5 More Things No One Tells You Before Getting A Puppy


Can you believe that Murph is now 8 months old ??? That tiny little fluffy thing we brought home with us over the summer is now looking like a real dog!!

In case you've been living under a rock, I have a cockapoo puppy, he has his own Instagram account (obviously) and is a very treasured addition to our family. I wrote a post a while back on 7 things no one tells you before getting a puppy and for today's post I thought we could revisit it, adding 5 more things to the list. As always, I'd love to hear any other things you think I might have missed as a part three could very much be on the cards...

Onto the things no one tells you before getting a puppy... 

things no one tells you before getting a puppy

1. Alllll the nipping and biting

As soon as I'd published the last post, people kept saying I'd missed something huge; the nipping. We'd never had a puppy before and oh my, we were not ready for what was to come. Puppy teeth are SO sharp. Like, drawing blood from the lightest of touches kind of sharp. We'd read that pretending to yelp when they've bitten you encourages them to stop, alas, this wasn't the case with Murph. It seemed the more we yelped, the harder he chewed. Fortunately, this phase doesn't last forever. They gradually learn that it's wrong and their baby teeth fall out, and peace and tranquility return.

2. You literally can't leave anything on the floor

Nothing. Not a shoe, not a magazine, not a mug. Nothing. We've removed all vases and decorations that were puppy height and now store all of our shoes on various radiators scattered around the house. Popping in for a cuppa? Don't put your shoes down on the floor unless you want them stolen and chewed to death by a puppy, pass them here, let me pile them up on this already packed radiator and hope he doesn't spot them. 

3. They can jump onto dining room tables from standing

Okay, maybe they all can't but Murphy certainly can. The first time he did it we genuinely had no idea what to say/do and were even less sure whether to laugh or cry in response. Thankfully, this isn't something he does very often at all otherwise we really would be in trouble. It's fair to say we were dreading Christmas dinner - imagine the carnage he could've caused, but all was well on the day and the spread of delicious smelling food remained intact. Good job, Murph. 

4. Puppies seem to learn everything but the command leave/no chew

They are SO clever but can they learn the command leave? We took Murphy to training classes and the intelligent little pup has learnt so many different things but does he know the one command we'd really like him to know? Does he heck... We've tried all sorts, so if anyone has any tips please do let me know - it's a pretty vital one, eh?

5. Everyone will remark how big your puppy is/isn't for their age

We've found this to be particularly true with cockapoos, probably because of the great variations in their size. But, the second someone asks you how old your dog is, their response is ALWAYS something to do with how big they are/aren't. For us, as soon as we tell someone Murphy's age we always get an 'oh, he's going to be a big dog then' in response. And? He's our little bundle of fluff and if he ends up being 100KG and the size of a bear, so be it, there's not a lot we can do about it now!

And there we have it, the updated 'things no one tells you before getting a puppy' post. If you know anyone soon to be getting a puppy, definitely point them in the direction of this blog series, knowledge is power and all that!

Is there anything else you think I've missed?

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