5 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers*


gifts for dog lovers
5 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Who knew there were so many fab gift ideas for dog lovers?! From custom socks to books to canvases, you name it, it probably exists out there. I've certainly bought a few over the last couple of years and they're always really well received. So, in this post, I'm going to cover 5 of my favourite gifts for dog lovers...

Custom Pet Portraits*

Have you ever seen Murph looking so put together? The Mr&MrsPaw canvases are really easy to order (you just choose your outfit and send off a photo of your pet) and within a few weeks, you have a custom pet portrait arriving at your door. The artists did a great job of drawing Murphy - just look at that resemblance! (You also get to request amendments to the artwork if it's not quite right, but this one of Murphy was perfect the first time!)

Where's Dog Name? Book 

We actually have a copy of this book personalised with Murphy's name and cartoon, and it's such a fab gift idea. It's essentially a Where's Wally book, just with a little cartoon of your dog to spot, rather than Wally. My Mum received it as a gift a couple of Christmases ago and we've had many attempts at spotting him.

Chew This Journal

Who remembers the Wreck This Journals back in the Tumblr days? Well, this is a spin-off to complete with your dog and it looks like brilliant fun. The publishers describe it as a 'memory keeper and activity tracker' and it consists of over 100 activities. 

Dog Air Fresheners

Anyone who knows me in person will know about my current air freshener (it's Phil Mitchell from Eastenders) but how cute would a personalised dog one be? Whilst they're a little pricier than your standard Halfords jobby, as a gift these are ideal! With Freshenify there is also a choice of 9 different scents as well as unscented if that's more your thing. 

Dog On Socks 

Now, these are a real find. Who doesn't want their dog's face all over their socks? I've seen quite a few brands offering this style of sock but these ones have particularly good reviews. They're available in a range of different colours and styles, but these ones are my favourite. 

If my family are reading this post, you'll have to forget everything I've mentioned here. When December rolls around no doubt I'll come back to this post and make an order or two! If you have a dog, which would be your favourite gift from this list to receive?

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