mischief, the team behind The Play That Goes Wrong and The Goes Wrong Show (which was on the BBC).

Good Luck, Studio is set on the TV set of a kids' TV show: Wibble the Dragon. It's the final night of filming and just a *few* things go wrong. Without ruining the magic of the show, the way it's set means you don't miss any of the action, regardless of where it is happening. 

For me, the standout character was definitely Andy the Director, his one-liners were brilliant as was his delivery of them. Elliot says his favourite character was the medic.

Now, I can't say I've been to many shows in my time but I can hand on heart say that I would recommend this one. If, like us, you don't frequent the theatre very often let this be the play that draws you in. It's full of hilarious moments, crude jokes, and a group of very talented actors and actresses. 

The show is on every day from now until 5th November and there are still some tickets left. It's also worth noting that there is a BSL-signed performance, a socially distanced performance, and a relaxed performance included in that time frame.

Tickets for a weekday evening are priced from only £12, so if you've got a few hours spare, definitely book in for an affordable evening of culture in the next 2 weeks...

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