5 Things To Do In Luxembourg City


 Now, when we were researching things to do on our trip, Luxembourg was the stop we knew the least about and had seen the least recommendations for. Our trip actually coincided with one of their national holidays, so a few of the more famous attractions were shut, as were a lot of the shops and restaurants. That said, we still managed to do quite a few things on our visit, even without the weather on our side. 

So, in case you're also planning a trip, here are 5 things to do in Luxembourg City...

5 Things To Do In Luxembourg City

1. Explore The Old Town

Now, I didn't realise this at the time, but the fortress and old city centre of Luxembourg have been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites since the 90s. The old town is all built around an S-bend of the Alzette River and is absolutely a must-see when visiting Luxembourg. 

5 Things To Do In Luxembourg City

2. Take The Panoramic Lift

Whilst strictly not a tourist attraction and rather a means of public transport for people who live in the bottom parts of the city, this is a great way to see more of Luxembourg. The lift is free and runs all day and for the vast majority of the night. It takes about 30 seconds from the top to the bottom and we never had to queue to get on it. 

5 Things To Do In Luxembourg City

3. Stay In A Camping Pod 

By far one of the highlights of our time in Luxembourg was our night in a camping pod. We spent two nights in Luxembourg, the first in the pod and the second in the campervan. Now, I don't think it'll take much thinking to work out which one was the better night's sleep... The camping pod was really cosy and just a fab (and reaaaaally affordable) experience. If you're looking for somewhere to stay, I highly recommend one of the pods at Camping Kockelscheuer. 

5 Things To Do In Luxembourg City

4. Drink All The Battin Fruitée

One thing I discovered on our Europe Roadtrip was the joy that is European fruit beers. Now, I know we have a whole array of fruity ciders here in the UK, but the fruit beers are something else. For one, they're less sickly, two, they're pink and three, they're really affordable. We sat at this little bar for a good couple of hours just watching the world go by and drinking the local beer. Battin is Luxembourgish and well worth a try. 

5 Things To Do In Luxembourg City

5. Eat An Ice Cream In The Square

A lot of our activities (and entire days) revolve around food and refreshment so of course, an ice-cream had to feature in this list. The ice-creams we had from Cafe Veneziano were really tasty, and as you can see from the photo, well deserved on a hot sunny day of wandering around. We sat in the square (I in the shade and Elliot in the sun, of course) and it was lovely. 

Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list of the best things to do in Luxembourg City, these were the highlights of our trip. Special shoutout to that raspberry beer, I miss you.

Have you ever been to Luxembourg?

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