The Duck and Bean, Tiverton - Review


The Duck and Bean, Tiverton - Review
The Duck and Bean, Tiverton - Review
The Duck and Bean, Tiverton - Review
The Duck and Bean, Tiverton - Review
As part of my birthday weekend, we stopped in Tiverton (on the way to Croyde) for some brunch. After a quick Google of all the brunch spots and cafes in Tiverton, I decided that it just had to be The Duck and Bean. Their food looked really tasty and seeing as it was a gorgeous sunny day, somewhere with an outside seating area was a must...

The Duck and Bean, Tiverton Review


With pancakes, avocado on toast, fry ups, and french toast, The Duck and Bean are pretty much ticking all of the brunch option boxes. With such a great selection, Elliot and I weren't sure what to go for. But, in the end, decided that it just had to be the pancakes after we saw one of the waitresses bring out a fantastic-looking stack to another table.


We both went for the blackberry compote and mascarpone pancakes and they were sublime. Three huge fluffy pancakes, maple syrup, decorative flowers, and our choice of toppings - we had a feast in front of us. I've had a lot of pancakes over my 24 years but these were by far some of the better ones I've had in a long time. The mascarpone was a fantastic addition and the flowers were a lovely touch. (Sidenote: I did end up eating one and I can confirm it tasted like grass)


With such gorgeous weather, we decided to make the absolute most of it and sit outside in their little courtyard (even if wasn't quite as warm as it looked). The decor inside The Duck and Bean, however, was really nice with dark green velvet chairs, plants everywhere, and industrial-style lighting.


We didn't realise it at the time, but we coincidentally parked right behind the cafe in one of the pay and display car parks. So, if you're also stopping on your way through Devon, this is a really great convenient little spot. The only other thing to note was that the tea was a little bit floral, and whilst we're both truly avid tea drinkers, the tea we had really wasn't hitting the spot. 

I really enjoyed our brunch at The Duck and Bean in Tiverton and would certainly recommend it for anyone looking for a cute brunch place in the area. Whilst the tea certainly wasn't anything to write home about the pancakes were!

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  1. The pancakes do look delicious! Just reading the menu makes me hungry. A nice little spot for sunny days!

    Julia x
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