A Morning in Cochem, Germany - Europe Road Trip Stop 5


A Morning in Cochem, Germany
A Morning in Cochem, Germany

A Morning in Cochem, Germany
After Luxembourg, the next stop on our Europe Road Trip was Cochem in Germany. I'm going to say it now, this post is going to be a very short but sweet one as we didn't stay in Cochem for more than a few hours. We stopped on our way to Cologne to break up the journey, but had a fantastic time nonetheless.

Known for its wine, Cochem is full of tourists and places to eat and drink. It also has a really impressive castle (which we, unfortunately, didn't make it to because of time restraints) and a cable car that takes you to a station 255m above sea level for views of Cochem (we didn't get to do that either). 

So, what did we do? We had a wander around the shops, an authentic lunch of beer and bratwurst, and then had an ice cream sat overlooking the river. I mean, it doesn't sound like we did a lot but we still managed to spend about 3 hours or so exploring Cochem. 

The second we got back into the van it started absolutely hammering down with rain (was that a warning of what was to come.... maybe). 

In all honesty, I wouldn't plan a trip to Germany just to see Cochem, but, if like us you are passing by, it's definitely worth a quick stop! 

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