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The Street Kings, Bournemouth - Review (Invite)


Street Kings Bournemouth
Street Kings Bournemouth
Street Kings Bournemouth
Street Kings Bournemouth

 Yesterday, my Dad and I were very kindly invited down to The Street Kings in Bournemouth to try out some of their street food and we certainly weren't disappointed. (Just look at those photos!!) In a custom American Chevvy Food Truck by the Pavillion, The Street Kings couldn't be much closer to the beach - they're definitely in the heart of Bournemouth. Up at the Pavilion, there are a number of different food stalls and trucks next to each other as well as plenty of benches. If you're looking for a place to stop and have lunch whilst on the beach, this is a great spot to check out...

The Street Kings, Bournemouth - Review 

Now, onto the food... We both has a Kings' Burger and it was delicious. With double-stacked beef patties, chorizo, gherkins, jalapenos, chipotle mayo, and lettuce, it's an absolute meal in itself. I had mine without the gherkins and the jalapeƱos and it was still absolutely full of flavour. The burgers are £7.50 each and considering the location and the quality, I think that's a bit of a steal. 

The other thing we just had to try were the loaded fries. We opted for the BBQ Pulled Pork Loaded Fries and I think I might have to say they were the star of the show. The pulled pork was AMAZING and the fries were just so tasty. Again, I think they could be a meal by themselves, the portion size was so generous and they're really filling. Next time I visit I think I'll have to try the pulled pork burger, it was that good! 

In terms of fast food, this certainly was fast. We ordered, sat down, and within 5 minutes the food was ready for us to collect from the truck. We polished off the whole lot and were on the beach within 2 minutes. When I say it's a convenient spot for a beach day lunch, it really is. 

If you're in the mood for some serious burger porn in Bournemouth, then The Street Kings is your place to go. We really enjoyed our food and the prices are really reasonable given the flavour, portion size and location! 

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